30th Nov 2020

Not All Eighty Six Group Hemp Strains are Created Equal

Our Delta-8 THC Strains Offer a Unique Experience

Every hemp strain is different — and the same is true when it comes to Delta-8 THC cartridges. Eighty Six’s Delta-8 cartridges currently come in five unique strains, each of which offers something new to the user.

We want to show off what makes each Delta-8 strain special, what other users have experienced, and even activities that you might try while using each strain. Let’s dive into our guide on how each strain is different and how they can offer a unique experience for you.

All About Boo Berry

Blue Dream Delta-8 strain

Also known as Azure Haze, our Boo Berry hemp strain is a cross between the classic Haze and Blueberry strains. The delicious sugar and blueberry notes linger on your tongue and in the air, even after the vapor has dissipated. A beautifully balanced package, most speculate the Boo Berry strain originated in Santa Cruz, California, but it’s since risen in popularity all across the world.

What Users Report Feeling: Euphoric, Happy, and Relaxed

The most commonly-reported feeling while vaping our Boo Berry Delta-8 cartridge is a cerebral rush that brings motivation and relaxation. Completing tasks becomes less overwhelming and easier to manage when paired with this strain.

Activities to Try: Daytime Errands and Hard-to-Tackle Tasks

Users often find the ability to do tasks they normally might not be able to while vaping Boo Berry. Whether tackling chores, maintaining a heightened focus, or completing errands, day-to-day tasks are easier, making this a go-to Delta-8 strain for someone with a busy schedule.

A Delicious Bowl of Cereal Killer OG

A Delicious Bowl of Cereal Killer OG

Cereal Killer OG, otherwise known as FPOG, has a rich history crafted from Alien strain genetics — particularly Green Ribbon, Tahoe Alien, and Granddaddy Purple. A sickly sweet hybrid hemp strain, the tropical and berry flavors are reminiscent of the popular cereal. There’s a clear, sweet, and fruity aftertaste that sits on the tongue even after you’ve vaped your fill.

What Users Report Feeling: Creative and Uplifted

This strain is a favorite among our users. They describe the high as a heightened sense of awareness accompanied by sharpened senses and waves of relaxation. Some variants provide more of a body buzz, but our strain focuses on the creative, calming aspects. However, users also report Cereal Killer making them feel giggly, uplifted, happy, and euphoric — a side effect of feeling too good.

Activities to Try: Exercise, Creative Projects, and Stimulating Conversation

There’s a lot you can accomplish while using Cereal Killer. With the energetic burst of creativity, motivation, and enthusiasm, Cereal Killer might be exactly what you need to finally start that workout routine. Any day can be day one — all you have to do is get up and keep it consistent. Likewise, some stimulating conversation might be had while vaping through our Cereal Killer OG Delta-8 strain.

What Makes Cookie Monsta Unique?

What Makes Cookie Monsta Unique?

With a burst of unique flavor unlike most other hemp strains, our Cookie Monsta cartridge brings something new to the mix. A pungent, earthy, and sweet aroma is known to fill the room when vaping this strain. With a slight floral funkiness, we consider this to be a well-balanced strain that’s been blended to perfection.

What Users Report Feeling: Calm, Relaxed, and/or Like Their Face is Melting

We can explain — they feel like their face is melting in a good way! A sophisticated strain, Cookie Monsta offers something more in-your-face than most of the others we have to offer. Providing a combination of physical and mental stimulation, it hits quickly and leaves no prisoners. Users often notice an uptick in their cerebral functioning, aiding in concentration for task-based activities.

Activities to Try: Exercise and Dance

For activities that involve full-body movement or coordination, like dancing, exercising, or even sex, Cookie Monsta provides an enhanced experience. Some users report the effects seem to last longer than average, and they accomplish quite a few athletic or exhausting tasks during the high. A versatile Delta-8 strain, we like to keep it in our back pockets for days where procrastination feels like the best option, but we don’t want it to get the best of us.

More on Our Grape Soda

Grape Soda

Grape Soda offers something less versatile than our Cookie Monsta hemp strain, but still just as effective. To start, the flavor and aroma profiles do the name justice, providing a purple grape-flavored punch to the senses. The strong grape Kool-Aid flavor comes through with a blend of herbs, vanilla, and blueberries.

What Users Report Feeling: Floating, Euphoric, Calm, and Relaxed

The punch to the senses goes deeper than just smell and taste. Within the first inhale, Grape Soda starts off at full force, hitting just behind the eyes for strong cerebral stimulation. Some users report feeling lifted with ease — almost like a balloon floating up into the sky.

Activities to Try: Naps, Evenings, and Recreational Pastimes

With the lightness users feel after Grape Soda, it might be the perfect Delta-8 strain for a nap or for curling up at night. Kicking back with Grape Soda while you put on your favorite show or movie and just zone out is a great way to ease into slumber. Being able to rest through ailments that would otherwise keep you awake helps, too, as some users report.

How Berry Slush Compares

Berry Slush

For the foodies and supertasters, Berry Slush might be your go-to strain. A taste-focused hybrid, it has an unmistakable strawberry flavor, a result of crossbreeding between Haze and Strawberry Fields. There’s a reason, after all, that it won an award at the 2013 Cannabis Cup.

What Users Report Feeling: Creative, Energized, and Productive

Our Delta-8 THC Berry Slush cartridge takes control immediately, settling in and making itself at home. Users report a boost in their creativity and energy levels, while some even note a dissipation in their worry. A larger serving of this hemp strain can cause some intense cerebral thinking, and the high, depending on the serving, can last 3 to 4 hours for some. Motivation, an energetic urge to be productive, and deeper cognitive thinking are all things users report with this strain.

Activities to Try: Being Social and Any Type of Work

We notice an uptick in chattiness with Berry Slush, so it’s great for most social settings. Reading, deep conversation, and working on complex tasks that require problem-solving or creativity are easy, as well. This Delta-8 strain seems to help us tackle even the most mundane tasks smoothly with a wave of intense motivation and productivity. Overall, someone might try getting up and doing whatever they please when it comes to our Berry Slush Delta-8 THC vape cartridge.

The Takeaway

In conclusion, it’s easy to see how truly different each of our Delta-8 THC cartridge strains can be. You’ll feel a vast difference between Berry Slush and Grape Soda, for example. Now that you’re more familiar with each hemp strain, what it might stimulate, and activities to try when using it, you’re even better equipped to find the perfect strain for you.

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