29th Jun 2021

What are the Best Delta-8 Strains for Laughter?

Fact: Laughter is the most effective (and free) therapy you can put yourself through to considerably elevate your mental well-being. In fact, studies show that laughter is a very powerful strain reducer so we’ve taken the liberty of suggesting some ways to incorporate some much-needed giggles into your day. You can go the extra mile with this by pairing it with our Delta-8 Vape Cartridge strains that guarantee a great time. Let’s dive in!

Engage Operation Giggles with a TV Show

Re-watching your favorite comedy series or even taking the plunge on that one show you’ve been putting off for years is one of the easiest ways to add a little chuckle to your day. And considering how old a lot of these shows are, they’ve aged pretty damn well! Some of our favorites would be Shameless (Showtime), Portlandia (HBO), Flight of the Conchords (HBO), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX), Trailer Park Boys (Netflix), High Maintenance (HBO), and the good ol’ classic that we know has been running on repeat for the last 16 years, The Office (NBC). All of these shows possess the writing, acting, and dirty humor required to generate a belly laugh capable of hurting after a few minutes.

As for a Delta-8 pairing, we can look no further than Cereal Killer. Taste wise, it’s reminiscent of a bowl of the iconic cereal, fruity sugary goodness topped with a generous helping of milk.

On a terpene profiling side, did you know that we paired F.P. OG with Alien Kush? The indica-leaning characteristics of the F.P. OG chills you out, while the heavier indica properties of the Alien Kush promotes feelings of happiness and giggles as you sink into your seat and binge watch the shows. Happy binging!

Delta-8 Strains for Laughter

Yes, There is a Such Thing as Laughter Yoga

Believe us when we say that laughter yoga is a thing and it’s dope! Many of us probably went to a yoga session online or in-person to effectively farm the major health benefits of the exercise. Be it body toning, posture correcting, worry reduction, and even overall mind, body, and spirit improvement, yoga is pretty effective! So it’s kind of a no-brainer that there would be such a thing as laughter yoga out there with the sole goal of lifting your mood.

And for something like this, we feel that the Piña Express Delta-8 strain should be your go-to. Our Pineapple Express paired with Trainwreck, the two powerhouse indica-dominant hybrid strains effectively mellow you out and make you that much more prone to uncontrollable laughter as you gasp for air. Don’t believe us? Book a session at a studio near you and toke up generous before heading in. Do it. We dare ya!

Group Up & Laugh at Everyone and Everything!

Now we mean this in the most non-threatening way possible. One of the best ways to engage in laughter is to do so harmlessly with your friends! Now that social distancing is over with and we’re all thrilled to be around each other again, what better way to pass the 15 months of isolation than by grouping up with your homies and just engaging in a giggle fest laughing at everyone and everything!

Humans are social creatures; and we crave the company of friends and family especially after a tough day. Consider rallying the squad for a fun outdoor hike, grab some food and have a picnic at the park, or just invite them all for a kickback and toke up for some much-needed laughs. Not only is this a great way to feel more connected to your circle, it’s a guaranteed recipe for a good laugh!

Boo Berry

Seeing that you’d have to be social and coherent enough to dish out both the salt and shade when the situation arises, we recommend either the Berry Slush or the Boo Berry Delta-8 strains.

Berry Slush is Strawberry Cough crossed with Mojito, giving you a jolt of energy and creativity to help ease along those subtle jabs at your homies.

Boo Berry is Blue Dream crossed with Lemon Haze, again, giving you the hemp-derived courage you need to engage and re-engage in the belly-aching session you so desperately crave.

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed this lighthearted piece from the team over at Eighty Six Group. Hemp-derived Delta-8 is basically the more fun version of traditional Delta-9 cannabis. It still provides a psychoactive high, but a manageable one that keeps the paranoia out while actively inviting the smiles and laughter in. If you haven’t used Delta-8 for making your day a little brighter, now’s your chance. Check out our products and shop now!

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