Let's Get Creative: Find Your Favorite Delta-8 Sativa Cartridges

Let's Get Creative: Find Your Favorite Delta-8 Sativa Cartridges

We got to spotlight our hottest indica vape cartridges last time.  It's time to give our delta-8 sativa cartridges some attention, too!  Well-known for its ability to help a stoner function and be productive, this delta-8 creativity booster deserves some praise all its own.

Let's look closer at where there is to love about our latest sativa strains.  Then, we'll show you how to use delta-8 sativa strains to unlock your creative potential!


Indica strains might get more love throughout the fall season, but sativas are a mainstay for many.  The seasons come and go, but a sativa fan's love for delta-8's ability to boost creativity never seems to falter.  If you haven't tried a delta-8 sativa yet, you're in for a treat!

There's a lot to love from our entire collection - from our SUGAR line of edibles to our classic gummies, and even to our disposables.  We want to show you want makes each of our new sativa cartridges so unique!


Just in time for spooky season, we're rolling out Boo Berry!  What used to be Blue Dream, we've made a cross with Lemon Haze for a new, spectacular flavor.  Picture subtle notes of zesty lemon and a  big bite of plump blueberries.

As you get the day started, you might find yourself puffing on Boo Berry for the extra euphoria.  Lose yourself in your surroundings, whether for work or for fun, the goal is to just enjoy the day.  Plus, you might get that extra motivation to finally finish that thing you've been putting off.  You know what we're talking about.


When your day needs energy, you can call upon Orange Bang to wake you up!  A few puffs off this delta-8 sativa cartridge and you'll be off!  Get blasted with a heady, intense rush of euphoria as you tackle the day!  Don't forget about that delta-8-induced creativity, either.

The flavor is something to write home about.  Imagine a dollop of vanilla combined with the tanginess from navel oranges.  A sharp citrus blast is what lingers on the tongue after each puff.  Since its lineage stems from Orange Soda and Creamsicle, is anyone even surprised that it's so tasty?


Strawberry Cough was a fan-favorite, which is why you don't have to feel disappointed that it's gone away.  Fortunately, it never left - we simply crossed with Mojito for a spicy twist!  Now, indulge in hints of citrus and sweet strawberry while you prosper through the day.

Some describe the experience of the strain to provide productivity, energy, and creativity to the brain.  In fact, Berry Slush is known to provide that jolt of delta-8 creativity you might long for.  If productivity is your game plan, this delta-8 sativa cartridge is your pen and paper for doing so!


You can't leave out the hybrids!  Especially when many of our hybrids have a good amount of sativa in them; so how can we pass up an opportunity to include them in our list of sativa-focused strains?!  Let's take a moment or two to appreciate some often-overlooked hybrid delta-8 strains that serve as creativity miracle workers.


First up is a strain that some hold very near and dear.  Do-Si-Dos didn't disappear off our shelves - it got better!  Now, we want to introduce you to Cookie Monsta.  Do-Si-Dos and Cherry Vanilla Cookies were bred to make this monsta of a strain.  And as the name might suggest, the smell is nothing but inviting.  Imagine freshly baked cookies straight out of the oven!

More than just its flavor and aroma profile, Cookie Monsta is known to offer the classic one-two punch.  First there's explosive relaxation followed closely by an uptick in cerebral hyperactivity.  This combination makes it fun any time throughout the day. Expect to feel sleepy, but happy and creative all the same.

PIÑA express

Finally Piña Express comes in to seal the deal.  Pineapple Express and our infamous Trainwreck cross to make this perfection of a strain.  A powerful hybrid, you can enjoy the flavor of fresh-cut pineapple and mango chunks with a light, peppery spice of a finish.

Go in between anti-social and hyper-social with this magic strain that makes you want to do it all.  Being able to feel energetic, social, and especially creative are what will make this delta-8 sativa-dominant hybrid strain a go-to!


Summer is over, which means vacation time is coming to an end.  The days might be getting shorter, but the need to be productive is at an all-time high!  It's important to make sure it's not all work and no play, though.

That's why we want to offer up some ideas on how you can use delta-8 sativa strains for more than just work by maximizing its creative potential.


Everyone's gotta eat!  Make sure you're nourishing yourself no matter how energetic and productive you might be feeling.  It's hard to work on an empty stomach, anyway!  Look through some recipes you've been itching to try and have at the one your heart lands on.  It could be something totally new and exciting - the world is your oyster.  It could even be oysters!


What better way to hone that productivity and energy than a workout?  Don't go after your old routine, change it up and give your muscles the much-needed confusion to truly challenge yourself.  Do a workout you've never done before, and dive into it!  it might even be just the thing you needed to get the most out exercising!

Bonus: dive into that workout and work up and appetite, which you can satiate by cooking something new like we mentioned earlier.  It's a two-in-one!


Self-care is important, and it comes in a variety of shapes and forms.  You can consider your delta-8 sativa cartridge as a form of self-care.  When you start your morning, it'll become a habit just like brushing your teeth and washing your face.  It might even guide you into other habits to start your day with.  Meditation, painting, writing, you name it - you never know what'll come to mind with some delta-8 creativity in mind!


Speaking of writing, journaling is a good practice to pick up.  Finally feel motivated enough to start journaling with the right delta-8 sativa cartridge.  When you start a journal, you can help keep thoughts organized and improve your writing overall.  Set and achieve goals, relieve stress, and puff on your cart while you enjoy a new, healthy habit!


We think the point stands - sativa strains are good any time of the year.  Even though we're well into Autumn, we'll always find a use when it comes to maximizing creativity and productivity.  What are some other ways you can flex your delta-8 creativity?  We're confident you can come up with all the things that help you feel your most creative!