4th Dec 2023

How to Create the Ultimate Stoner Den

If you’re lucky enough to have a room or space dedicated to smoking, then you’re probably already familiar with the concept of a stoner den, a smoking den or a smoking room. They’re typically converted garages or spare bedrooms, sometimes even detached sheds dedicated exclusively, smoking, dabbing or vaping cannabis.

They’re popular with parents who need to make sure their bud is secured away from their little ones, but use cannabis to help them be more present or less anxious. They can also be great places to chill out and enjoy your high after a long day. Here are the essentials ever stoner den should have, plus a few extras to really make it the place to be.

A Locking Door

You don’t wanna be barged in on, have your box broken into, and have the whole house smelling like ganja here; so a locked door is a simple way to make sure you’re undisturbed and unbothered for your sesh. Plus, if you have little ones, you’re gonna want to make sure the room is secure at all times.

LED Lights/Strips/Smart Lights

LED light strings are the easiest and cheapest way to raise the vibes in a space. They have bluetooth capabilities and can be synced up with your music and with other lights to create a truly, trippy ambiance. Once you’re loaded, you’ll be enjoying the colors melt into each other and keep time with your tunes!

Alexa or Google Smart Device

Smart devices like the Google Home or Amazon Echo devices are a must-have for a smoking space. Not only can they play music and movies, they can answer silly stoner questions our monkey brains think up and they’re just an easy way to facilitate a relaxing environment.


Even if you don’t dab super regularly, an e-nail improves your dabbing experience so much, you’ll consider switching over to it full-time. They make ever single dab absolutely perfect, and even if you don’t dab, all your extract-loving homies will appreciate having one of these bad boys around.

Tons of Lighters, Rolling Papers, Blunts, etc.

Just like it’s good manners to keep supplies on-hand, it’s also a good idea to keep lighters, papers, and blunt wraps stocked in your space. Just like the e-nail, even if you don’t use them often, your homies might, and they’ll appreciate your hospitality. Plus, you never know when the mood might strike you to switch up your style, so it’s better to keep those things on-hand than having to make a last minute run to the nearest shop!

A Comfy Place to Sit

A comfy place to veg out after the sesh is a must-have for any stoner space. You don’t want to be slumped over in a folding chair trying to enjoy your movie while your butt and legs go numb. Any comfy place would work, so if all you’ve got on hand is a beaten up old couch, that’s even better!

Who wants to cash out for something plush like a moon pod for their stoner den only to end up with it reeking of weed?! Although, we won’t lie, a moon pod in the stoner den sounds next level.

Blankies & Pillows

Just like you want a comfy place to relax, you’re gonna want some pillows and blankets to help keep you cozy, especially as we get into those long winter nights.

The TV Streaming Services

A TV with streaming capabilities is another one of those smoking den must-haves. Whether you’re seshing alone or with a group of friends, it’s nice to be able to put something on in the background for everyone to enjoy. These days, thanks to streaming, it’s much easier to keep the whole squad entertained.

Air Purifier/Fan

One big drawback about smoking dens is that they can get really danky, an can be hard to air out, depending on your set up. That’s where air purifiers, fans, and air fresheners can be of a huge help as it helps to reduces the dankiness in the room, and throughout your house. Plus, if you have guests in your space often, it’s just a good idea to keep an air purifier, with so many different people blowing smoke in one place.

Febreeze or Your Preferred Air Freshener

It’s a good idea to clean your smoking den once a week at the minimum. And we mean really clean it: empty trash cans and ashtrays, wash blankets, pillows, glassware, and a give the room a few passes with some Febreeze. Febreeze is known for its ability to eliminate odors rather than mask them, which can be helpful because cannabis resin and ash can be particularly pungent and hard to remove.

Scented Candles or Incense

Scented candles and incense are in the same category as air purifiers, fans, and Febreeze; stuff to keep the room from getting too ripe. Stale smoke and hot air can be a nasty combination, so choose your favorite way to freshen the air and go crazy.

Glassware of Your Choice

Keeping a few of your favorite glass pieces in your smoking room is another must-have. Glassware is a great alternative if you’re a smoker whose lungs need a little break. It’s also cleaner if you’re having a sesh with multiple people and can be wiped clean in-between hits.


Phones have an annoying little habit of dying when we need them most. To make sure you’re never disconnected from the world, even when your head is in the clouds, keep some chargers stashed in your stoner den. It’s also not a bad idea to keep some extra chargers on hand for your friends, their phones, and their vape pens.


Time moves differently when you’re high and hours can feel like minutes. It’s a good idea to keep a clock in your stoner den, so you can keep track of how long you’ve been chillin’ and not be surprised when you’ve spent all day in there.

Mini Fridge Stocked with Drinks

Cannabis has a unique ability to make us thirsty, and somehow, makes an ice cold beverage taste like the best thing on the planet. Beat the cotton mouth with a minifridge stocked with the best tasting drinks out there! We’re talking Calypso’s, Artisan Sodas, fruit juice blends, and if you’re really trying to get lit, even some cannabis infused beverages, sure to elevate your experience to the next level.


No stoner space would complete without a stash of snacks. The worst thing is when you the munchies hit and you have nothing on hand! It’s not the best idea to hit the store after a sesh, so your best bet is gonna be to keep a stockpile on hand of all your favorite stoney snacks.

There you have it folks, the key to a killer smoking gen. This is a pretty extensive list, so even if all you have is five of the items listed above, then you’ve still got a pretty dope setup. Plus, you can always upgrade one thing at a time and before you know it, you’ll be hosting all the Friday night sessions for you and your crew!

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