How to Keep Your Delta-8 Edibles Fresh
14th Dec 2021

How to Keep Your Delta-8 Edibles Fresh

We wrote a blog back in the Summer on “How to Properly Store Delta-8,” but we want to get into the specifics of storing edibles today. From how to store Delta-8 Gummies to edibles that contain chocolate, and more – there’s still plenty to learn.

Some of the tips for storing edibles will be close to the same as they are for other delta-8 products. There are some important differences to keep in mind, though! So without ado, it’s time to get into the nitty and gritty details on how to keep your favorite delta-8 edibles fresh.


All too often, people overlook the storage aspect of their cannabis products. Some shoppers may not realize the significant impact storage has on quality, taste, smell, potency, and so much more. Just the same as hemp-derived product, Delta-8 is an organic compound; natural , and able to expire. Unfortunately, organic compounds can go bad when they’re exposed to air, heat, humidity, and many other factors.

Delta-8, particularly Delta-8 edibles, need to be stored correctly so you can get the most out of them. Each type of hemp product possesses a different shelf life.


Even when you store marijuana products correctly, the Delta-9 THC breaks down into CBN over time. While other factors may speed the process, the overall result is a lesser potency. Can the same be said about Delta-8? According to research, Delta-8 THC is more stable than it’s traditional Delta-9 counterpart. It also has a longer shelf life in identical conditions. Since Delta-8 is also a broken-down cannabinoid, similar to CBN, the compound shows some resiliency to degradation.

Despite this resilience, however, good storage practices goes a long way to ensure that you’re enjoying your hard-earned Delta-8 products for as long as possible.


Just like leaving stuff outdoors to be at the mercy of the elements, Delta-8 Gummies act much the same. It’s possible for Delta-8 edibles, including Gummies to expire earlier than the expiration date suggests. After all, the expiration date is only accurate if the products are being stored correctly.

To avoid those Gummies from oxidizing, one needs to know how to store them properly:

How to Keep Your Delta-8 Edibles Fresh

  • Storing Delta-8 gummies may be easier than other types of edibles since they’re so versatile. It mostly has to do with optimizing the effectiveness, potency, and taste of the gummies. Start by ensuring that the packaging is sealed up tight any time you grab a piece out of it.
  • If the original packaging doesn’t come with something that can seal them airtight long-term, you can grab another container that’s airtight. Jars and Tupperware containers can both work great (though we’d always recommend glass over plastics).
  • The less oxygen and heat that penetrates the package, the better. While they can do well in room temperature conditions, we’d recommend storing your Delta-8 gummies in the fridge for maximum freshness retainment.
  • Also, try to keep them out of any bright light – especially sunlight. Heat and light don’t well for gummies, so keep them in a dark, cool place.
  • Finally, keep Delta-8 gummies away from humidity. This is another benefit to using an ultra-airtight container.


How to Keep Your Delta-8 Edibles Fresh

How to Keep Your Delta-8 Edibles Fresh

The instructions for storing edibles that contain chocolate are very similar to how you should store Delta-8 Gummies. Here are two pointers to consider in addition to the above comments:

  • Room temperature can sometimes work for Delta-8 Gummies, but the same cannot be said for chocolates. Avoid any temperature that could cause the Delta-8 Chocolate Bar to melt. Otherwise, the segments you break off for exact dosing can become blurred.
  • A big recommendation is to instead just keep your Delta-8 chocolate and other edibles in the fridge! The freezer also works if you want an even colder bite. Place them in an airtight container unless they’re already individually-wrapped. In that case, that may be best in its individual packaging – or both! It never hurt to double-seal them.

Ultimately, the same general rules apply for Delta-8 Gummies, edibles that contains chocolate, and all other Delta-8 edibles. Avoid expositing your edibles to any direct sunlight or extreme light, water, humidity, or temperatures. Keep them safe in a cool, dark, and airtight area. That way, you can always come back to your edibles for a fresher bite. Besides, by doing this, you’re also maximizing how potent those edibles will be!


Delta-8 products may seem relatively new, but cannabinoids have been out on the market for decades. And the bright side is, you can store edibles for longer than just about any other type of Delta-8 products. When stored properly, Delta-8 Gummies can last up to 18 months albeit there might be some expected decrease in potency, the overall experience should generally be the same as if you purchased it new. A good rule of thumb in terms of shelf life hovers around 9 to 12 months.


If you’re not too sure if your Delta-8 edibles are up to the freshness code, consider these key signs to determine if the product aged past its prime:


Well, okay, this is probably the obvious one – check the expiration date. If you still have its original packaging, scan over it to date your edibles are set to expire. It’ll likely be indicated by a “Use By” label or date somewhere on the packaging.

If it hasn’t reached that date yet but things still seem off, keep reading The expiration date isn’t indicative of when it will absolutely go bad – it’s just a recommended use by date that can vary depending on how your Delta-8 edibles are stored.

A person showing two different flavors of delta 8 thc gummies


This may also seem like an obvious one, but it’s easy to second-guess yourself. However, you should always trust your nose! The smell degrades as the product does. If your product doesn’t have its initial rich, sweet, and full aroma, it may be off.

Other signs may be that it smells rancid or sour. In that case, throw the Delta-8 edibles in the garbage for it has definitely gone bad. The same can happen to even the multivitamin gummies sitting on the shelves at a grocery store. Keep a keen nose out of bad smells as the first clearest indicator something gone awry.


Do your Delta-8 edibles appear to be a different color than originally thought? Chances are, your Gummies were a lot more vivid looking. Unfortunately, discoloration is a tell-tale sign of oxidation, which is a party foul for all cannabis products. If your Delta-8 gummies or other edibles have yellowed, paled, darkened, it could be that it’s gone bad.


Finally, the clearest sign that your Delta-8 edibles expired is if the psychoactive experience feels ineffective. The typical euphoria and even stoned feeling you can get from potent Delta-8 edibles should be at least faint. Otherwise, you’ve eaten a bad edible. Fear not, thought – eating an expired delta-8 product is not life-ending. It’s a bummer that it offers little to no effects, but that’s typically the worst you can expect from a bad edible.

The ingredients used alongside the Delta-8 THC play a role in this. If there are any dairy or other ingredients that are known to spoil, it may be best to toss it. Eating an expired Delta-8 gummy, though, will likely not taste great and leave your frustrated that it didn’t work.

Now that you know how to store Delta-8 Gummies and other edibles, you’ll never get stuck with a stale product again. Your future is now filled with edibles that always taste, smell, and feel incredible. All you have to do is follow these tips – and, of course, purchase the best Delta-8 products1 Have you tried anything from our SUGAR line of edibles? What about our classic Gummies?

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