Live Rosin Inhalables

Live rosin inhalables have landed at Eighty Six. We heard you’ve been having a blast with our Delta-8 inhalables and THC-P Disposables. That puffed us up with pride and got us to lift your vaping experience one notch higher with live rosin disposables. Enjoy a potent vape with mouthwatering flavors. Experience an intense dreamy buzz that hits your body and mind. Live rosin is the epitome of cannabis concentrates. Enjoy it conveniently with our single-use devices. Find top-quality live rosin cartridges in our Inhalables collection.

Live Rosin Inhalables FAQ

What are live rosin inhalables?

Live rosin inhalables are our latest collection of vaping devices that features pure hemp concentrate extracted from fresh cannabis plants. Under this category, you can find live rosin disposables and quality cartridges to meet your vaping needs.

What is special about live rosin?

Live rosin is the only hemp concentrate obtained without chemical solvents. It’s free of additives. It’s natural, full spectrum, and exhibits natural cannabis properties.

How long does a draw from live rosin vapes take to hit?

Just like any other inhalable, vaping live rosin gives nearly immediate effects, although they may fade quicker than the same dosages taken in edibles.

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