Just Peachy 25MG THC-O Soda (4-Pack)



The delightful fizz of orange soda stirred with sweet peach – what do you think will happen when we add a dose of THC-O?  With Eighty Six, the sun never sets on imagination.  Discover the fresh burst of flavor with your new favorite THC-O-infused drink.  Made with premium hemp extract and natural sweeteners, this peach soda is bubbly goodness with a potency of 25MG of THC-O.  Pop the tab.  From where we sit, life’s Just Peachy.

  • Pure Cane Sugar, Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water, Natural & Artificial Colors and Flavors, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate
  • Hemp-Derived Tetrahydrocannabinol Acetate
  • 25MG of Water-Soluble THC-O
  • 12oz per Can
  • 4 Cans per Pack
GMO Free
Pesticide Free

Eighty Six can ship the Just Peachy THC-O Sodas to 38 states.  You must be 21 years or older to purchase.

Feeling Peachy Keen

Embrace the euphoria of sugary peach and THC-O in this mind-blowing soda from Eighty Six. It’s the full flavor of an edible but still hits your bloodstream right away, so it’ll be sunshine and flowers with just a few sips.

If you like the effects of our THC-O pre-rolls but aren’t in the mood for a light, soda is the ideal alternative. Pace yourself—with 25mg of THC-O in liquid form, the good times come quick. Make it a party. Each pack of Just Peachy has plenty to share.

A Joy Buzzer

You’ll cherish this uplifting nectar long after you’ve downed a can. At Eighty Six, we have high standards when it comes to taste. This vintage peach-flavored soda uses only simple ingredients and all-natural hemp.

Fruit and THC-O already pair well in our gummies—now we made it a beverage. Just remember, if Delta-8 is a bicycle down a country lane, THC-O is a street-racing Porsche. Eighty Six gives you the keys.

The Best Available

For some people, THC-O is the medium of transport when they wish to embark on a spiritual journey. If that’s your vibe, grab this pack of peach THC-O soda and travel in peace knowing that Eighty Six sources responsibly.

We use Farm Bill-compliant, hemp-derived extracts and GMO-free ingredients. Discover peach orange soda with THC-O and the entire feel-good experience of hemp-infused edibles when you order any of our delicious flavors.


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Just Peachy 25MG THC-O Soda (4-Pack)




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