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6th Jul 2021

Top Delta-8 Strains for Wedding Season

Summer is undoubtedly the season of weddings. As the season continues it’s sunny onslaught, we known the strain of pulling such a ceremony together. Tension, drama, and maybe even a meltdown or two are bound to happen. That is, unless you’ve got some Delta-8 lying around to help keep your cool. Whether you’re the wedding or just attending, we want to arm you with something that makes your day better.

Start the Day Off Right with Boo Berry

If you’re in need of that boost in energy, the Boo Berry Delta-8 Disposable might be your best bet. Blueberries with a hint of lemon deliver creeping feelings of extra-sensory euphoria.

The high just might be the supercharge you’re looking for as you prepare for the ceremony. Just think about it – if you’re part of the wedding party, your day is filled with scheduled chaos. You are getting up, getting ready, getting hair and makeup done, then getting ready for all the photos. And that’s just the stuff before the ceremony actually starts. If you can pull off being a little elevated during all of that, it should certainly help!



Last-Minute Decisions with a Berry Slush

Last-Minute Decisions with a Berry Slush

Handling last-minute issues before the ceremony are inevitable. Whether you’re part of the support staff ensuring a successful event, or even handling your wedding party of seemingly unruly children, last-minute issues will arise. Question is, how well can you handle it?

If you need some extra-strength chill vibes, we recommend the Berry Slush Disposable! Taking strawberry cough crossed with Mojito, sweet strawberry goodness finished with subtle hints of citrus, lemon, and lime drop some extra creativity and confidence, both necessary traits to handle issues with ease!


Melon Bites for the Nerves

Let’s be real – weddings are pretty hectic. If your nerves are high, eating something sweet may bring those much-needed uplifting vibes that help to focus and ground yourself.

Our recommendation for easing all this along? Melon Bites! Sweet and juicy watermelon chunks delivered as a cute and deceptively potent Delta-8 Jelly Gummy drop just enough chill to calm those nerves. You’ll be ready to dominate the wedding in no time!



Nap It Off with Purple Punch

Nap It Off with Purple Punch

Sometimes, a nap is necessary to give you the energy you need for the aftermath of the ceremony. But who can blame ya? You’re probably juggling fifteen thousand things at once so chances are, you’re too chaotic to take a moment to rest, right?

Luckily, we got you on that Purple Punch! The strain is historically known to knock you out. Imagine the deliciously plump grapes coupled with subtle notes of blueberry to punch you square in the vibes. The high should help you to chill out enough to squeeze in an hour or so of shut-eye.


CHOCOLATE Rules Everything Around Me

If you happen to be the one getting married – well…the whole day is dedicated to you and your partner! GET IT! And if you need an extra pick-me-up to get you in the mood to dominate the ceremony, what better way to do it than with something as classic as the marriage itself, MILK CHOCOLATE.

There’s nothing more undeniably nostalgic, classic, and pure than milk chocolate. Couple the rich, velvety treat with a stupid amount of Delta-8 and the marriage will already be off to a chill start. Trust us.


Top Delta-8 Strains for Wedding Season

Can’t Wait for Dessert? We Got You Jen & Berry’s!

Top Delta-8 Strains for Wedding Season

We always love the vapes that taste good to pair with wedding cake. And we all know what goes well with that right? Hint: it’s ice cream from Jen & Berry’s!

Crossing Gelato and Ice Cream Cake, this heaping scoop of bold and creamy vanilla gelato is sandwiched between layers of moist vanilla cake to deliver much-needed mellow vibes, just in time for cutting of the cake and stuffing your face in all that sweet deliciousness!


The Bottom Line

Delta-8 comes in a variety of strains, flavors and ways to enjoy it. When it comes to weddings, you want to pick the best treat for the task at hand. As you can see, there are plenty of options to fit your vibe. Pick your favorites, dominate the day, and have a great time during the wedding. Have fun everyone!

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