21st Nov 2022

Which Eighty Six Gummies Flavor Are You?

Between our 300MG and 500MG Delta-8 THC Gummies and our 300MG THC-O Gummies, there’s surely a flavor for everyone and we’re ready to provide it! Take the quiz below to find out which of our gummy flavors is right for you!

1) What is Your Ideal Vacation?

  • Wherever is most insta-worthy, duh!
  • The beach
  • A staycation is cool with me
  • That uber expensive leadership retreat you’ve been dying to attend
  • Somewhere with a killer nightlife scene
  • Today – somewhere exotic; tomorrow – who know?
  • Burning Man
  • Miami, LA or NYC – I’m tryna see and be seen
  • The Emerald Cup
  • Somewhere with a nice bed?

2) What is Your Dream Job?

  • Content Creator
  • Surf Instructor
  • Somewhere I can show up high and they won’t trip
  • CEO
  • DJ
  • Sales
  • Art Director
  • Model
  • Budtender
  • Something remote, so I can set my own schedule and sleep in

3) It’s the Weekend – What are you most looking forward to?

  • A private invite-only event for influencers
  • Hittin’ the beach and catching some waves
  • Chilling out, binging your shows, maybe ordering some bomb food
  • Knocking some things off my to-do list
  • Seeing your favorite band
  • Wherever the vibes take you
  • A gallery opening showing some of your friends work
  • Checking out the hot new bar that just opened
  • Trying to see if you can get higher than you did last weekend
  • Catching up on Zzz’s all weekend

4) What’s Your Favorite Strain?

  • Wedding Cake
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Sour Diesel
  • Blue Dream
  • Jack Herer
  • Zkittlez
  • Pink Rozay
  • Godfather OG
  • Granddaddy Purp

So, What Eighty Six Gummies Flavor Are You?

Mostly A’s – The Trendy Stoner

You’re pretty well-known on social media thanks to all the time you spend reviewing products and making stoney how-to videos. You’ve tried every new strain to come out this year and you’ve got the likes to prove it. Some people may hate on your joint rolling skills but you know you’re helping folks and ending the stigma so they can all suck it. Our Apple Jade Delta-8 THC Gummies are perfect for your discerning and influential tastes.

Mostly B’s – The Beach Bum / Bunny

We can catch you where the sun is high and the waves are right! Your vibes are always chill but how could they not be when you’re surrounded by Mother nature’s sick blessings? And keeping your stash of the Berry Burst Delta-8 THC Gummies doesn’t hurt things either, after all you know the old saying: “Sun’s high, so am I.”

Mostly C’s – The Chill Stoner

You’re probably the most well-liked stoner on the list! You don’t take life too seriously, are never stingy with your weed, even when people take advantage of your laid back attitude. You always keep one rolled and a couple extra treats on deck for anytime the vibes need a little boost. You don’t need much to have a good time, just your homies, some good vibes and of course, your Bubba Melon Delta-8 THC Gummies.

Mostly D’s – Productive Stoner

You’re always on-the-go, but how else are you gonna smash those goals and own the day? You put the lazy stoner stereotype to shame and you’re proud of that. Just cause you like to burn it doesn’t mean you gotta be a burn out! Our Citrus Blast Delta-8 THC Gummies keep your energy up without clouding your focus.

Mostly E’s – The Night Owl

You really come alive at night, and love to share your nocturnal festivities with friends. A party that goes ’til 3AM then tacos and blunts ’til the sunrise is your idea of the perfect day. And our Midnight Melon Delta-8 THC Gummies will keep you and the homies on a good one ’til the sun comes up.

Mostly F’s – The Impulsive Stoner

All your friends know you’re the one to call for that spontaneous last minute road trip – if it wasn’t you who suggested it to start! Others may see you as a little flaky, but you prefer to think of it as grabbing life by the horns and making s#$% happen. Besides, what’s life without a little fun every now and then – especially with a bag of our Tropical Sunset Delta-8 THC Gummies for that extra umph!

Mostly G’s – The Artist

You’re cultured, expressive and you’ve always got your sketchbook and your good pen. Ready to be your own muse or find your next muse. Let our Orange Cream Delta-8 THC Gummies help set the mood for your next paint night. You don’t always get high and paint, but when you do, you get really, really high!

Mostly H’s – The Show Stopper

You own the room, no matter who else is in it. Stunting is a way of life for you and you wouldn’t have it any other way. You know how to get what you want out of life and you’re not shy about it. Our Halle’s Berries THC-O Gummies, named after another icon, are perfect for your high standards and exquisite tastes.

Mostly I’s – The Astronaut

The highest in the room! Lit is a way of life for you and you’ve tried every strain, every type of extract and sometimes, the bud tenders as your opinion on new stuff. You put the trendy stoner to shame, and you don’t give a f#$%. You’ll enjoy our Maui Wowee THC-O Gummies for an extra trippy treat.

Mostly J’s – The Sleepy Stoner – Melon Dreams THC-O Gummies

You may have a reputation for tapping out a little early but it’s only because you’re always puffing on some fire! You love to pack your blunts with crumble and shatter to see just how high you can get before you pass tf out. Our Melon Dreams THC-O Gummies are the perfect addition to your stash and will have you headed for the clouds in no time.

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