Delta-8 THC High
10th Dec 2020

What to Expect with a Delta-8 THC High

As Delta-8 THC becomes more popular, the question is on everyone’s tongue: what does the Delta-8 THC high feel like? It stands to reason you’d want to know what you’re getting yourself into before you give it a try, after all.

Does Delta-8 make you high? Let’s delve into that a little more. A Delta-8 high is not the same as the typical high associated with marijuana. While they share some characteristics, Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC are simply different. We want to uncover how and why they’re different, and what that difference can signify.

Today, we’ll explore what the majority of our users report feeling throughout their Delta-8 experience. We’ll also touch on how long it takes to feel the effects, how long they’ll last, and how long Delta-8 stays in your system after use. Let’s dive into what you can expect when you experience a Delta-8 THC high.

How the High Feels

One important thing to note before we dive too far into the question of whether or not Delta-8 does make you high is that everyone is different. The experiences of the people that have used Delta-8 thus far may differ drastically from your own. This is especially important to keep in mind as a first-time user.

By “first-time user,” however, we do mean a first-time user of cannabis in general. If you’ve had experience with Delta-9 THC or other cannabis products in the past, then you likely know at least a little of what to expect. If you have nothing to compare this high to, it may come across as intense.

Ironically, the Delta-8 experience could also be described as mellow. Users find the Delta-8 THC high to be incredibly relaxing, putting them in a calm state. They find themselves clearheaded, able to take on tasks and go about their day normally. A feeling of contentment and chill relaxation washes over them.

Other effects from Delta-8 THC include a not-as-intense, let-me-raid-the-fridge version of the munchies. It enhances your mood, puts you in a happy state of mind, and it may help with certain types of everyday aches.

In short, Delta-8 appears to provide the following effects:

  • Stimulates intense relaxation
  • Promotes the munchies and the urge to eat
  • Makes the user feel chill, mellow, and clearheaded
  • Engages focus and energy levels
  • Can cause a “floaty” feeling

Again, everyone is different, but these are the standard experiences our users have reported. Have you ever tried Delta-8 THC before? Does Delta-8 make you high? Was your experience chill and mellow, as other users have claimed?

How is the High Different from a Delta-9 THC High?

Some users report paranoia as a partial side effect of Delta-9 THC. The Delta-8 THC high takes these symptoms out of the equation, allowing for a clearheaded experience. The high stimulates relaxation without making you feel lazy or lethargic.

The biggest difference users find is that a Delta-9 high might make a user feel out-of-control, while Delta-8 helps them feel like they’re still fully present and aware. No matter the intensity of the Delta-8, you’re less likely to feel chaotic or overwhelmed.

When vaping Delta-8, some users may find that it doesn’t make them tired, as some Delta-9 THC cartridges may. Instead, it may increase their energy level and focus without making their heart race or triggering worry.

Typical Onset Time for Delta-8

Person holding Eighty Six vape cartridge boxes

If Delta-8 does make you high, how long does it take for the high to set in properly? The onset time for Delta-8 can vary, especially depending on which method you’re using. A vape cartridge, for example, will take effect a lot faster than an edible might. Our Delta-8 THC cartridgesfor instance, take effect almost immediately; after a few minutes, the effect peaks and sets in further.

How long it takes to set in will also vary based on your tolerance to cannabis and other intoxicants. If you have a higher tolerance due to chronic cannabis use, you may find yourself needing a higher dosage or waiting longer for the high to set in.

If you’re vaping Delta-8, expect the onset time to take no more than six minutes. Again, note that this will vary from person to person.

How Long Does it Last?

Blue Dream vape cartridge box and vape pen

The method you’re using, your tolerance, and other similar factors will affect how long your Delta-8 THC high lasts. Our Delta-8 cartridges provide a significant high, overall, but the exact amount of time varies greatly from person to person.

To give you some tangible numbers to hold onto, the effects of Delta-8 appear to last up to five hours. The peak seems to last between 30 minutes and two and a half hours, which is a wide range.

How Long Does Delta-8 Stay in Your System?

In the end, Delta-8 THC is still a psychoactive, THC analog compound. Because Delta-8 does make you high, you can expect to fail a drug test based on how these tests measure THC.

Delta-8 can stay in your system as long as any cannabis product. While the stereotypical timeframe is 30 days, we know now that this can vary wildly. Depending on the quantity of the cannabinoids you consume, your size, and other factors, it may take more or less than the allotted 30 days before your system is free from Delta-8.

What We Learned

We hope we were able to show you what you can expect from a Delta-8 THC high. We learned the typical range for how long the high can last, how long it stays in your system after that, and how long it takes before you even start to feel the effects in the first place.

Most importantly, we have seen how much these factors can vary between people. It’s important to understand that everyone is different and that your Delta-8 experience will be unique to you.

We hope that this helped prepare you for the experience of a Delta-8 THC High from Eighty Six. If you haven’t already, this may be a great opportunity to give us a try. Explore our selection or check out our FAQ for more information.

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