30th Oct 2023

Exploring the Eighty Six Edibles

Edibles are a great way to get high; and finding the right one that works for your tolerance takes some times and can be a little tedious. But once you know what edibles work for you, they can be a serious weapon in your stoney arsenal.

Edibles are by far the most discreet way to medicate. Whether it be a mandatory work event or a family function you can’t get out of, edibles are both reliable and discreet; giving you that ultimate discretion in medicating at your own leisure. Unfortunately, a lot of users can’t make it over the initial learning curve associated with edibles and give up before they’ve found the right product for them. This breaks out little cannabis-infused hearts and we want to help all cannasseurs enjoy the wonderful benefits associated with edibles. So let’s dive in to learn more about what makes different edibles unique and, hopefully, makes it easier for you to pick the one that’s right for you.

Why Edibles?

We mentioned it once already, but edibles are the most discreet way to consume cannabis. And thanks to the advancements in extraction technology, edibles are even more discreet than they were ten years ago, when even factory-made goodies reeked to high heaven.

Not only are edibles discreet, they’re also processed by our bodies in a completely different way than by inhalation methods albeit it takes a bit longer to feel its effects. The trade off with a longer onset time is a more intense, longer-lasting psychoactive buzz than anything you would experience by smoking, vaping, or dabbing. While inhaling cannabis gets you higher, faster, the duration of said high starts to trail off an hour or two later. The buzz you are experiencing from an edible, on the other hand, can sometimes last up to six hours, giving you that immersive experience into the world of being high.

Edibles also make controlling your cannabis experience much easier, because you can precisely measure your dosage, something that is much harder, if not, impossible with inhalation methods.

Choosing the Edibles That’s Right For You

Choosing the edible that’s right for you may seem tricky, but really, it comes down to one thing: how do you want your edible to feel?

Edibles are infused with extracts and each extract creates a different set of effects after its consumed. Typically, edibles are made with Delta-9 THC distillate, but other minor cannabinoids such as Delta-8 THC, THC-P, HHC, and Live Rosin infusions are gaining popularity, as are ‘blends’ which feature combination of several different minor cannabinoids.

Once you know what effects you want your edibles to have, the next most important aspect is going to be the dosage. Dosages tend to fall into one of three categories:

  • Microdose: < 5MG
  • Regular Dose: 5MG – 50MG
  • High Dose: > 50MG

Generally, potency increases with the higher dosage with a few exceptions that mainly affect cannabis users with very high tolerances.

Comparing Delta-8 & Delta-9 Edibles

One comparison that often gets a lot of attention, whether it’s with inhalables such as pre-rolls and vapes, and edibles are the Delta-8 and Delta-9 infusions. Traditional marijuana containing Delta-9 THC is the type of THC that gets us high. Delta-8 THC, on the other hand, is refined from hemp-extracted CBD.

As a general rule, Delta-8 is similar to Delta-9 but with more gentler and milder effects. The effects of Delta-9 THC are great, for the most part, but for some people, it can cause a racing heart, a racing mind, or other not-so-pleasant effects. Delta-8 is heavily touted as being able to provide a relaxing and euphoric high without the negative side effects that can be common with Delta-9 THC. This makes Delta-8 a better choice for people who are newer to cannabis or have had negative experiences with traditional marijuana.

Edibles are processed through the digestive system, so the experience of an edible is prolonged compared to vaping or smoking, especially if you are relatively new to getting high.

Starting with Delta-8 infused edibles ensures that your experience is gentle, even it lasts for several hours.

Eighty Six has a ton of high quality Delta-8 edibles such as gummies, rice krispies, and sweets that are perfect for first-timers.

Comparing Live Rosin & Delta-9 Edibles

Live Rosin infused edibles are a unique and elevated experience compared to traditional Delta-9 infused edibles simply because live rosin is a more unique and nuanced extract. Live Rosin preserves more of the whole plant during its longer extraction process, ensuring that live rosin and live rosin edibles contain all the extra cannabinoids and terpenes lost during distillate extraction. This entourage effect enhances the cannabis experiences in ways that Delta-9 distillate, as an isolated cannabinoid, cannot.

One other key factor that sets live rosin edibles apart from all other is that live rosin is extracted using a solventless process, meaning there aren’t harsh chemicals such as butane or ethanol used during the extraction process. These solvents are reclaimed at the end of the cycle but are often skipped over for those that are health-conscious. So while regular edibles are great and can get us super lit, live rosin edibles are superior in several ways.

Live Rosin Blends are the Best of Both Worlds

Innovation never stops with Eighty Six; and the newest, trendiest kid on the block are blends. Blends are exactly what it sounds like: a combination of different extracts combined to enhance the experience and increase potency. These types of edibles can be very powerful and are typically designed to help induce sleep, potentially making them a safer alternative to dangerous and addictive sleeping pills.

It All Comes Down to Preference

When experimenting with edibles, the most important thing to remember is to start low and slow, waiting two hours between small dosages the first few times you try edibles. Once you know what to expect, decide what kind of experience you are looking for. A mild, moderate, and extreme dosed experience can definitely make or break your high, so put more energy into finding the right products rather than worrying about its dosages.

Last point, always remember to purchase edibles from reputable brands, like Eighty Six, so you know for sure you’re getting premium quality products that are safe and will take you sky high.

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