What Foods Pair Well with Delta-8?
24th Aug 2021

What Foods Pair Well with Delta-8?

Have you ever found yourself baked and just staring off into the abyss of your fridge? You’re overwhelmed with just how much food you have and can’t decide on what to eat to really get the most out your high?

Delta-8 products are now out and about on a mass national scale. As they grow in popularity, people are constantly finding new and creative ways to enjoy them. Since marijuana edibles and products are still so popular, though, it feels like Delta-8 edibles are just now finding its groove. We want to show you some of the best stoner snacks out there for the those that are baked off Delta-8. Maybe that someone is you, so let us make your day by giving you some recommendations on what to munch on!

What are the “Munchies”?

Before we get too deep into it, let’s make sure everyone’s on the same page. “Munchies” is a widely used term in the cannabis community. The term describes the sudden , sometimes severe, onset of a type of hunger. This hunger is brought on relatively soon after smoking the cannabis. Or, if you went the edible route, the munchies kick in at some point during the peak of the high.

What’s going on here is that both the Delta-9 and Delta-8 THC cannabinoids promote the munchies. And fortunately, research shows that Delta-8 delivers a higher amount of stimulation, paving the way for even more hunger-inducing bouts during your psychoactive journey.

In layman’s terms, Delta-8 is likely to give us even more munchies in the same way traditional Delta-9 does. The next question is: What are the best foods to satisfy those munchies?

Given our product selection, which contains a wide variety of gummies, chocolates, and inhalables such as vape cartridges and disposable vape devices, there’s so much diversity and therefore, more food options to choose from. At the end of the day, we’re all different, with different preferences and tastes.

Why Does Food Taste So Good When High?

Most stoners know how much better food can taste when you’ve got a nice buzz going. The best stoner snacks are often created on the spot, after all. Many are well-aware of how Delta-8 and Delta-9 products can stimulate a desire to eat, leaving one ready to annihilate everything in the kitchen, especially for sweets.

In fact, neuroscientists are able to explore how cannabis alters the mechanisms in our brain that control when we get hungry. These same mechanisms are what makes us crave sweets.

In Psychology Today, Gary Wenk, PhD, author of Your Brain on Food, provided some insight on why food tastes better when we’re stoned. Both Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC delivers dopamine, and a lot of it, in similar fashion to how sugar makes us feel happy and hyper.

Research shows that the brain releases significantly more dopamine when THC is present for the same amount of sugar-enriched food. Though, there’s still debate on salty, savory, spicy and other rewarding factors.

Our Favorite Delta-8 Food Pairings

Our Favorite Delta-8 Food Pairings

Food pairings are meant to give you recommendations for what Delta-8 products go best with which foods. Sure, you can vibe just fine with a F.P. OG Delta-8 Vape Cartridge; but what happens once the munchies come? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Now, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill munchies food pairings recommendation list. Sure, you can get baked and slam a two-and-a-half-pound cheeseburger, but you can also try something a balanced. Check it out; we put a lot of thought into it!

Delta-8 Chocolate Bars

What Foods Pair Well with Delta-8?

Chocolate offers its own distinct flavors, textures, and aromas. This allows an appreciation of the wealth of variety between something such as Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate. So when it comes to foods that pair well with our two Delta-8 Chocolate Bars, you’re looking to either offer a delicate flavor to accent against the bold and rich chocolate notes, or something to emphasize the delicate notes the chocolate itself produces.

Our Cookies & Cream Delta-8 Chocolate Bar, for example, pairs well with:

  • Ice wines and Moscato
  • Blackberries, blueberries, lemon, and lime
  • Macadamia nuts and cashews
  • Caviar
  • Matcha, cardamom, and saffron

White Chocolate possesses very delicate and subtle cocoa notes. Take the delicacy and add our cookie bits to it, the taste profile becomes complex enough for it to stand on its own. Now factor in any of the food pairings and you’re left with the complex flavor profile that is accentuated even more from say, blackberries, that typically has a very upfront taste.

When it comes to our Milk Chocolate Delta-8 Bar, the rich and velvety cocoa notes is very dominant, unlike that of the white chocolate bar. Due to the overtones of the chocolate, you’d want to look for food pairings that offer a subtle undertone, as to not overpower the already-overpowering chocolate. Our recommendations are:

  • Pinot noir and merlot wines
  • Oatmeal Stout
  • Walnuts, hazelnuts, and pecans
  • Guyère and Asiago cheese
  • Coconut, orange, apples, and cherries
  • Peanut butter, honey, and caramel

Delta-8 Gummies Pair Well with WINE – Riesling, Specifically

Now wine, and alcohol in general, should be taken in moderation, especially when there’s Delta-8 around. The last thing we’d want is for you to experience the “crossed” feeling where you’re both inebriated and high. Consider eating one piece of the Delta-8 Sour Gummies/Candy and at most 1 glass of the wine or alcoholic beverage. Once the psychoactive high creeps in, revert to our munchies guide on what to snack on while you’re baked (more on that below).

Anyways, in terms of what wine pairs well with Delta-8 Sour Candy, we choose the Riesling! Upon eating a sour gummy, for example, the Sour Peach Rings Delta-8 Gummies, the initial sour taste is due to the sweet and sour sugar powder we smother all over the candy. First you taste the sour, then it turns sweet as you chew. Riesling takes that transition and reverses it – starting sweet then eventually turning sour. This reversal balances the tartness of the candy quite well!

And if Sour Peach Rings aren’t your thing, you pair a Riesling with:

  • Apple Jade Delta-8 Gummies
  • Citrus Blast Delta-8 Gummies
  • Midnight Melon Delta-8 Gummies
  • Sour Belts Delta-8 Gummies
  • Melon Bites Delta-8 Jelly Gummies

Raising the Ante Up with Chamoy? Rosé Calls!

Raising the Ante Up with Chamoy? Rosé Calls!

If we had to describe what chamoy tastes like, we’d say tangy, sweet, and slightly spicy type of syrupy sauce that’s smothered on our favorite gummies. Since we launched both the Chamoy Sour Belts and Chamoy Peach Rings, they’ve been a hit that we can barely keep in stock! Nevertheless, even Chamoy Gummies get their spot in delicious food and beverages to pair with.

Since the chamoy smothered our Sour Belts and Peach Rings, the sour coating is replaced by the chamoy, leaving a tangy and slightly spicy taste profile to compliment the subtle fruity flavors of the candy itself. In terms of a pairing, we’d opt for an equally sweet wine such as Rosé to add a little more presence to the fruity flavors present.

What About the Cartridges & Disposables?

When it comes to pairing food with inhalable Delta-8 products, such as our Vape Cartridges and Disposables, it comes down to the flavor! For example, the Boo Berry Delta-8 disposable contains fruity blueberry overtones, very subtle vanilla undertones, and a sharp but subtle hit of lemon to balance the flavor out.

Therefore, when it comes to pairing food, we opt for something filling and savory. For example, we usually pair Boo Berry with:

  • Produce: Bananas, lemon, peaches, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, mango, spinach, lemon, lime, watermelon, beets, orange, kiwi, and coconut
  • Herbs, Spices & Sweets: cinnamon, ginger, honey, maple syrup, nutmeg, vanilla, mint, and basil
  • Dairy: cream cheese, sour cream, crème fraîche, cream, yogurt, mascarpone, goat cheese, ricotta, and buttermilk
  • Savory: Oatmeal, pancakes, granola, walnuts, pork, cornmeal, and chicken

What Foods Pair Well with Delta-8

The Best Stoner Snacks on a Delta-8 High

If you find yourself already enjoying a Delta-8 high and your goal is to spend your munchies period just inhaling all in sight, it’s probably a good idea to consume A LOT food. Check out our favorites!


Sometimes, you just want the richer things in life. Nothing’s quite as decadent as a good chocolate, especially if you pair with our Delta-8 chocolate bars. The two can go hand-in-hand. Then, you can finish up with something salty for a perfect Delta-8 food pairing.


Sweets aren’t the only thing rich in sugar. Pizza offers rich and fatty toppings, including both the cheese and sauce that’s often sweet. Ever wonder why pizza’s so addictive? it might just be setting off that same pleasure center in your brain telling you to eat another slice.

The perfect Delta-8 food combo? Pair pizza with a Delta-8 product for lunch and dinner. Or take it up a notch and take a few bites of pizza in between Delta-8 chocolate pieces. You never know what will feel right on the taste buds until you give it a try.

French Fries

Who doesn’t love a good batch of French fries from time to time? Not only can they be hot, crispy, and delicious, but they make for the perfect savory snack to pair with your favorite Delta-8 products. Get your grub on when you eat French Fries with any of our sour gummies. Upgrade to our Chamoy Peach Rings as well for a whole different level of munch.

Yogurt, Tangerines, and other Tangy Things

Tangy flavors always come down to the individual. Some people prefer the vinegar side of tangy, like on Buffalo chicken or a bomb salad dressing. others like the not-too-sweet side of tangy, such as tangerines or yogurt. Consider pairing our Melon Bites Jelly Gummies with the tangy notes.

Why Do Stoners Get the Munchies?

So far, we’ve learned what to pair with what flavor types and Delta-8 food pairings match with each. We even got to dive into some science as to why food tastes better when high on Delta-8. Then, we spotlighted some of the best stoner snacks for you to eat next. To wrap up our guide, we want to answer another important question – why do we get the munchies in the first place? We know now that THC can increase the dopamine in our brain.

In another 2014 study, users can taste and smell more intensely when they’re under the influence of cannabis. The THC goes into the brain’s olfactory hub, which is where we experience taste and smell. So, not only does Delta-8 give you the munchies, but it also heightens your sense of smell. With an increased sense of smell, the aroma of food is just that much more appealing. Now that you know about Delta-8 food pairings, let us know which one calls out to you the most!

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