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15th Nov 2021

Introducing the Best Vape Flavors for All Your Seasonal Needs

Sometimes, the best vape flavors are of the seasonal variety. And the season of giving is fast approaching! Knowing this, we wanted to give back with some tasty flavors that are simply too good to resist.

Now, we present a new reason for the season – the best vape flavors to fit all your seasonal needs. We started with Pumpkin Spice to kick off Autumn the right way. As we fall back into the holidays, we know plenty are excited for the cyclic bliss that is Pumpkin Spice. Around this time of year, the flavor is certainly hard to resist.

Sprinkled into your favorite coffee, baked into your pie, and now, infused into your Delta-8 vape cartridge, Pumpkin Spice knows no boundaries. It’s a pumpkin pie delight that’s worth taking an extra puff or two for each session.



Before we divulge all the reasons why you’ll love our seasonal Pumpkin Spice Delta-8 Vape Cartridge, there’s more to know. In fact, our season and holiday-themed flavors have only just begun! We’re bringing on all the Autumn and soon-to-be Winter vibes with flavors you don’t want to miss out on.

Currently, we have our pumpkin pie-flavored Pumpkin Spice Vape Cartridge. As much as we love the taste, it’s (unfortunately) temporary. Like we said at the beginning, sometimes the best vape flavors are seasonal! That means once Winter arrives, that’s it for the year.

Our seasonal Delta-8 flavors don’t stop there. We’re not ones to tease, but could you just imagine what the next round of seasonal blends might bring?

Picture Delta-8 vape flavors like Gingerbread Cookies, Hot Chocolate, or even Candy Canes. Think of what a puff of Milk & Cookies for Santa would taste like.

Is your mouth watering yet? The holidays bring a lot of promise to the Eighty Six Group lineup, so get ready for whatever’s next. And in the meantime, there’s plenty to love about our Pumpkin Spice cartridge.


A powerful indica blend, and earning more than just an extraordinary taste, the Pumpkin Spice Delta-8 Vape Cartridge is a cross between Pumpkin Pie and London Pound Cake. It’s like taking a slice of pumpkin pie, complete with flaky pie crust, and adding in the dense, cakey sweetness from a London pound cake.

But like we said, it gives more than just its flavor! Depending on your tolerance, a few puffs should quick-charge that delicious feeling of euphoria. As an indica blend, prepare for a heavy dose of relaxation, but feel at east. Happiness might even surge through you.

Use our Delta-8 flavors to take the time to enjoy the changing of the seasons. Watch the leaves fall; or bake something sweet. Kindle the fireplace for the first time since well before the Summer. Smell warm, sweet scents while you snuggle up to right off the cold. Spent time with family as your slow down and remember the finer things in life.


It’s hard to pick just one, right? Especially when there are so many flavors to choose from! Just in the Eighty Six Group Delta-8 Vape Cartridges collection, alone, we offer quite the variety.

Of course, we offer versatility to accommodate all the tastes and preferences. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work so well for the indecisive! On the bright side, we’ve got some tips to help even the most indecisive users choose their favorite Delta-8 flavors.


If you are one of those indecisive shoppers in question, it’s time to get experimenting. Including Pumpkin Spice, we currently have ten flavors available, so the best time to choose your new favorite Delta-8 strain combination is now! You won’t know which of the best vape flavors become your favorite until you give at least some a try! Plus, the Delta-8 flavors in our lineup offer more than just a difference in flavor.

Each of our best vape flavors has their own terpene profile. Aromatic molecules, terpenes are what give cannabis products their taste and smell.

They also synergize with Delta-8 THC and other cannabinoids for even more fun through the entourage effect. This synergistic phenomenon – the entourage effect – is a proposed mechanism where cannabis compounds modulate and amplify the plant’s overall effects.

In simpler terms? The entourage effect are when terpenes and other hemp compounds help enhance the psychoactive effects from the plant. While this might mean Delta-9 THC for marijuana, it means Delta-8 THC for legal hemp flower.

Introducing the Best Vape Flavors for All Your Seasonal Needs

Compared to a Delta-8 isolate, you’ll experience a fuller, perhaps even more memorable buzz. You might feel any combination of relaxed, euphoric, happy, creative, productive, focused, energetic, calm, relaxed, or social. It depends on the strain, which comes down to the strain’s lineage and terpene profile.

To bring it full circle, that’s why you try our different flavors! Discover through our different Delta-8 flavors which offers your favorite entourage effect experience.


Another factor to consider when you choose between the best vape flavors is whether you prefer indica or sativa blends. The flavors of indica strains typically vary pretty wildly from sativa strains. Keep in mind, however, that every strain is unique. Sativa and indica strains may have typical traits, but the terpene profile of each individual strain also plays a role.

For example, think of an indica-dominant strain. Oftentimes, an indica strain might make you feel energized and give off traits a sativa might provide. First, do your research and decide if you’d prefer a sativa-leaning hybrid over an indica-leaning strain. Then, remember that due to genetic breeding across the industry, there are really only hybrids left. The terpene profile and lineage of each strain helps determine how it’ll make you feel.

Pumpkin Spice is a cross between Pumpkin Pie and London Pound Cake, and it’s one of our best vape flavors this year. As an indica, it has to compete with some fan-favorites: Cereal Killer, Grape Soda, and Jen & Berry’s. Each of these strains are indica-leaning and carries its own respective traits.


If you haven’t received an opportunity to try Pumpkin Spice yet, maybe this is a sign to get on it! The days are flying by and it can give you the perfect way to enjoy the Fall season completely. Don’t just think about – see what the hype is all about! Then, get excited for the next seasonal pick.

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