14th Nov 2022

Delta-8 Hard Candy Might Just Be Our Fave!

You’ve probably heard of vaping Delta-8, but did you know that eating a Delta-8 candy is one of the best, let alone tastiest ways to experience the euphoric high the minor cannabinoid is known for?

Many wonder, “is there more to Delta-8 edibles than just gummies and baked goods?” or “are Delta-8 candies every good?” We’re here to shed some (sweet) light on both of these questions. Hint: both answers are a resounding YES.

We’ll chat about why Delta-8 Hard Candy and candy in general are our favorite ways to elevate our mind and enhance our vibe. Plus, when you try our all-new Delta-8 Hard Candy flavors, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Delta-8 Hard Candy, REALLY?

Yes, really…there is a such thing as Delta-8 Hard Candy. Now, you’re probably also thinking: ‘Is it any good?’

Again, YES. They are absolutely amazing! And although we could just leave it at that, let’s chat about why that is:

  1. Delta-8 Hard Candy has potent effects: Edibles are unique because they affect your body differently than other methods. For example, while you feel the effects almost instantly with smoking, edibles take a bit longer to kick in. But when they do kick in, the high you experience is usually much more intense! We’ll discuss the science behind this later on.
  2. They taste amazing: This one is a no-brainer, no cap. Unfortunately, there are not many Delta-8 edibles in the market that are top-notch when it comes to the taste experience. Edibles are generally known for their effects and taste is an after-thought with most brands. Luckily, we put in the time and energy to make the entire experience from the moment you eat a piece to when to your high subsides one for the books!
  3. They’re convenient: It doesn’t get much easier than eating candy. Simply pop it in your mouth and let the good times roll. No additional effort is required!
  4. They’re discreet: While smoking and vaping are both great, both do have their downsides when it comes to achieving true stealth stoned vibes. If you were to smoke or vape in public, people generally know what’s going on based on the smoke and/or vapor emitted. Although it’s perfectly legal to vape Delta-8 in most states, you may want to be more discreet.

What is Delta-8?

Let’s have a quick refresher on what Delta-8 is.

Delta-8 THC, otherwise known as Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of many cannabinoids naturally found in both cannabis and hemp plants.

Like its more-popular cousin Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 is a psychoactive compound; albeit the experience is a milder and more euphoric high than the former.

While Delta-8 may be a naturally-derived, minor cannabinoid, it only exists in either plant in very trace amounts; hence it being a minor cannabinoid. For brands such as Eighty Six to produce commercial levels of this, we and the rest of the industry rely on a process called isomerization to effectively convert more abundant cannabinoids such as CBD into the Delta-8 we all know and love.

What is a Delta-8 Hard Candy?

A Delta-8 Hard Candy is exactly what it sounds like: a hard candy that has Delta-8 infused within. Now, you’ve probably heard of Delta-8 Gummies. In fact, if you’re reading this, you probably have already tried and loved our Delta-8 Gummies which have only become more popular since we rolled them out a couple years ago.

Delta-8 Hard Candy is a hard, lozenge style sweet infused with a heavy helping of Delta-8 THC. Simply eat the candy and let the mild psychoactive experience take you on a wild ride. It’s as simple as that!

Since Delta-8 possesses intoxicating effects akin to that of Delta-9 THC, most people say the high is manageable and doesn’t possess nearly the risk of experiencing anxiety or paranoia that’s usually associated with consuming THC.

However, it’s important to note that the high you would experience from an edible is often longer-lasting and more intense than what you’d experience should you inhale Delta-8 through either a pre-roll or a vape.

What Does a Delta-8 Hard Candy High Feel Like?

Since Delta-8 is still a relatively new cannabinoid on the block, there’s not a whole lot of research on things yet. Most of the information we do have, however, is anecdotal and tells a very telling picture in how an experience would pan out.

People that habitually shop with Eighty Six describe a Delta-8 Hard Candy feeling like a relaxing and euphoric edibles high. Overall, the entire experience is just as uplifting as it is relaxing and are absolutely enjoyable.

It is important to note that edibles generally take longer to kick in. And once it does kick in, you are hit with a more intense and longer-lasting high.

Many Delta-8 edibles users report feeling the effects of a Hard Candy between the 30 minute to 2-hour mark. The wide range of time is attributed to the fact that you must first digest the edible before its effects are released into your bloodstream.

Once the effects have kicked in, you can expect them to last for quite a while. And although people metabolize cannabinoids at different rates, you can expect the peak of the high to hit around the 3- or 4-hour mark with the last remnants of the experience fading away between 8 and 12 hours.

Tips for Taking Delta-8 Edibles for the First Time

Although taking Delta-8 edibles are pretty straightforward, we have a few tips that can help you. You can do a few things if you want the best possible experience from taking Delta-8 candies. Here are out top tips for getting the most out of your Delta-8 edibles:

  • Start Low & Go Slow:
    • It’s very important that you take the right dose. One popular cannabis slogan is to “start low and go slow.” This means starting with the lowest possible dosage and giving yourself time to feel the effects before taking more.
    • But what is considered a low dose? It’s common for people taking edibles for the first time to overdo it because they don’t feel anything at first. This leads to taking too much and having the effects hit you too strongly. Edibles take a lot longer than the other methods to kick in. You need to give yourself some time should you choose to increase your dosing.
    • As tempting as it may be to eat a bunch of candy at once, you must refrain. Keep other yummy snacks on hand if you start to get the munchies.
  • Only Take High-Quality Edibles:
    • Only purchase high-quality products from a safe and reputable Hemp Brand. Do your research ahead of time. There have been issues with the mislabeling of products. Some companies have made false claims about the amount of Delta-8 or other cannabinoids present in their products.
    • One of the best ways to determine the quality of Delta-8 edibles is by checking for a Certificate of Analysis (COA) report conducted by an accredited third-party laboratory showing exactly what should and should not be present in your Delta-8. Companies that value transparency and quality will have the COA readily available, which is a green flag in anyone’s book.
  • Know Your Tolerance Level:
    • Another factor to consider is your tolerance level, especially if you’re edibles newbie. Research shows that people who regularly consume cannabinoids may have a higher tolerance to its effects. The more exposure you have to cannabinoids such as Delta-8 or Delta-9 THC, the less intense the experience becomes.
    • This also means that if you’re new to Delta-8, you may experience even more intense effects. You tolerance level is lower if you don’t have much experience with cannabinoids. Knowing your tolerance will help you determine the best dosage.
    • Determining your tolerance level takes some experimentation. As we mentioned above, start small and slowly increase the amount until you reach your desired effects.

Ready to Take the Plunge?

If you’re looking for a yummy and effective edible to munch on, look no further than our all-new Delta-8 Hard Candy! Boasting two mouthwatering flavors, Peach & Root Beer, these delicious candies are your first-class ticket to a whirlwind of chill and and stoney vibes!

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