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Pop one of our delicious Maui Wowie THC-O Gummies and you’ll see why we call it a wowie.  This is your best tropical island fantasy, only it’s even better because a steamboat of THC-O is what got you there.  One bag of tropical gummies contains an impressive 300MG of THC-O, which means you’ll be dancing on the beach at sunset in no time.  Warning: Grass skirt and coconut bra not included.

  • Cane Sugar, Glucose (From Corn), Water, Gelatin, Tartaric Acid, Pure Tangerine Oil, Ascorbic Acid
  • Turmeric for Color, Red Fruit Juice for Color
  • Botanically Derived Terpenes
  • Hemp Derived Tetrahydrocannabinol-O Acetate Distillate
  • Allergy Disclaimer: Our THC-O Edibles are produced in a facility that processes milk, nuts, soy, and gluten.
  • 300mg THC-O Acetate
  • 30mg THC-O Per Gummy
  • 10 Pieces per Bag
GMO Free
Pesticide Free

Eighty Six can ship the Maui Wowie THC-O Gummies to 38 states.  You must be 21 years or older to purchase.

You Can Take 'Em Anywhere

The beautiful thing about gummies is that you can take them with you anywhere you go—no smoking or vaping necessary. Our THC-O and Delta-8 Edibles are delicious and discrete, perfect for those times when you want to be elevated on the down-low. 

Order a bag of tropical THC-O gummies online and we’ll quickly ship them straight to your front door. Get FREE shipping on orders of $75 or more.

Good times have never been so easy.

Ride the Rainbow

If you’ve never tried our tropical THC-O gummies before, get ready for the ride of your life! THC-O is up to 3 times stronger than Delta-9 THC. Think less 420 Fest, more Burning Man. 

Edibles will take longer to go into effect than smoking a joint, but once they do, expect a more intense and longer-lasting full-body high. 

When you order your tropical THC-O gummies online, be sure to check out our selection of THC-O Pre-Rolls and THC-O Disposable Vapes so you get all of your party bases covered.

The Purest Products Available

It’s important to know exactly what you’re putting into your body. At Eighty Six, we only source our THC-O from premium hemp plants grown in the USA. Our facilities are GMP and ISP 9001 certified, meaning they’re carefully monitored for safety and quality. We then have every single batch of THC-O third-party lab-tested for purity and potency. 

Discover the mouthwatering flavor and mind-altering experience of our tropical THC-O gummies today!


  • Posted by Irina on 28th September 2022 - Verified Customer Verified Purchase

    You guys should rename this flavor to WOWWWEEEEEEEE … maui

  • Posted by Carlos on 27th September 2022 - Verified Customer Verified Purchase

    These have helped me a lot thanks

  • Posted by Gregory on 27th September 2022 - Verified Customer Verified Purchase

    ya’ll sleepin on this shit or what

  • Posted by Griffin on 26th September 2022 - Verified Customer Verified Purchase

    Sleep while on thco is good

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Maui Wowee THC-O Gummies

Maui Wowie 300MG - THC-O Gummies