24th Sep 2021

Cozy Up this Fall with Our Most Popular Indica Strains

With the launch of our new and improved vape cartridges, we were inspired to cast some light on one of our favorite strains: indica. As we ease into autumn, it’s the perfect season for this chill variety of bud to have its moment of appreciation. We want to highlight some of the most popular indica strains in our line-up, so we’ve rounded up the Delta-8 indica cartridges that feature our best-selling indica and indica-dominant hybrid flavors. We’ve also got some tips for how to welcome the season with these superstar formulations. Read on to learn more!


Before we give you the low-down on our favorite ways to use them, let’s get into which indicas are the most popular and why we think they’re a hit! There’s lots of love to go around from our disposable vapes to our Delta-8 gummies all year-round, but this compilation focuses exclusively on our Delta-8 cartridges. So get cozy and settle in while we take you on a ride through the indica strains our fans can’t seem to get enough of.



Coming up at number one is one of our most popular indica strains to date: Cereal Killer (F.P. OG). This best-selling flavor is a cross between the iconic F.P. OG and Alien Kush strains. F.P. sweet and fruity notes pair perfectly with Alien Kush’s spicy undertones — making for the best bowl of cereal you’ve ever had. This Delta-8 indica cartridge delivers the euphoric, creative vibes you need as you unwind for the day. Even Delta-8 connoisseurs are surprised by how unique Cereal Killer’s flavor profile and effects are.


Next up is Grape Soda (Purple Punch), a show-stopping cross between the infamous Purple Punch and Blue Cookies strains. While one of the most popular indica strains in our library, it’s also one of the strongest. Grape Soda packs a hefty punch of grape at its opening and eases into a freshly baked blueberry cookie. Want a strain that’s going to knock you off your hay-ride? Grape Soda is the answer. This indica-dominant hybrid will chill you out and leave you in a state of total relaxation. Take a toke, kick back, and let the spooky movies play.




Life is better with ice cream — Jen & Berry’s (Gelato) Delta-8 indica cartridge that is. This is one creamy scoop of vanilla that will have you melting into the couch. Gelato and Ice Cream Cake come together in perfect harmony to create one of our most popular indica strains yet. Notes of vanilla gelato blend seamlessly between layers of crisp, moist vanilla cake. This delectable blend delivers a balance of deep relaxation and peaceful lucidity — ideal for tuning out the worries of your day and getting snug-as-a-bug.


With summer in the rearview and autumn settling in, we are all about the cozy, fall vibes. The sun goes down a little sooner, days are shorter, the leaves start changing colors, and temperatures start dropping — that’s when we know it’s indica’s quintessential time to shine. We thought it was only fitting to share some of our favorite fall activities that pair flawlessly with our most popular indica strains.

Here are our top 3 favorite ways to welcome fall while enjoying our favorite Delta-8 indica cartridges:


The time is here to kiss the floor-to-ceiling stacks of watermelons in the grocery store goodbye and stock up on our favorite autumn staple: pumpkins. Seriously, can one ever have too many pumpkins in the fall? We think not. So fill up your shopping cart and think up all the ways you can “fall-ify” your abode. Bake a savory pumpkin pie, try whipping up a homemade pumpkin spice latte, carve some spooky jack-o-lanterns, and decorate your porch with all the fall vibes!

Better yet, skip the trip to the supermarket altogether and opt for a visit to your local pumpkin patch instead. Gather your best buddies to tag along, enjoy some popular indica strains when you get there, and make a day of it. After a few tokes of Jen & Berry’s, you’ll be floating through hay-stacked lanes as you pick out your perfect pumpkin. Earn some bonus points by trying to tackle the corn maze!


If your folks made you rake all the leaves in your yard as a kid, you know it was only worth it if you got to take a dive into the leaf pile afterward. Take a few inhales of your favorite Delta-8 indica cartridge and let your inner child live out their fall dreams. Rake up all the leaves in your yard into a tall, fluffy mountain and let ‘er rip.

Our best-selling indica strains are as popular as they are because they mellow you out and let your worries fade away. That includes those silly, little micro-anxieties like worrying about what other people think. Relive the carefree bliss you had as a little kid and let yourself be silly. There’s no better way to welcome the season than with our Grape Soda cart.


With cooler days upon us, sweater-weather makes its comeback. So grab your favorite cuddle-buddy and get comfy. Order your favorite take-out, layer the blankets, binge-watch the classics, and simply enjoy the simple pleasures. Crank up the chill vibes and treat yourselves to some popular indica strains, like Cereal Killer, to help set the tone. So get cozy in your favorite tee and sweats and let the good times ensue.


As fall creeps in a little more each day, we hope you’ll give our top 3 Delta-8 indica cartridges a try this season. We’re confident that once you do, this time of year will be something you’ll look forward to for even more reasons than pumpkins and hay-rides. So swap out those hyperactive sativas and transition into something a little more mellow.

Shop our popular indica strains, more unique flavors, and an assortment of Delta-8 products online. Elevate your mind today.

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