28th Dec 2022

Hate Adulting? Do These 11 Chores Stoned

When we were kids, all we wanted was the same freedom adults had. Little did we know everything that came along with said freedom. Fortunately for us, getting high on your favorite hemp-derived minor cannabinoids makes just about everything better. So if the pressure of adulting overwhelms you, have no fear, we’ve got some ideas to make getting your chores done a little less challenging. Read on for a list of the best chores you can do stoned – and three to avoid! Trust us on these.

1. Mopping the Floor

This one is most fun when your floor is really dirty. Seeing your floor transform underneath you from caked and dirty to shiny and clean is sooooooo satisfying. Plus, being high will help you focus on an otherwise monotonous task.

2. Washing the Walls

This is a great alternative to mopping, if you’ve already done that this week. This one is especially important if you have little ones or a busy house. Pay attention to doors and doorways – it can be shocking how grimy they can get. And just like mopping the floor, watching your hard work transform your walls is deeply satisfying.

3. Organizing the Closet

Tack this one on a weekend when you can get almost-debilitatingly stoned and just play in your closet. Make new outfits, figure out what no longer fits or is all worn out, then make piles to keep, donate, and trash. You’ll have a fun time rediscovering all the drip you’ve tucked in your overstuffed closet and you’ll have saucy outfits for the next month.

4. Work in the Garden

If it’s been a while since you’ve tended to your yard, consider puffing on a nice and perky sativa while you get to work in your garden. Throwing on your favorite podcast or Spotify playlist can make this even more fun. Some time out in the Sun is always good or you, and working in the yard counts as exercise!

5. Put the Dishes Away

Okay, we don’t know about you but putting away the dishes is one of the most annoying chores out there. Like, we already washed them, now we have to deal with them again? And now they’re all half-wet, half-dry, and covered in that weird condensation. It’ll be a resounding NOPE from us.

With a little buzz going from our Delta-8 Pre-Rolls, however, we might be onto something. Try a few puffs and get into a rhythm while blasting some angry rap. You’ll get this done quick, no cap.

6. Vacuum

Vacuuming isn’t really all that bad to start with, but after munching on a few gummies, or if you’re really feeling fun, one of the THC-O shots, it can really get interesting. After dosing up, it’s time to play with all the cool features and attachments that come with your vacuum.

7. Cleaning out the Fridge

Let’s all be honest here, cleaning the fridge is probably the most disgusting item on this list. Leftovers from last year that’s pushed to the back and forgotten makes this a particularly overwhelming job. But you gotta get it done because you have class. You’re definitely going to need a little boost before tackling this task. Take a couple puffs from your favorite Delta-8 disposable or cartridge strain, grab some gloves, and get in there. And don’t be afraid to toss everything!

8. Scrubbing the Tub

Just like some of the other chores on this list, cleaning your bathtub or shower is transformative, satisfying, and that much more enjoyable when you’re buzzed. This time around, however, skip the Delta-8 and opt for something a little more mesmerizing, such as our THC-O Pre-Rolls.

9. Wash, Fold, & Put Away Laundry

Laundry is kind of like mail – it never stops! And while you can ignore this for a time, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to come back and deal with it.

Next time, try this – gather up all your laundry and make a day off it. Laundry is a relatively chill chore because there’s built-in down time. So throw a couple loads in, take a few puffs of your THC-O Disposables and chill in the meantime.

And when it’s time to fold, up the ante a bit. Crack open a refreshing and oh-so-potent THC-O Soda while you get lost in the pile of clothes. You’re productive and most importantly, not freaking out over your dryer eating half your socks.

10. Scrub the Stovetop

Let’s be honest here – when was the last time you cleaned your stove? Did you even know the cover comes off? More than likely, you’ve been harboring untold mountains of dried, charred and burned food that’s fallen or flown out of the skillet while you were cooking and made a home in this dark abyss. Like mopping, seeing this area transform is also deeply satisfying. Just make sure you bring gloves and tons of degreaser.

11. Painting

Painting is one of those chores that can actually be pretty fun! Even if you’re just doing basic wall painting, there is an artistic element to getting it done. And any stoner can tell you that doing art high is a pretty amazing experience. While painting your interiors or exteriors won’t be the most creative painting you ever do, there’s no reason why you don’t find enjoyment in it!

What You Should Absolutely Avoid Doing Stoned

While the eleven chores are fantastic things you can do stoned, here are three you should do sober under any and all circumstances.

Different delta 8 rice krispie flavors of eighty six brand

1. Anything Involving Power Tools

This is a no-brainer but we need to say this anyways. You never want to use power tools when you’re under the influence of anything – yes…even Delta-8. While the buzz is a minor experience, it’s a dangerous idea to have you operate any degree of machinery. So just don’t do it. Use your power tools first, then celebrate with your strain of choice.

2. Grocery Shopping

Okay, if safety weren’t, like, really serious, then this would be at the top of the ‘Don’t’ list. Don’t shop for food when you’re stoned. Munchies are a very real side effect of being stoned and if you’re stoned and buying food, there’s a fat chance you’re overspending with impulse purchases and walking out without half the things you actually needed. This is really never a good idea but if you absolutely need to shop while stoned, write yourself a list and stick to it. Trust us on this one.

3. Running Errands

Running errands is a lot like the first two items on our “Don’t List.” Going out in public while high isn’t for everyone; and if it’s really hot for you, you land yourself in hot water with the law. Plus, running errands high means that inevitably, you’ll be shopping high and we already talked about why that’s a bad idea. Instead of getting high and leaving the house to run errands, take that time to do errands around the house, or go out for a nice walk. Exercising and weed make a great alternative after all.

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