19th Jul 2021

Life is Better with a Little SUGAR!

As a fairly established Delta-8 brand, we are always on the hunt for the best possible experience for our users. And one thing we’ve noticed is that there is really little to no true product innovation. For example, the typical brand has cartridges filled with your favorite strains that may or may not be flavored, and basic edibles.

If there’s one thing we know we’re good at, it’s by changing the game! So starting today, we’re proud to introduce a new game to the world of Delta-8 – edibles! Currently, we have our Delta-8 Gummies, which more-or-less falls in line with the rest of the industry – BASIC EDIBLES. With SUGAR, we’ve completely leveled up the edibles experience, by offering SEVEN all-new ways to enjoy the wonders Delta-8 consistently delivers. Let’s dive into what exactly SUGAR is and how to best enjoy them.

What is SUGAR?

What is SUGAR?

When it comes to edibles, the typical consumer has limited options – with most edible brands only offering gummies, baked goods, or capsules. Given the egregious lack of product innovation, SUGAR offers a collection of Delta-8 infused edibles online with the clear goal of offering something that is as tasty as it is potent.

Sour Peach Rings

You can’t have an edibles collection without first paying homage to the classics! And one such classic are the Sour Peach Rings! Satisfy those sweet tooth cravings and get lifted in the process with this peach-flavored soft and chewy gummy ring! Each Peach Ring is smothered in a sweet and sour sugar powder, making for the perfect lip-smacking treat.

Each bag of Sour Peach Rings contain 10 pieces, each possessing 30MG of Delta-8 per piece.


Life is Better with a Little SUGAR!

Sour Belts

Sour Belts

Another classic edible our the Sour Belts! What beats a sour belt? We feel a sour belt with an extra umpf to it of course! These rainbow mini sour belts feature a medley of fruits, giving space to fruit lovers everywhere with its flavorful explosion of finger-lickin euphoric goodness! Add in a generous helping of sweet and sour sugar powder to the mix and you’ve got yourself one enjoyable Delta-8 experience!

Each bag of Sour Belts contain 10 pieces, each possessing 30MG of Delta-8 per mini belt.


Don’t Forget About Chamoy-Everything!





As we mentioned above, chamoy is a sweet and slightly spicy coating that’s normally in Mexican sweets. And if you’ve never tried chamoy-coated candy before, you are seriously missing out! Both our Sour Peach Rings and Sour Belts have the option for them to be coated in chamoy, considerably leveling up the edibles experience tenfold!

Similar to its non-chamoy counterpart, each Chamoy Peach Rings and Sour Belts bag contains 300MG of Delta-8 distillate infused into each piece. These are not sprayed on, but rather, are infused! Take a piece and vibe off the 30MG of Delta-8 every time you decide to elevate your day.

Level Up the Gummies with JELLY GUMMY!

Remember those awesome jelly cups you’d find at the market? Then if your parents allowed to take them home, you’d finish off the entire tub of 50+ jelly cups in one sitting?

Now you can enjoy them while getting elevated in the process with Jelly Gummy! Featuring the Summertime favorite, Watermelon, these half-gummy, half-jelly-like substance makes one hell-of-an-edibles experience!

Our Melon Jelly Bites are offered in 300MG packs, each pack containing 12 pieces. Each piece containing 25MG of consistently potent and pure Delta-8 infused in each.



Paying Homage to the Classic Chocolate Bar

Paying Homage to the Classic Chocolate Bar

There’s nothing more undeniably nostalgic, classic, and pure than a milk chocolate bar. Sweet, velvety chocolate goodness is delivered for one unforgettable chocolate edibles experience.

Each Milk Chocolate bar features 300MG of Delta-8 infused in each. And each bar has 12 pieces, giving you exactly 25MG of Delta-8 for one incredible edibles experience.


Cookies & Cream but as a Chocolate Bar?!

Step aside Hershey’s there’s a new kid on the block and it about to be a lit experience!

Lose yourself in a delicate balance of crunchy chocolate cookie chunks as its weaved into a white chocolate bar. The textured coupled with the bold taste profile serves as the perfect choice for experiencing an unforgettable psychoactive journey.

Each Cookies & Cream bar features 300MG of Delta-8 infused in each. And each bar has 12 pieces giving you exactly 25MG of Delta-8 for one strong edibles experience.


Cookies & Cream but as a Chocolate Bar?

This is Just the Start!

You thought we’d just launch Eighty Six Group with its existing products and call it a day?! One of the most surefire ways to dominate the market while also providing a very real psychoactive experience is to innovate, after all. We’re proud to launch SUGAR and the initial round of consistently potent and pure Delta-8-infused edibles into the mix. This, however, is not the end. Start falling in love with our all-new edibles collection but keep an eye out! This is just the beginning!

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