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Sour Peach Rings - Delta-8 THC Gummies

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Satisfy those sweet tooth cravings and get lifted in the process with these peach-flavored soft and chewy gummy rings!  Each Delta-8 peach ring is smothered in a sweet and sour sugar powder, making for the perfect lip-smacking treat.


  • 300MG Delta-8 THC
  • 30MG per Piece
  • 10 Pieces

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Water, Gelatin, Salt, Modified Starch, Citric Acid, Sorbitol, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Lactic Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Acetic Acid, Xanthan Gum, Flavoring Extracts, Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate, Artificial Colors, FD&C Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Hemp Derived Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol Distillate

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Eighty Six can ship Delta-8 peach ring edibles to 38 states.  You must be 21 or order to purchase.

More is More

If you're a fan of that lovin' feeling you get from Delta-8 sour gummies, more is more with this 300MG package.  With 10 bite-sized gummies in each reach, you can take your Delta-8 THC in convenient, 30MG doses.  Enjoy the delicious sour candy peach flavor in one little ring with SUGAR by Eighty Six Brand gummies.

Using Our Products

A smooth, energizing high is exactly what you'll get with our Delta-8 Sour Peach Rings.  Go beyond those standard gummy treats from the grocery store and enjoy this new flavor from SUGAR by Eighty Six Brand.

Take between half a piece of our Delta-8 sour gummies as needed.  Wait up to two hours before additional dosing.

Delicious Delta-8

Our unique, delicious flavors are full of hemp-derived Delta-8 for your pleasure.  Enjoy third-party lab-tested, ISO-9001 certified treats from the company that brought you apple, citrus, and melon flavored edibles.  Explore our entire inventory of Delta-8 peach rings, infused cartridges, and other edibles today!

Customer Reviews (39)

Peach rings are where it's at!

Posted by Karen on 20th Aug 2021
These peach rings are delicious and super strong! Go buy some now you won't regret it!

hands down worth it

Posted by Cooper on 20th Aug 2021
some great tasting sugar edibles on the market

Great flavor

Posted by Lesley on 20th Aug 2021
Yummy great flavor and helps me fall asleep

muy delicioso

Posted by Juan on 19th Aug 2021
era un buen empaque y muy bonito!


Posted by Kate on 19th Aug 2021
if you love peach rings with some hemp, these are the ones!

nothing beats this brand!

Posted by Frank on 19th Aug 2021
i love these...got what i paid for

best damn peach rings

Posted by Patricia on 18th Aug 2021
if you're here, you already know what you're looking for. These are it

fresh and not sticky!

Posted by Lloyd on 18th Aug 2021
because we all know one bag isn't enough!

the best so worth it

Posted by Sarah on 18th Aug 2021
it came packaged great, they taste great! highly recommend!

it's all good

Posted by Andres on 18th Aug 2021
good taste. great investment

definitely recommend

Posted by Edward on 17th Aug 2021
i was scared to order this product but happy to say the product was perfect

great snack

Posted by Aaron on 15th Aug 2021
24/7 peach rings are great for the mind. love it will order more

good product

Posted by Ace on 15th Aug 2021
would recommend. comes as advertised

i regret nothing

Posted by Jeremy on 14th Aug 2021
ok, maybe i do regret adding these to the cart but I couldn't help but to try it. A little bit pricey but they were actually good to my surprise


Posted by Geoff on 14th Aug 2021
peach rings are my favorite and these satify my taste buds and arrived in a timely manner

holy god

Posted by Tom on 14th Aug 2021
bought these for the occasional craving, would buy these again

Gummi mellows!

Posted by Patrick on 14th Aug 2021
i'm so glad i found these! tried several other brands that were never as good

drunken purchase

Posted by Rex on 13th Aug 2021
let me start by sayying i wouldn't normally buy anything like this but my friends told me about this brand and getting home after a full night of drinking...apparently this was the best purchase ever

He's in love

Posted by Nancy on 13th Aug 2021
these are my bf's favorite so I knew when i had purchased these that he was going to be so happy but of course we shared everytime we watched our shows on netflix

product match

Posted by Alex on 12th Aug 2021
was worried that this product would fail me, but the bag i got was fresh and everything as expected

AWESOME delivery

Posted by Simon on 12th Aug 2021
awesome delivery response time. i'm happy with my order and can't wait to get into these peach rings

treat yourself

Posted by Raymond on 12th Aug 2021
we're all here for the same reasons, go ahead and treat yourself to these peach rings

favorite brand

Posted by Archel on 12th Aug 2021
my favorite brand of cbd peach rings!

the very best!

Posted by Mariam on 12th Aug 2021
i love them. they are sweet, soft and addictive. I could live on these!

Super yummy

Posted by Dina on 11th Aug 2021
These are sooo good, I've bought them twice in the past month

peach it is!

Posted by Lorna on 11th Aug 2021
I can't have enough of these, really good!

great buy!

Posted by Marie on 10th Aug 2021
I purchased them for a friend and she loves it!

not bad at all

Posted by James on 10th Aug 2021
who doesn't love gummy peach rings and gets you high at the same time


Posted by Brian on 10th Aug 2021
best cbd peach rings out there

mhmm good!

Posted by Westley on 10th Aug 2021
yummy and fresh!

quite delicious

Posted by Collin on 9th Aug 2021
These are by far one of the better cbd sour belts, although do be mindful to not eat it all at once!

Does it's job

Posted by Wilson on 9th Aug 2021
bought these because I needed something to help me relax a bit and it did it's job

Great for anytime

Posted by Nathan on 9th Aug 2021
My girlfriend is obssessed with these peach rings He used to buy them at a store but now this brand is our favorite!


Posted by Courtney on 9th Aug 2021
These are so good, even had to share with my friends. I'd bring these to class to help me hahaha


Posted by Ashley on 9th Aug 2021
Great. Arrived in perfect condition. Will purchase again

sour yum

Posted by Christopher on 8th Aug 2021
Has a great taste to it. definitely impressed

worth the hype!

Posted by Craig on 8th Aug 2021
the flavor is great and texture is perfect with pure THC

need more flavors

Posted by Michael on 7th Aug 2021
Great taste! Wish you'd ad more flavors!


Posted by Mark on 7th Aug 2021
These are incredible!
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