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Cookies & Cream - Delta-8 THC Chocolate Bar

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Do you like cookies and cream?  How about white chocolate?  Lose yourself in a delicate balance of crunchy chocolate cookie chunks woven into a white chocolate bar with our Delta-8 THC white chocolate edible.  The texture coupled with the bold flavor profile is the perfect choice for experiencing an unforgettable psychoactive journey.


  • 300MG Delta-8 THC
  • 25MG per Piece
  • 12 Pieces

Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk, Soy Lecithin, PGRP and Artificial Flavors, Corn Syrup, Dextrin, Corn Starch, Carnauba Wax, Hemp Derived Delta-8 Distillate

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Eighty Six can ship the Delta-8 cookies and cream edibles to 38 states.  You must be 21 or order to purchase.

Classic Flavor - New Twist

At Eighty Six, we're constantly expanding our product listings to include everyone's favorite flavors.  And, what's more popular than cookies and cream?  Intermingled within the Delta-8 THC white chocolate bar are little crumbs of joy that bring the cookies and cream flavor to life.  Choose this bar as your go-to Delta-8 chocolate and enjoy this flavor in a whole new way!

How to Eat This Bar

Our Delta-8 cookies and cream edible offers 300MG of Delta-8 THC.  Each bear comes broken up into 12 pieces for easy dosing and consumption.

We recommend that you take half a piece per serving.  At most, take a full piece in one sitting.  If you aren't feeling the effects you expect, wait for at least two hours before taking another bite.

Quality at Eighty Six

In addition to high-quality, hemp-derived Delta-8 THC, we also try to source every element of our Delta-8 cookies and cream edible chocolate bar from partners who work without any pesticides or GMOs.  Discover full flavors, potent ingredients, quality products manufactured in GMP-certified facilities.

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Customer Reviews (38)

White chocolate bar

Posted by Dave on 21st Sep 2021
These chocolate bars are yummy and effective. Both the milk and white chocolate options are so good!

This is great

Posted by Jo on 21st Sep 2021
These were great. Didn't make me sleepy and that's what I wanted

Best chocolate bar

Posted by Justin on 21st Sep 2021
best white chocolate with d8 in it hands down

New favorite

Posted by Irvin on 20th Sep 2021
Currently loving the cookies n cream chocolate bar. If you're prone to the munchies I'd recommend hiding them or else you'll eat everything in sight!

Just the right dosage

Posted by Jess on 20th Sep 2021
I ate exactly what the dosing instructed said to and it was a nice mellow buzz

Just Wow

Posted by Janet on 20th Sep 2021
Such a great product and we live all the way in new york!


Posted by Jason on 20th Sep 2021
Honestly this is so good. Much better than I expected in terms of taste and potency


Posted by Derrick on 20th Sep 2021
As an avid fan of edibles, I must say that the cookies n cream chocolate bar from eighty six is awesome! I supposed somone could actually eat the entire thing and have a bad time but if you follow the dosing instructions it's definitely a mellow and satisfying high

its so good

Posted by Ricardo on 20th Sep 2021

fun and easy

Posted by Jeff on 20th Sep 2021
This was such an awesome little way to get high.

Tastes better than I expected

Posted by Chris on 20th Sep 2021
The new eighty six cookies n creme chocolate bar is absolutely delicious! I don't eat chocolate but have been enjoying the little cookie bits in here. Plus the delta 8 is a mellow high not what I was expecting

Love the cookie bits in here

Posted by Darla on 19th Sep 2021
I received this from a friend. I loved it! White chocoalte and lots of cookie bits!

Killer flavor

Posted by Ethan on 19th Sep 2021
Fabulous taste and really nice high. I feel as if I'm floating in and out of consciousness. Great flavor!

happy and comfortable

Posted by Samuel on 19th Sep 2021
these edibles make it very easy, makes me happy and comfortable


Posted by Nate on 19th Sep 2021
Really mellow high and it tastes great


Posted by Jonathan on 19th Sep 2021
Goddamn this shits fire too much

Great stuff

Posted by Eva on 19th Sep 2021
This is actually some high quality chocolate plus the delta 8 is really calming and mellow

Worth it

Posted by Amy on 19th Sep 2021
Worth every penny! Great chocolate bar


Posted by Micah on 19th Sep 2021
I was hesitant to give thies a try because a lot of people have been complaining about the chocolate melting during shipping. When I received it tho it was tightly packed with ice packs! Clever!


Posted by Cristian on 19th Sep 2021
I found a new favorite! Thank you eighty six for these dank af chocolates!

loving it so far

Posted by Bruce on 19th Sep 2021
As the edible starts to kick in, I immediately starting to feel more loosen up. Listening to music which sounds really dynamic. Body is soothed and head is light.

mann so good

Posted by Chris on 19th Sep 2021
I said it once and I'll say it again.. this chocolate is soo good! It's dangerous how good it is. It gives such a sweet high too

nice snack for a walk

Posted by Richard on 19th Sep 2021
i feel relaxed and chill. I took my dog for a walk and stopped to smell the roses.

excellent tasting chocolate

Posted by Tim on 19th Sep 2021
this is an excellent tasting chocolate, light and airy but still chocolatey sweet! the high can be described as chill as fuck!


Posted by Pete on 19th Sep 2021
impressed with the potency, i just feel really light, happy and soothed. A little bit of these goes a long way.

consistent quality

Posted by George on 19th Sep 2021
consistent and quality are the reasons i keep ordering. very high quality chocolate. excellent packaging. good stuff

great shipping

Posted by Sophie on 18th Sep 2021
tasty product and great shipping

not for the weak

Posted by Jason on 18th Sep 2021
these are amazing and don't eat it if you can't handle cannabis!

love thesee

Posted by Becky on 18th Sep 2021
white chocolate with crunchy chocolate edibles... yumm!

delicious bar!

Posted by Carmela on 18th Sep 2021
it's so delicous! i was so surprised when the candy was much bigger than I expected. Makes me feel good at the same time so I enjoyed it more

cookies and cream goodness

Posted by Sienna on 18th Sep 2021
I'm a lover of white chocolate, this is my favorite bar. crunchy oreo like goodness!

thank you

Posted by Harry on 17th Sep 2021
the chocolate got to me on time and in great shape

happy camper

Posted by Helen on 17th Sep 2021
satisfied my sweet tooth and makes me feel relaxed and happy

Mmmm chocolate

Posted by Phil Cannon on 17th Sep 2021
i love chocolate so these are a treat and my go to for deep relaxation

these are legit!

Posted by Jay on 17th Sep 2021
never tried legit edibles like these tbh..these are firee

somthing different!

Posted by Shane on 17th Sep 2021
haven't had something like this unique edible!


Posted by Celia on 17th Sep 2021
kudos and much appreciation to the brand for packing bars with ice pack

well packaged quality product

Posted by Timothy on 17th Sep 2021
packaged well and absolutely delicious chocolate
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