Say Goodbye to Paranoia with Delta-8!
4th Jan 2021

Say Goodbye to Paranoia with Delta-8!

For all the cannabis lovers out there, it probably comes as no surprise that the cost of getting high might mean paranoia at times. Even for frequent users and enthusiasts, a “bad” high is an experience that many can relate and have probably encountered more than your fair share of times. What if, however, you could get a wonderful buzz going, consistently, without any of the worry or paranoia?

The majority of the cannabis and weed you are familiar with is most likely of the delta-9 variety, where possible side effects include the paranoia we mentioned above, and even dizziness or headaches. For a long time, this has been an acceptable downside to getting stoned.

If you are a savvy cannabis geek, you may have already heard of something called delta-8, a lesser-known variety of THC that is starting to make waves in the industry, and for good reason! Why? Simple – with delta-8 THC, you can still get stoned and have a pleasant high, without risking the paranoia that comes with the typical delta-9 THC products!


hands holding a bunch of delta-8 thc vape cartridge

Depending on who you talk to, there are probably about a thousand different justifications and reasons for why someone might want to get high. The evolution of stoner culture has morphed and changed so rapidly in the last few decades to the point where the use of cannabis is no longer a taboo, or a frowned-upon activity, reserved for the “slums” and “bums” without drive.

On the contrary, getting high has been preached to have several perks and upsides. Creatives and artistic individuals talk about how getting high can actually help the inspiration process and spark new original ideas. Hustlers and type-A personalities may speak about how a little hit is exactly what they need to get into a flow-state and reach hyper productivity. Recreationally, wallflowers and introverts might speak to the relaxation benefits and how getting high helps increase their social aptitude.

Whatever the reason for getting stoned, there’s no arguing that there are a list of “high” that comes with getting high. With so many perks and upsides, it’s no wonder that many people are open to the possibility of its downsides once in a while. If you’re an avid stoner, you may have had a few trips here and there where you couldn’t wait for it to be over. Perhaps the high wasn’t pleasant or was too intense.

See, the negative thing about certain strains of cannabis is that it can trigger feelings of paranoia, dread, or create haziness and headaches. When that happens, it can detract from the benefits of getting high and make the experience quite miserable and unenjoyable.

Luckily, many people learn to experiment with various strains, doses, and products to develop a good understanding of what works for them. Unfortunately, it usually cannot be avoided completely.


As cannabis becomes more popular and mainstream, it is no surprise that new subgroups, trends, and niches pop up within the industry. Delta-8 is one of those new trends, but we think it’s going to continue making a splash and become more prominent in the near future.

bunch of delat-8 thc vape cartridge delicious flavors


Let’s start with the basics. The cannabis plant has a number of different compounds that can be used for different purposes. Perhaps the two most well-known cannabinoids in the plant are “THC” and CBD. THC is far too generic and generally references delta-9 THC which is in large abundance. However, there is another THC cannabinoid that also exists – delta-8 THC.

Delta-8 THC is produced in very small quantities in both cannabis and hemp, which make it difficult to create delta-8-heavy products. In order to have a usable amount, a lot of work goes into the processing and refining of the plant. As a matter of fact, the level of naturally-produced delta-8 THC is so low, that CBD is generally used as the main catalyst to extract ample amounts of delta-8.

At a chemical level, there is only a small difference between delta-8 and delta-9. However, data seems to indicate that delta-8 THC possesses a less potent psychoactive component as delta-9, therefore creating a better “high” experience in comparison. Users have reported a clearer experience, with less sedative effects and no hints of the paranoia that comes with delta-9 THC products.


Let’s focus a bit on the downsides of getting high. As previously noted, many of the THC products on the market utilize delta-9 THC. The potential downsides and side effects can heavily steer individuals away from THC altogether. However, we have already established that there are several benefits that come with THC.

With the introduction of delta-8 products into the cannabis markets, it widens the demographic for individuals who could use and benefit from THC. What are some common-use cases for it?


Weed has long-been cited as a potential solution for the night owls and insomniacs who struggle with rest. For the individuals who continuously experience worry or paranoia when using weed, the psychological effects may overshadow the physiological benefits, rending the use of THC useless against combating insomnia. By removing paranoia from the equation, the same individuals can benefit from using delta-8 THC products as a way to cope.


THC has often been used in social settings to help stimulate interactions or help take the edge off. This works well for a lot of introverts or shy individuals who need a little relaxation before they feel comfortable in social settings. With standard delta-9 products, there could be individuals who find that their social strain heightens or gets worse when getting high. The paranoia causes overthinking rather than relaxation. This can be avoided with delta-8 THC as well, widening the number of individuals who can benefit from a smooth high.


Blue Dream Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge in the floor

A little hit can go a long way for workflow and productivity. Sometimes, over-stimulation, having too many distractions, and different tasks can create a lack of focus. Getting high often slows it down, takes the edge off, and can allow someone to ease into their work. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case, especially if too much delta-9 THC is used and the result is a hazy feeling or higher levels of worry. This makes it counterproductive. Another use case can be avoided by making the switch to delta-8 products instead.


Yet another popular use case for THC is using it as a stimulant for creative thinking. The creative process may differ depending on the individual or the medium, but THC can help loosen up inhibitions just slightly to where the person is thinking outside of the box or from a different perspective. This shift can trigger brilliant new ideas and spark a bout of creativity. However, much like using THC for productivity, this might backfire with the first hints of strain.

Paranoia causes overthinking and heavy focus on little details that can cause someone to get caught in their thoughts. By switching over to delta-8, the risk of this happening is eliminated and the full benefits of THC can be enjoyed instead.


While it is still a new trend, the fact that worry and paranoia can be removed from all your future elevated experiences is a game changer! A bad trip can really throw a wrench in things and create a negative domino effect. It can leave you feeling drained and lethargic, even after the high. And no one wants that! With delta-8 THC, you can reap all the perks of getting high and feel confident that you will have a smooth experience. What’s not to like?


A delicious sweet blueberry pie topped with blueberries delivering a burst of energy during the initial onset followed by feelings of creativity.


bunch of biscuits with delta-8 thc vape cartridge


Tasting like a sweet, earth, and floral cookie, this in-your-face body high is paired with an electrifying finish that keeps you in limbo between happy, creative, and relaxed.



This energetic bowl of the iconic cereal starts you off with a relaxing and calm body buzz before blasting you off into a euphoric bout of creativity.



A fruity medley of earthy blueberries paired with plump grapes deliver a heavy-handed high as your body sinks further and further into a state of deep relaxation.



This strain of sweet strawberry goodness delivers a cerebral and uplifting aura that keeps you productive, creative, and energetic.


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