Amanita Mushroom Gummies


Finally, the perfect happy-go-lucky psychedelic trip you’ve always wanted — without any of the negative side effects! Our Fun Guy Amanita mushroom gummies give you the tasty, trippy vibe you’ve been looking for. These groovy treats are loaded with 350mg of pure Amanita muscaria extract that will have you celebrating life and living the dream. Our yummy gummies contain only federally legal psychoactive compounds. This is a milder, safer version of psilocybin, giving you a “skinny” psychedelic trip.

You can buy our Amanita muscaria gummies in three deliciously bold flavors, all made with natural flavors and colors. Explore the Fun Guy experience today!








Discover a New Reality

Magic mushrooms used to be known as the see-all, end-all, one-way ticket to a psychedelic trip. But those are illegal. So, enter Amanita — your more controlled ride down the rabbit hole.

Our Amanita mushroom gummies are exploding with mouthwatering flavor. Each batch is processed in certified labs and contains the perfect ratio of muscarine, muscimol, and ibotenic acid. In other words, when you buy our Amanita muscaria gummies, you know exactly how strong each piece is. No more guessing at doses or suffering through ultra-long heavy trips.

These are perfect for enjoying the vivid colors and vibrant lights of sunsets and concerts. But no matter where you go, it’s a guaranteed good time with Eighty Six.

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Microdosing is the next big thing. It’s about taking a small enough dose to experience the euphoria and wellness benefits without reaching the point of negative side effects. That’s why we thoroughly test every batch to make sure you’re receiving just the right amount for a good time. Your safety is paramount.

No matter how you like to party, Eighty Six has got you covered. Check out our selection of Delta-8 pre-rolls and vape cartridges for the hottest indica strains. Even your dog can get in on the fun with their own CBD treats.

Find your new favorite thing at Eighty Six.

Frequently Asked Questions about Amanita Gummies

How many Amanita mushroom gummies should I take?

As always with edibles, a lot depends on your body size and whether your stomach is full or not. At Eighty Six, we recommend when you’re trying an edible for the first time, start with half a piece and wait up to 90 minutes before having more. Eating a lot of edibles too quickly is how bad trips happen.

How long will my mushroom high last?

One of the good things about Amanita mushroom gummies versus traditional magic mushrooms is that their effects wear off faster. Psilocybin affects the body differently than muscaria extract and has a more intense (sometimes too intense!) high. This is one of the reasons it’s a classified substance and illegal. Depending on your weight and stomach contents, one of our mushroom gummies should only last an hour or two.

Can I buy Amanita muscaria gummies in my state?

Right now, the only state where it is illegal to buy Amanita muscaria gummies is Louisiana.

What are some common effects of Amanita mushrooms?

While the exact experience may vary from person to person, a single gummy often creates feelings of relaxation and improved sleep quality. Other effects, especially at higher doses, may include visual distortions and synesthesia.

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