Delta-8 Edibles

Delta-8 Edibles

SUGAR by Eighty Six Brand

You haven't had the full edible experience until you've tried the products from SUGAR by Eighty Six Brand. With everything from gummies and chocolate to mints and baked foods, we offer Delta-8 edibles online with top-quality formulations and manufacturing. Toss back one of our edibles and enjoy the potential benefits from hemp-derived, Delta-8 THC gummies, chocolate, and more today!

Why Choose Delta-8 Edibles Online?

Edibles offer a convenient, simple way to enjoy a buzz without vaping or smoking. Pop a chocolate or gummy to get through the day! Whether you want to lift your mood or mellow out, these Delta-8 edibles are available online in so many flavors that will keep you coming back for more!

All of our edibles are third-party lab-tested, GMO-free, and ISO-9001 certified! We also ensure product quality at our GMP-certified facilities.

Our Mouthwatering Options

SUGAR by Eighty Six Brand offers Delta-8 THC gummies in a variety of delicious formulations. From sour peach rings and belts to their Chamoy-covered counterparts, and even a unique twist on the classic jelly-like gummy candy, we have gummies for days!

Hoping for a something a little more indulgent? Discover delectable chocolate flavors enhanced with Delta-8. Which flavor will you try first?

Enjoy a Better Edibles Experience

Don't miss our on our Delta-8 edibles online! These are a must-have option for anyone who needs a little boost to get through the day. Whether you're already a fan of edibles or you're dipping a toe into this sugary pool for the first time, you'll go wild for our products. Grab a package from SUGAR by Eighty Six Brand to enhance your every day!

Have questions? Check out our FAQ to learn more!

Are Delta-8 edibles actually safe to eat?

Most definitely! We make it our top priority to ensure that all of our products meet the highest safety standards. Every Eighty Six Brand product comes with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) informing you of the lab test results for that specific batch. On that COA, you can find the Delta-8 potency, Delta-9 potency, and any potential contaminants found.

How does the high from Delta-8 edibles compare to Delta-8 disposables or vape cartridges? It typically takes longer for the effects of edibles to be felt because cannabinoids have a lower bioavailability when they’re eaten, meaning that the compounds are processed more slowly before entering the bloodstream. This slower processing time causes Delta-8 edibles to have more intense psychoactive effects for a longer period of time once the effects arrive.
What if my SUGAR edibles arrived melted? Due to shipping companies’ handling of our packages, melting is a common issue, especially in the warmer months of the year. If you receive your package and your edibles are melted, please send us an email to and we'll happily replace your order, no questions asked.