4th May 2022

What Does an HHC High Feel Like?

We’ve gotten to weave you the tale of HHC, the newest cannabinoid on the block.  But, what does the actual high feel like?  We want to look at the HHC high and how it compares to say, oh, your traditional Delta-8 high.  Overall, we’ll take you through the complete HHC experience.  Let’s dive into another in-depth guide on one of our favorite hemp compounds!


If you haven’t gotten around to check out our other blogs on HHC, we’ll give you a quick summary here.  Hexahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as HHC, is the result of hydrogenating Delta-9 THC.  By adding hydrogen molecules to the THC, it can convert into an entirely new molecule.

Hydrogenation isn’t new to the world.  We see the process when converting vegetable oil into margarine.  By doing it for cannabis, we get something new and exciting.  Nowadays, we can derive HHC from compounds in hemp other than Delta-9 THC.  The end product is still the same: a delightful cannabinoid rising in popularity!


Just because something is enjoyable doesn’t necessarily mean it can intoxicate you.  CBD, after all, is non-psychoactive, yet plenty of users incorporate it into their daily routine.

So, then, does HHC get you high?  The short answer is yes – but not in the way Delta-9 THC in marijuana would.  A high similar to THC is produced but it’s not as intense.  It appear to be somewhere between 70% and 80% less potent than traditional Delta-9.  Some consider it stronger or equal to Delta-8.

Users describe it as a euphoric type of high.  Overall, the feeling is incredibly relaxing.  It’s a great way to start or end your day, depending on personal preference.


If you want a more detailed explanation on what to expect while high on HHC, we’ve got you covered!  Most people report HHC providing a gradual increase in mood.  It stimulates an increase in activity more so than other THC products typically do.  While it can cause cognition and your headspace to change, it doesn’t completely overtake your ability to remain in control.  Sounds familiar right?

A Delta-8 THC high is very similar to that of an HHC one!  If you recall, a Delta-8 high is a milder experience versus your typical Delta-9 high. You feel the full potential of a psychoactive THC high but without the attached paranoia and other adverse side effects.  An HHC high is very similar to a Delta-8 high in that you are baked in an albeit milder form compared to Delta-9 THC.

So is there a real difference in psychoactive highs between HHC and Delta-8?  Kinda!

Speaking from a completely subjective experience (remember, everyone processes cannabinoids differently – so the experience of the Eighty Six team can vary wildly from person-to-person), the HHC high feels a lot like a true sativa whereas the Delta-8 high feels a lot like an indica or an indica-dominant hybrid.  The HHC high delivering more-or-less an energetic, daytime activities sort-of-high while Delta-8 is more of a full-bodied melt on the couch sort of feeling.  Both are incredibly relaxing, both get you significantly high, and both avoid delivering the paranoia and other adverse effects that typically happen when using traditional Delta-9 cannabis.

So, okay – you’ve chosen your HHC flavor of choice.  What exactly needs to happen for you to feel the way you do?  It’s pretty simple!  The onset of the HHC high typically follows suit of the bioavailability of the consumption method you choose.  Since the White Series HHC Disposables are, well, disposable vapes, the bioavailability of an inhalable is pretty quick.  From the time you inhale to the moment you’d start to feel its effects usually average between one and five minutes.  Similar to any other inhalable, regardless if you are smoking flower or vaping, the high would last for a couple hours at the most.  All the while leaving you fully in control of your wits!  Sounds like a no-brainer type of experience, huh?


Everyone should try HHC at one point or another!  As legal hemp paves the way into day-to-day society, we’re excited to roll out such a powerful collection to our family of Premium Hemp products.  Be sure to give the White Series HHC Disposables a try today to see what a top-notch psychoactive experience will be like for you!

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