26th Dec 2023

THC Vape Carts or THC Disposables: Which is Right For You

The cannabis industry has advanced a lot in the last few years, and by far, the best thing to come out of all these changes, has been the fact that cannabis users now have tons of options for how they consume cannabis. From tinctures and to drinkables, to gummies and vapes, the options are endless.

Hands down, the easiest, quickest, most discreet way to medicate is vaping. Vaping refers to inhaling cannabis extracts, typically in the form of either a disposable device, or a reusable one. The disposal devices are exactly what they seem: one time use products designed to be thrown away once all the cannabis oil has been consumed. Reusable vapes work with an electronic device, typically called a vape pen, that attaches and detaches from the small reservoir that holds the cannabis oil, typically called a cartridge or pod. These cartridges can be detached from the pen device once they’re empty so you can attach a new full cartridge for reuse.

With the two products being so similar, many people become torn when trying to choose the system that’s right for them. Let’s dig in to figure out if vape carts or disposables are right for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Disposables and carts contain the same product – distillate, live resin, live rosin, etc.
  • Disposable vape devices typically have a longer lifespan because of their rechargeable battery
  • The life of your vape products depends on how often you vape. More vaping = empty faster
  • Disposable vape devices are worse for the environment than vape cartridges
  • There’s not a huge difference in cost between the two vaping products

What’s In Them?

Let’s start with what really matters when it comes to choosing cannabis products: what’s in them? Vape carts and disposables contain the same type of products: cannabis extracts in the form of live rosin, live resin or distillate, potent forms of cannabis with different concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids.

These substances can create much stronger effects than smoking cannabis because the THC is so concentrated. Essentially, you’re consuming the same product whether you choose to use a disposable vape or a reusable cartridge as your consumption method. This helps us to understand that both disposable vapes and reusable carts contain quality products that will get us lifted, but it really doesn’t help us when it comes to choosing a product, as, at least in this aspect, the two are almost equal to each other in strength and potency. 

How Long Do They Last?

Another really important factor many people consider when comparing disposables and carts is how long they each last. This question is a little tricky, because the answer is, it depends on the individual. Those who puff once or twice throughout the day will find their vapes last much longer than people who are puffing regularly throughout the day. The type of hits you take makes a difference too, with big hits using way more product per puff than smaller hits.

Both disposables and carts contain the same amount of cannabis oil, anywhere from .5 gram up to 4 grams. The systems function the same, using the same amount of product with each hit, so their lifespans are pretty comparable, lasting anywhere from 2 weeks for heavy users to 1-2 months for occasional users.


Because carts and disposables are so similar, when trying to decide, cannabis users usually have to resort to comparing the drawbacks of each product to make their final choice between the two. Both products are great, but nothing man made is perfect, and they both have some small issues associated with them. Most disposables are not rechargeable, and sometimes, the built-in battery can die before you’ve been able to consume all the product inside. This is really frustrating, and there really isn’t a work around for this situation so you’re pretty much just out of luck if this happens to you. Some manufacturers, such as Eighty Six, have started adding charging ports to disposable pens to try and combat this issue, though they are not common amongst disposable devices.

Carts are also not rechargeable, as you’d need to rely on an external battery with a 510 connection to be able to use it. As you vape, resin is released and can build up in the mouthpiece of your cart clogging the airway so you can’t inhale anything from the device.

This can be super frustrating, and though it’s more common with older vapes that are over a month old, it does occasionally happen to a brand new cart. Fortunately, there’s a pretty simple and effective work around. Just grab something long, slender and pointed, like a paper clip, and stick it in the mouthpiece to scrape out the build up of resin. After a few tries and a few puffs, this should clear the cart and you should be able to vape normally. Occasionally this doesn’t work, and if you’ve kept your receipt and purchased it recently, you may be able to take the cart back to the dispensary where you got it. Just know that dispensaries don’t always replace clogged carts, so do your best to fix it yourself first.

One other potential drawback to consider is the environmental impact of both carts and disposables. Disposables do the most damage of the two, adding not just plastic waste, but also e-waste with every empty pen. Cart systems produce their share of waste through their disposable carts, though many dispensaries and brands have programs for recycling carts to try and combat the waste they create.

Cost Comparison

Like with all cannabis products, price varies depending on the quality, and vapes, both carts and disposables, are no different. Disposables can commonly be found in half grams for anywhere from $25 all the way up to $50. Full gram disposables are typically more expensive. Carts are sold in half and full grams with the full grams ranging in price from $30 – $70, plus the one time cost of the rechargeable pen. If you’re ballin’ on a budget, you’ll be able to find both carts and disposables for under $40. More than likely, they’re going to be half grams instead of full grams, and there’s a chance the quality may not be exactly what you’re looking for, so keep that in mind when it’s time to make your decision

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