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Milk Chocolate - Delta-8 THC Chocolate Bar

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There's nothing more undeniably nostalgic, classic, and pure than milk chocolate. With our Delta-8 THC milk chocolate, you get a rich, velvety treat that delivers an explosive body and mind high.  Discover an incredibly indulgent edible experience today.


  • 300MG Delta-8 THC
  • 25MG per Piece
  • 12 Pieces

Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk, Soy Lecithin, PGRP and Artificial Flavors, Corn Syrup, Dextrin, Corn Starch, Carnauba Wax, Hemp Derived Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol Distillate

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Eighty Six can ship the Delta-8 THC Chocolate Bar to 38 states.  You must be 21 or order to purchase.

Simple, Delicious Flavors

Milk chocolate is a classic flavor that takes potent cocoa and introduces milk to the sweeten the flavor.  Enjoy the classic taste of chocolate with an extra boost of hemp-derived THC in our Delta-8 THC chocolate bar.  Let this edible carry you through the day with a heady high.

A Super Sweet Mouthful

This is not your normal chocolate bar.  The Delta-8 THC milk chocolate bar from SUGAR by Eighty Six Brand is meant to be eaten in tiny, bite-sized chunks.  With 12 convenient pieces, you can control exactly how much you take per dose.

Take half a piece at a time, and try to wait about two hours before eating more.

A Brand You Can Trust

At Eighty Six, we're all about bringing you delicious Delta-8 THC chocolate bars that are made with high-quality ingredients to guarantee their taste and effects.  Choose a brand that' GMO and pesticide-free, third party tested and ISO-9001 certified.  Try all our products when you shop our gummies, too!

Customer Reviews (36)


Posted by Justin on 13th Dec 2021
Great taste and amazing high.

love these

Posted by Dawn on 17th Sep 2021
love these chocolate bars. they were shipped with cold ice packs so they didn't melt


Posted by Vinni on 17th Sep 2021
it's delicious and dank, which is all that matters. Would most certainly buy this again

so dang good!

Posted by Mark on 17th Sep 2021
best hemp chocolate out there!

Cool to listen to music and eat this

Posted by Amir on 15th Sep 2021
The milk chocolate was absolutely amazing. What an amazing first try with delta 8


Posted by Giovanni on 15th Sep 2021
Shipping is like no other. I ordered from eighty six literally 3 days ago and its here. This place is the place to go for quality and crazy fast shipping.

Chocolate bar

Posted by Dennis on 15th Sep 2021
I didn't enjoy the cookies and cream chocolate as much but the milk chocolate one is stellar. The packaging was cool and it shipped discreetly.


Posted by Sivan on 15th Sep 2021
I'm excited to try this. I've heard a lot of great things!

Loved the taste

Posted by Brandon on 15th Sep 2021
Loved the taste the efffects the packaging and the pricing is pretty good. Highly recommend.

good for a trip

Posted by Shawn on 15th Sep 2021
I like eating a piece and slowly increasing the dosage the later in teh night it gets. After a while it just slaps me silly

Chills me out

Posted by Giuseppe on 15th Sep 2021
I love this chocolate. It's just the right amount of delta 8 to get a good buzz without overdoing it

love it

Posted by Simon on 15th Sep 2021
I got this for my hubby and I gotta say...I'm not really down to share with him anymore LOL


Posted by Sherief on 15th Sep 2021

absolutely delicious

Posted by Nikroma on 14th Sep 2021
The milk chocolate is absolutelt delicious. I really love it!

great for some doodling

Posted by Arturo on 14th Sep 2021
a few pieces of the milk chocolate bar and I'm ready to get creative

Delicious and potent

Posted by Mark on 14th Sep 2021
I bought both the milk chocolate and the cookies n cream one. I like the milk chocolate one more

Stronger than I expected

Posted by Rachel on 13th Sep 2021
I ordered the milk chocolate and it was stronger than I expected. Start with half a piece and go from there

not too sweet

Posted by James on 13th Sep 2021
I love these chocolate bars. They're not too sweet and not too strong either. I can comfortably kill 2-3 pieces and be fine

I exclusively eat this now

Posted by Bill on 13th Sep 2021
I exclusively eat the milk chocolate delta 8 bars now. There's just something about the taste and buzz it gives off

good for sleeping

Posted by Dimitry on 12th Sep 2021
These are really good for those long nights of staying up. It knocks me out pretty quick

its good

Posted by Adam on 12th Sep 2021
It's good


Posted by Ricky on 12th Sep 2021
I was gifted a chocolate bar from a friend and I gotta say the taste to potency ratio is on point!

needs more flavors

Posted by Alex on 12th Sep 2021
I'm a sucker for chocolate but we definitely need more flavors here! Where's the dark chocolate and caramel stuff?!

my review

Posted by Ed on 11th Sep 2021
So I've given this company a fair chance. I started out with the carts then tried their gummies. Shortly after I gave their disposables a try before finally finding the delta 8 product for me. The potency is exactly as it should be. The milk chocolate masks the distillate very well to the point where you don't even notice that these are medicated.

someone call the fire dept

Posted by Kim on 11th Sep 2021
Someone call the fire department. These things are fire!

munchies frfr

Posted by Matthew on 11th Sep 2021
I wish these weren't so strong. All my progress with working out and dieting gets thrown outta the window and munchies mode engaged

its good

Posted by Jonny on 11th Sep 2021
try eating this right after dinner. It's like being high without the munchies!

delta 8

Posted by Dan on 11th Sep 2021
This d8 doe

customer service

Posted by Jameson on 11th Sep 2021
I ordered for Labor Day and they package never arrived. So i called the number and talked to a Connor. He assured me that everything was fine and even sent out a replacement order for free! Thank you!


Posted by Anna on 11th Sep 2021
I've been waiting for these to come back in stock. I'm so happy that I waited. After eating 3 pieces I was pleasantly high without a major comedown. I will be ordering again

these are delicious

Posted by Patrick on 10th Sep 2021
sheeeeesh these are delicious


Posted by Jonathan on 10th Sep 2021
I followed the eightysix instagram before it was taken down. I'm so happy that I finally pulled the trigger and bought something. Will follow up after I eat some

Needs more flavors

Posted by Jack on 10th Sep 2021
can you guys make a dark chocolate one with like fruit filling in it? I think those would be great


Posted by Bob on 10th Sep 2021
I'm a sucker for anything with chocolate. This is my new favorite eighty six brand hands down


Posted by Miranda on 9th Sep 2021
They're delicious and really pack a punch

Great taste

Posted by Ebany on 9th Sep 2021
Great taste fast acting and a step above CBD alone. I love the little buzz it gives me and when I come off of it I'm not super groggy either
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