3rd Jan 2022

The Best of Both Worlds: Delta-8 Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains deliver the best of both worlds—everything you love about indica and sativa strains all rolled into one. However, the delta-8 hybrid effects you experience vary depending on the type of strain you use. Fortunately, we’ve got the scoop on what those effects are, what they do, and why you’d want to experience them. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite products, the hybrid champion flavors we’re proud to carry.


When looking at what a hybrid strain will do, you’d want to consider the individual effects of your favorite indica and sativa strains. Typically, sativa strains are known to stimulate creativity and productivity, energizing you with a head high. Meanwhile, indica strains typically give off those classic couch-lock vibes, with a more laid-back, relaxed, easy-going, and chill feel.

As the name suggests, a hybrid strain combines the effects of indicas and sativas. You might find that you experience the relaxation and calm of an indica plus the creativity and focus of a sativa all at once!


Cookie Monsta vape cartridge with cookies

Cookie Monsta is a sweet and mildly floral Do-Si-Dos cookie flavor combined with hints of Cherry Vanilla to give off a taste profile that any cookie lover would jump at.

Aside from its flavor, Cookie Monsta is a balanced hybrid. You might enjoy a flood of euphoria, with a mix of relaxation. Plan out your next project or sketch up an idea while you kick back and chill somewhere cozy. The effects of this Delta-8 hybrid encourage relaxation, while also enhancing creativity and overall contentment. If you want a slow and low-key euphoric experience that stimulates cerebral activity, we recommend choosing this hybrid.



Apple Snax takes Apple Jack and crosses it with Jack Herer. Offered as a Delta-8 hybrid vape cartridge, this strain blends fruity and tart apples with the subtle flavor of orange zest.

While Apple Snax is classified as a Delta-8 hybrid, the effects you’ll feel lean very much towards the sativa side, with enhanced creativity and awareness. Use this hybrid vape to supercharge your mornings, helping you tackle the day head-on. Apple Snax is a great example of a purposefully unbalanced hybrid—by adding a bit of indica to the dominant sativa, the resulting strain has a more relaxing effect than normal sativa strains.


Delta-8 Piña Express cartridge and merch

We chose carefully for this match-up. A famous sativa strain like Pineapple Express deserves to cross with a famous indica, so we went with Trainwreck. A Delta-8 hybrid’s effects feel different depending on the individual strains, and Piña Express offers a surge of productivity followed by a deep couch-lock.

When enjoying this Delta-8 hybrid vape, you might feel energetic, more social than usual, and especially creative. In fact, you might flop between anti-social and hyper-social—perhaps even more than once.

However, Trainwreck is still the dominant strain. As a result, you should expect to only get a short list of things done before the hybrid’s indica effects kick in. Whether it’s heavy sedation, uber-relaxation, or a ravenous bout of the munchies, Piña Express is one hybrid to watch out for!


While we only listed three hybrid strains, we think you get the point. A Delta-8 hybrid vape mixes effects from both sativa and indica to deliver a fused experience of the two. Depending on the strain, the hybrid can lean in one particular direction or embrace a perfect balance between its parent strains.

If you’ve been on the fence about giving Delta-8 a try, consider how a particular flavor or strain would make you feel. Maybe you lean towards relaxation, or maybe you’re out to increase your productivity and/or creativity. Maybe you want both! Whatever the intention for using Delta-8, we got you covered with premium Delta-8 vape cartridges, disposable vape pens, and more!

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