1st Dec 2023

The Ultimate Stoner Gift Guide for the Holidays

Can you believe the holidays are here again? It’s that time of year, for seshing with cousins at holiday gatherings, for friendsmas celebrations and showing our loved ones we care. This year, give the gift of cannabis! Whether you’re gifting to a certified stoner and cannaseur or a newbie who’s still dabbling with gummies, we’ve put together the ultimate stoner gift guide, with a little something for everyone.

CBD Products from the CBD Series

Many stoners don’t dabble too much with CBD, mostly because it doesn’t have the psychoactive buzz we all love so much. Nevertheless, CBD has some pretty powerful properties of its own that could be beneficial to people. It may not get us high, but CBD is excellent for helping us manage stress and anxiety, potentially even better than THC which can sometimes make us paranoid. This holiday season, broaden your horizons with a little CBD.

THC-P Products from the Drip Series

Speaking of broadening horizons and introducing friends and family to new cannabinoids, this year, spread cheer with the most psychoactive cannabinoid available, THC-P. This super potent cannabinoid is a great gift for the stoner king or queen in your life, but is definitely way too strong for beginners, so gift with caution!

Rolling Papers from Paper + Ink

If you smoke joints, and you haven’t of Paper + Ink and their dope rolling papers, stop what you’re doing right now, and check them out. They have an enormous selection of printed rolling papers with designs inspired by everything from animals to fashion to tie dye.

PuffCo Plus Dab Pen

PuffCo blew the lid off the extracts industry when they introduced their Peak, a compact and portable dab rig. This holiday season, they’re back, with an even more compact, even more portable dab device. Indulge in your favorite Delta-8 Syringes without anyone ever knowing you’re gifting someone the pleasure of getting high as a kite.

Delta-8 Sodas from the OG Series

For your stoner friends who enjoy cocktails but not necessarily alcohol, given them something a little more their style this Christmas with the Eighty Six Delta-8 Sodas. Boasting three mouthwatering flavors to the likes of Grapple Dazzle, Just Peachy, and Tropic Thunder, these are light and refreshing, but potent enough for even the most experienced stoners out there.

Premium Vape Cartridges from the OG, Haze, and Drip Series

Vape carts are always a great gift for the stoner that loves inhaling their cannabinoids. Sometimes, when people shop for themselves they’re more frugal and avoid higher priced premium vape cartridges. The Eighty Six Vape Cartridges hit harder, clog less, and taste better. Not to mention they make great gifts for any would-be frugal stoner in your life that avoids the premium shelf.

Levo Oil Infuser

For the stoner who likes to whip up their own infusions and edibles, the Levo Oil infused THE perfect gift. This convenient all-in-one device decarbs and infuses your oil perfectly, so you always have a perfectly dosed edible.

The Flower Pot Joint Carry Case

Since states began legalizing, pre-rolls have consistently been one of the most popular cannabis products. Unfortunately, their packaging has a tendency to be subpar. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to your little rolly, only to find it’s been squished to oblivion. The Flower Pot Company’s Joint Carry Case is the perfect stylish solution to this age-old problem, with a sleek, elevated exterior and enough room to store four pre-rolls.

Unique Glassware from Pipe Dreams

If you’re shopping for glass this holiday season, be sure to check out Pipe Dreams’ selection of unique glassware inspired by everything from good to geometric shapes to aliens! The ‘Cloud Nine’ and ‘Chill Pill’ glass pipes are particularly fun.

Stoned Beyond Belief by Action Bronson

Described as a love letter to cannabis, Action Bronsons’ second book explores every aspect of cannabis culture, from ways to elevate your mind through meditation while you’re stoned, to delicious recipes to satisfy your munchies, this coffee table book has it all!

House of Puff Cigarette/Joint Holder

House of Puff’s extensive collection of glass tips are perfect for all the stoners out there who like to rock acrylic nails or get their nails done regularly. Now you look chic and keep your set fresh.

Bear Blend Ceremonial Herbal Blends

Many of us may not realize that there are tons of other smokable herbs out there besides weed! And some of them are pretty potent. Bear Blends is an innovative company bringing smokable herbs to the mainstream. With a large collection of blends, each designed to be enjoyed ceremonially, Bear Blends serve as the perfect pairing to a dank strain of bud!

Kashit Cool

For the dabbing or bong-ripping homies, a chiller attachment is the weed accessory they never knew they needed. Designed to be frozen, chillers sit in the mouthpiece of your water pipe to filter and cool the smoke as you inhale, so no more burning hot dabs.

Tsubota Pearl Lighter

Tsubota Pearl is a Japanese based company that creates the most sophisticated lighters on the market. Their unique designs take the ordinary and mundane and make it truly magical.

Jonathan Adler Vice Stash Jars

Jonathan Adler is an interior designer with a wicked sense of humor, and is the creator of the viral vice glass canisters you probably saw on Instagram and TikTok. Brightly patterned and adorned with words like “Kush,” “Quaaludes,” “Ganja,” and “Hash,” these one-of-a-kind canisters are great for stashing weed and will be a showstopper at your next sesh!

House Plant Glass Grinder

House Plant is legendary stoner Seth Rogan’s ceramic cannabis accessory line, and it’s shockingly sophisticated, especially for a guy who burst onto the scene in a move full of ball jokes. But if there’s one thing Seth Rogan knows, it’s weed. His line features the most elegant and stylish grinders on the market. Made entirely of glass, this unique piece uses gently textured glass to shred your flower. In a world where the grinder has looked basically the same for the last several decades, this luxurious take on a classic piece of paraphernalia is next level.

Malin & Goetz Cannabis Eau De Parfum

For the cannaseur who has everything, Malin & Goetz unisex Cannabis scent is a unique and stylish gift. Described as a rich and earthy scent with notes of smokiness, this layered scent works on practically everyone and captures the notes and aromas off cannabis that we love so much, without all the dankiness.

Boy Smells Kush Candle Collection

For the stoner who enjoys candles, incense and good vibes, a kush candle is a great gift! Boy Smells, well known for their unique and bold scents has a line of Kush inspired candles with varieties like Cowboy Kush, Italian Kush, Cashmere Kush, and of course the classic Kush. Scents are available as candles, travel spray, and a gender neutral eau de parfum.

Apothecary Stash Box

Help your homies secure their stash in style with the Apothecary Stash Box. Smell proof and child proof, this box has everything you need to elevate your cannabis experience, including a grinder, rolling tray and wax and flower containers, all stylishly coordinated and secured inside this portable cannabis fortress.

Budwell Buddy Classic One Hitter Pipe

The Budwell Buddy Classic is a new take on the one-hitter pipe. Blending the form of a disposable vape with the power of a glass pipe, this unique way to smoke is great for anyone who likes to smoke flower but also likes to keep it discreet.

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