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Berry Slush (Strawberry Cough) Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge

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Beat back the heat and stay cool with a puff of Berry Slush, our Mojito x Strawberry Cough Delta-8 THC vape cartridge! Sweet strawberry goodness combines with hints of citrus, lemon, and lime to deliver a jolt of creative energy. Plow through the more mundane tasks life throws at you with ease!

Crosses: Strawberry Cough x Mojito

Classification: Sativa

Terpene Profile: Productive // Creative // Energetic


  • 1.0 Full Gram of Delta-8 THC
  • High-Quality BLINC® Hardware
  • Lab-Tested for Purity
  • Less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC

Ingredients: Delta-8 Distillate, Terpenes, Flavoring

Learn More with Third-Party Lab Reports

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Eighty Six can ship Berry Slush (Mojito x Strawberry Cough) Delta-8 THC vape cartridges to 38 states. You must be 21 or older to purchase.

Next-Level Berry

Fall in love with the sharp citrus sweetness of Berry Slush. These Strawberry Cough x Mojito Delta-8 cartridges are perfect for when you need an extra jolt of creative energy but can be enjoyed any time of day. Embrace the pure rush of bold berry flavor with our Berry Slush cart.

All About Variety

They say that variety is the spice of life — and we agree! That’s why we’re proud to offer a wide array of flavors and strains in our collection of vape cartridges and disposables! We want to present you with a smorgasbord of Delta-8 options, from delicious gummies to our potent vape cartridges. Try them all and find your favorite!

Quality without Compare

Quality is the benchmark at Eighty Six. No matter what products we put out there, we ensure that they’re third-party tested for purity and potency every time. Feel free to check out our lab reports for our Mojito x Strawberry Cough Delta-8 THC vape cartridges, or explore our FAQ for more information.

Customer Reviews (91)

very good feeling

Posted by Tanner on 4th Nov 2021
great cart, I really enjoyed it and helps with sleeping

perfect balance

Posted by Heather on 1st Nov 2021
hands down my favorite flavor! It's great for my creative thinking and focus. Try it out. <3

Love this cart

Posted by Alex on 31st Oct 2021
nice flavor and works quite well

Solid pen

Posted by Drake on 31st Oct 2021
got a lot of puffs out of it

would recommend

Posted by Arty on 30th Oct 2021
Very smooth. Would recommend


Posted by Julio on 27th Oct 2021
excelente sabor y efecto!

good flavor

Posted by James on 25th Oct 2021
Great taste. Smooth flavor. My top favorite on the list

gets the job done

Posted by Nick on 21st Oct 2021
gets the job done after 3 hits, love it

taste great

Posted by Chris on 18th Oct 2021
it really taste great and keeps me calm and happy all day


Posted by George on 18th Oct 2021
Incredible strawberry flavor and wonderful blissful effect

Dope AF

Posted by Javier on 16th Oct 2021
This stuff is fire and gets the job done. The flavor is good but it's not too sweet. It hits smooth and feels high quality.


Posted by Kevin D Frazier on 15th Oct 2021
Best in town

lifelong fan

Posted by Lance on 14th Oct 2021
Strawberry cough is by far one of the most strain. I promise, if you give this cartridge a chance, you'll become a lifelong fan after just one hit

This is awesome

Posted by Oscar on 13th Oct 2021
Very good flavor, makes me relax, focus and concentrate, I just chilling..I full recommend..it taste so delicious

quite delightful

Posted by Preston on 12th Oct 2021
I think it tasted very good and delightful

these are great

Posted by Eloy on 11th Oct 2021
these are great but do make you cough alot

amazing flavor

Posted by Ryan on 7th Oct 2021
great flavor, reasonable price and has the medical benefits you're looking for to get high

by far my favorite

Posted by Katie on 6th Oct 2021
this one is by far my favorite, the best! <3

best cartridge flavor

Posted by Yvan on 6th Oct 2021
You guys make the best flavors like no one else! Decent price and gets you high

worth it

Posted by Joseph on 5th Oct 2021
superb quality great customer service and quick shipment

soo smooth

Posted by Gabriel on 5th Oct 2021
it's so smooth. I enjoyed this one a lot

best taste

Posted by Michael on 4th Oct 2021
over the top best taste, expanded and made me laugh! yee!

this stuff is great

Posted by Jesse on 30th Sep 2021
great stuff! i can't wait to get more

love love love

Posted by Gina on 30th Sep 2021
this is my go to flavor!

enjoyed it

Posted by Chase on 30th Sep 2021
taste great. enjoyed it very much

holy shit

Posted by John on 30th Sep 2021
holy shit it tastes amazing and it's really smooth, i'm super impressed

very nice

Posted by Denise on 29th Sep 2021
Very nice. I am mellowed out and can still do my job

not very potent

Posted by Anthony on 21st Sep 2021
love the flavor but not very strong

love it overall

Posted by Steve on 20th Sep 2021
Overall, love it. The flavor isn't overpowering and it gives a nice, relaxing feel.

nice and relaxing

Posted by Becca on 16th Sep 2021
After taking a few hits, I got some nice and relaxing effects.

Yumm!! My favorite

Posted by Anna on 13th Sep 2021
taste fantastic and gives me a very good vibee whenever I smoke it

good smoke

Posted by Jack on 12th Sep 2021
outstanding product as usual and price is exceptional

tasteful hits

Posted by Janet on 11th Sep 2021
Taste exactly as the strain says. Nice and light and not harse at all.

tasted like strawberries

Posted by Jamie on 9th Sep 2021
i was shocked this cartridge actually tasted like strawberries! I've tried other ones but nothing tasted quite like their names like strawberry cough. The taste and smell are awesome

not too heavy

Posted by Elvis on 9th Sep 2021
Delicious and happy-making

Definitely does the trick

Posted by Charles on 8th Sep 2021
wow what a nice suprise! great product

my go to Sativa!

Posted by Ana on 7th Sep 2021
I'm a very shy person but when I hit this strawberry cart it instantly puts a smile on my face and let's me relax without becoming drowsy.

100% satisfied

Posted by Tammy on 6th Sep 2021
totally 100% satisfied

one of the best

Posted by William on 4th Sep 2021
one of the best disposables I've used


Posted by Carol on 4th Sep 2021
this is one of my favorite

very satified with your products

Posted by Devin on 1st Sep 2021
I have tried almost every D8 products and they are good. Very satisfied with their products and the quality of it. My go to is the strawberry cough

You can't go wrong

Posted by Derrick on 28th Aug 2021
Smoked this alot while playing fortnite and lost track of time. Very good effects for me.


Posted by Richard on 25th Aug 2021
really enjoy this! very light and doesn't make me cough too much

Loved this

Posted by Irine on 23rd Aug 2021
love this flavor and affect!


Posted by Jennifer on 23rd Aug 2021
Fantastic. Great terps. Excellent for getting things done. Highly recommend.

happy & giggly

Posted by Jeff on 21st Aug 2021
this flavor always make me and my friend giggle for hours! Delta 8 is such a good quality distillate. Always had a good time with their products.

sativa strawberry

Posted by Terry on 21st Aug 2021
great service and products, i like that you can use it at any time of the day

got what i ordered

Posted by Kevin on 18th Aug 2021
great stuff! hits the spot and taste amazing

my favorite sativa

Posted by Eric on 16th Aug 2021
Always my go to strain. My favorite sativa highly recommend


Posted by Tom on 15th Aug 2021
This brand of cartridge did a great job infusing their terpenes, flavor and D8 distillate. The strawberry cough delivers a smooth and sensational flavor.

Great buzz

Posted by Rex on 12th Aug 2021
it really does taste like strawberries. Very tasty and smooth consistent high.

strawberry cough

Posted by Jesse on 10th Aug 2021
This was one of my favorites. Some people said it would make you cough but I was good


Posted by Tim on 8th Aug 2021
Eighty Six are the best cartridges for daily cart smokers. Tastes great.

starts my day

Posted by Joel on 31st Jul 2021
This is currently my favorite and made my days


Posted by Lewis on 30th Jul 2021
taste like fresh cut strawberries, great sativa and taste so flipping good.

Tastes amazing

Posted by Jesse on 28th Jun 2021
I was sent this one as a replacement and it literally tastes like strawberry ice cream. Loving the effects as well. Definitely try if you haven’t already.


Posted by Sam on 30th May 2021
I often stray away from strawberry flavors because it's so basic. But they got this locked down

Loved it!

Posted by Aaron on 30th May 2021
If you follow them on socials they usually do a sale!


Posted by Nicolo on 29th May 2021
The flavor is decent but the high is whatever.

Flavor could be stronger

Posted by Shirley on 23rd May 2021
the product gets here on time and its always a good feeling. I wish the flavor would be stronger though


Posted by Arielle on 16th May 2021
Will place another order soon


Posted by Maria on 12th May 2021
My absolute favorite..so much so I had to order another. Quick shipping and gets me up there where I want to be. And the smell and taste is awesome! Can't wait to try some new ones.

Strawberry Cough Cart Review

Posted by Alex on 26th Apr 2021
Mike and the team at Eighty Six were very helpful in fulfilling my order. The carts taste so delicious, and the buzz is very manageable during the day and night. 5/5 stars.

Love Strawberry!

Posted by Diana on 6th Apr 2021
I love the strawberry


Posted by John on 27th Mar 2021
Straight tastes like strawberries. Ingredients just flavoring. I wanna try to make this myself once I figure out what kinda flavoring they use

One of my favorites

Posted by Nicholas on 25th Mar 2021
Been on delta 8 for a while now. Gotta say this is one of my favorite sativas as a regular strain. Now with the added strawberry flavor? YOU JUST GOT A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!


Posted by Charles on 24th Mar 2021
Anything with strawberries in it are my type of thing!

Tastes good

Posted by Cynthia on 18th Mar 2021
it tastes good


Posted by Kimberly on 16th Mar 2021
Best to listen to some hyper music after a few hits of strawberry!

Easy to smoke

Posted by Melissa on 9th Mar 2021
I wish the actual strain hit this good


Posted by Sarah on 7th Mar 2021
A customer showed me this and it tastes great! Shop should be picking this up soon!

It's aight

Posted by Theresa on 5th Mar 2021
Its aight. Pretty packaging and fast shipping saved it

Zoom meetings are fun again

Posted by Jared on 28th Feb 2021
Don't get me wrong, I'm not always about being high at work but like....zoom meetings? They'll never know!


Posted by Elena on 21st Feb 2021
I swear im floatin in the air rn. slaps like a mf


Posted by Diana on 19th Feb 2021
it's good but I'm not consistent enough to pick this up all the time


Posted by Gilberto on 5th Feb 2021
It's good.

Awesome packaging

Posted by Do Si dope! on 4th Feb 2021
Delta 8 really went above and beyond with their packaging and whole brand. This cartridge speaks for itself but I love the whole experience that delta-8 is providing.

Better than coffee!

Posted by Anny Miller on 1st Feb 2021
I was an everyday coffee drinker before trying this and I kid you not, after trying this I no longer need to drink coffee anymore. My morning routine now consist of waking up, brush my teeth, vape this and I am ready to take on my day. Love this product and would recommend!


Posted by Kaitlyn on 1st Feb 2021
I was shocked when the cart actually tasted like strawberries!

Good homage

Posted by Michael on 1st Feb 2021
Good homage to the strain nobody can ever find anymore.


Posted by Joseph on 29th Jan 2021
Their COAs say like 60% distillate potency but I swear to god I haven't felt this high in a long long time!

Lives up to the hype

Posted by Jennifer on 28th Jan 2021
I heard about this brand around christmas time but never gave it a shot until last week. First of all, they do these flash sales on their instagram and it seriously helps! Second of all, it ships pretty quickly! I got it in like 2 days? Lastly - the flavor and the high lives up to its hype! I was totally focused and in control and the entire experience made me want to keep vaping!


Posted by Lyanne on 26th Jan 2021
The high I got from this was uplifting and happy vibes

All the energy!

Posted by Marci on 21st Jan 2021
Whether you're up early or slept in, a few puffs of this flavor and you're ready to go!


Posted by Barbara on 19th Jan 2021
Easy to chill with when you're at home

Good production boost

Posted by Jane on 19th Jan 2021
Been working on a sound bank for a while and when you're all drained, this helps!

Yummy flavor

Posted by Patty on 12th Jan 2021
This flavor tasted and smelled amazing! it got me really stoned and giggly. Definitely exited to try out the other flavors, since this one was really good.

Strawberry NO cough

Posted by Amy Love on 11th Jan 2021
Amazing cart, no harshness. I am coughing but definitely not like how I do when I hit other vapes. This one has such a smooth draw but still the same head high. Great product

Strawberry Cough'd My way to the moon

Posted by stoned_silly21 on 9th Jan 2021
Delicious flavor, the cartridge gets a little hot but maybe its just because I can't stop puffing on this bad boy. Definitely try this one. Perfect day high

Heady AF!

Posted by Jorgie on 31st Dec 2020
Such a good product, gets my head to where I want it to daily. Daily use!

I like this better than actual weed

Posted by Riley on 10th Dec 2020
I like this better than actual weed
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