Vaping in Cold Weather
22nd Sep 2021

Prepare for the Winter Chill: Our 7 Tips for Vaping in Cold Weather

Happy first day of Autumn! As the chilly weather starts creeping in, it might be time to make a few adjustments to your winter vaping routine. When it comes to vaping in the cold, things can get a little tricky. To help you avoid any unpleasant toking experiences, we want to give you some tips to perfect your approach to vaping in cold weather.

Here’s the low-down on cold weather vaping.


When it comes to vaping in chilly weather, a little preparation can go a long way. We’re talking battery life preservation, cold weather perks, and the heightened effects that winter vaping can produce. Stick to our tips and we guarantee you’ll be able to make the most of the new season to enhance your vaping experience.

Depending on how cold it gets where you are when the temperature starts to drop, some of these tips may not all be relevant to you. Nonetheless, it definitely doesn’t hurt to be ready in case you find yourself vaping in weather that’s colder than you anticipated. So keep these tips handy and the cold weather will never kill your vibes!


Person holding a Berry Slush Delta-8 cartridge

One sure-fire way to kill your vibe while vaping? Dead batteries.

Vape batteries are extremely sensitive to the cold. The way most batteries in vape cartridges and disposable vapes function is through a process that involves fast-moving electrons that work to supply power to the device. These electrons slow down when exposed to cold temperatures. In other words, they don’t work as hard as they’re supposed to when vaping in cold weather.

With slow-moving electrons powering your device, the battery is working double-time to achieve the desired result. Not only does this put on a strain on your battery life, but it’s not good for the battery’s overall health. What does that mean? Longer charge times and less vaping power. Nobody wants that.

Best way to keep your batteries healthy? Don’t try vaping in harsh winter weather. Try sticking to using it inside as much as possible when the temperatures get too low.

Let’s be honest, though — you’re still going to try. So the next best thing you can do to preserve your battery’s health is to shield it when you’re vaping in cold weather or walking outside with it in your pocket. Use your hands and body warmth to keep it from getting too cold. Don’t leave it in your car or on your porch when the temperature starts to dip.

Take care of your battery and it will take care of you. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure a pleasant vaping experience in any climate.


It’s no secret that cold weather wreaks havoc on your lips. Unfortunately, vaping can make chapped lips that much worse. It can increase users’ chances of developing dry, flaky, cracked lips, so staying hydrated is essential when vaping in cold weather. No one wants to be taking pulls from their vape with dry, crusty lips. Not only is that uncomfortable, but it’s also not very cute. So be proactive. Drink water regularly and apply lip balm frequently to avoid the dreaded lip chap.


If you think your battery is the only part of your vape that isn’t fond of the cold, think again. Extreme changes in temperature can mess up your Delta-8 vapes. We always recommend keeping your vape juice semi-cold and away from direct sunlight, but there is such a thing as too cold.

When temperatures get really low, vaping in cold weather can be hit or miss.

Firstly, you want to make sure the climate is not going to mess with the formulation of your Delta-8 THC. Room temperature, away from extreme heat and extreme cold, is what’s typically suggested. If you’re outside, keep it in your pocket where your body heat can help keep it at a more regulated temperature than what’s outside.

Taking proper care of your cartridge will guarantee you smooth hits every time. This will also ensure the contents don’t change in consistency, which could result in a pretty unpleasant vaping experience.

Secondly, while the distillate in both cartridges and disposable vapes generally won’t freeze, vaping in drastically cold weather can make it more viscous — thus rendering the vaping process more difficult and unenjoyable (for some). You can avoid this by storing your favorite Delta-8 vaping products in a dark place away from extreme temperature changes.

On the flip side, there are some vapers who prefer their cartridges a little cooler. While it might take a little more work to get a good pull, some believe it helps enhance the flavor of the distillate. Terpenes, Delta-8, and other hemp compounds are preserved much better in cooler climates than hot. So, depending on what kind of consistency and experience you prefer, you can vape accordingly.


Here at Eighty Six, we’re all about diversity. All our products feature an assortment of fun, unique flavors that fit the vibes all year long. However, the idea of rotating flavors to go with the changing seasons is a great way to keep things interesting and set the tone. When it comes to winter vaping, we think it’s better to opt for a flavor that fits the chilly weather. Seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Spice and Candy Cane perfectly set the mood for this cozy time of year.

On the other hand, we know plenty of people who like to keep the summer vibes flowing all year round, even if they’re stuck vaping in cold weather. In that case, tropical flavors like Piña Express can help keep you in a paradise-state-of-mind even when it’s snowing outside.

Keep an eye out for our seasonal Delta-8 vapes and stock up on your limited edition favorites before they’re gone.

seasonal Delta-8 vapes


As mentioned, vaping in chilly weather can have its pros and its cons. With colder air moving through your vape as you inhale, the heat your vape’s atomizer normally generates is going to be noticeably less. In other words, your hits won’t be as strong when you’re vaping in cold weather.

With a weaker draw, you might be tempted to take a longer pull to compensate. We urge you to avoid doing this. A longer draw means your battery is working overtime to achieve the desired result under more difficult circumstances than normal. This will only diminish your battery life and run the risk of leaving you with a dead vape next time you try to toke up.


Usually, we’re all about puff, puff, pass and a good Delta-8 sesh among friends. When it comes to vaping in winter though, you might want to be a little stingier. If post-pandemic times have taught us anything, it’s the importance of preventing the spread of germs. Vaping in cold weather means vaping in flu season. Nowadays, the reality is that flu symptoms and COVID symptoms are almost identical. So for the sake of stopping the spread and keeping yourself (and those around you) safe, keep your vape to yourself this season.

After all, more Delta-8 for yourself isn’t really a bad thing either. Right?


This one might seem silly in the grand scheme of things, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to throw gloves on to vape in the cold. Trust us though — wear gloves. Just like the cold weather affects your skin and lips, it affects your hands. Moreso, vaping in cold weather means your vape cartridge is probably going to cool up and leave you uncomfortably pulling on a really cold vape stick. You’ll be grateful to have a pair of warm gloves to slip your digits into when that’s the case!

While it isn’t necessarily a requirement to wear gloves while vaping in winter, trust us when we tell you — it makes for a much more enjoyable experience. Wouldn’t you prefer hands that are nice and toasty… while you yourself are getting nice and toasty?



As long as you aren’t vaping outside in arctic cold temperatures, we think you’re probably good. There’s no real physical danger to vaping in cold weather. While there are some steps you can take to make for a more comfortable experience, the concern is more centered on your actual vape cartridge and the quality of your distillate.

Since temperatures are lower, the distillate inside your cartridge or disposable will likely flow much slower than it typically does, and can even get clogged. The viscosity of the vape juice is relatively harmless, but the slower burn may entice you to take longer, more frequent puffs which technically, isn’t great for you. So take it slow. If anything, enjoy the slow burn instead of trying to take a longer, more powerful pull.

Another thing to keep in mind when vaping in cold weather is that the humidity is lower, too. The diminished humidity dries out the air, so vaping might make your throat dry. This could cause you to cough. While not dangerous, it can be unpleasant. So have water on hand and listen to your body if something doesn’t feel good.


As you can see, you don’t have to give up vaping outside just because temperatures start to dip. There are still some excellent vaping experiences to be had. Now that you know what to expect, a little winter vaping just might become your new favorite way to elevate your mind.

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