25th Mar 2024

Why We Love the Strawberry Cough Strain

When it comes to cannabis, few capture the crowd quid like the Strawberry Cough strain. Its delightful strawberry-like aroma and uplifting effects leave enthusiasts raving about it. In our guide here, we want to indulge you with a Strawberry Cough review. Learn about Strawberry Cough effects, the best products that contain the strain, and more.

Origin of the Strawberry Cough Strain

First, let’s look at the fascinating origin of the Strawberry Cough strain. That starts with its genetics and leads to its distinctive flavor and aroma profile. The combo is what helps make it a favorite among cannabis users.


Somewhat shrouded in mystery, the Strawberry Cough strain is likely a cross between a Haze strain and a strawberry variety. The strain has roots in the northeastern part of the states, first sold by former High Times cultivation editor Kyle Kushman. Kushman was a renowned cannabis breeder and is credited with creating the first Strawberry Cough.

Through selective breeding, the strain came alive with its unique characteristics in the early 2000s. The delightful result delivers uplifting effects and a sweet, berry-like flavor. That’s remained consistent through the decades, captivating users worldwide.

Flavor & Aroma Profile

True to its name, Strawberry Cough boasts a distinctive scent reminiscent of strawberries. The sweet, ripe, and fruity aroma is fresh and pungent. Hints of earthiness and floral notes add to its complexity.

When vaped or smoked, Strawberry Cough delivers a smooth, creamy hit. Unlike its name might imply, Strawberry Cough is easy on the lungs. As you exhale, you may notice its pronounced berry undertone. Whether enjoyed alone or in a blend, the strain never fails to leave a lasting impression.

Typical Strawberry Cough Effects

Next, we’ll explore the diverse array of Strawberry Cough effects. Everyone is different, so you’ll need to experiment with the strain and its variants to find your favorite.

Some of the most common effects include feeling productive, creative, energetic, and downright giggly. Users report that it inspires focus and motivation. It’s ideal when you need to finish that task you’ve been putting off, tackle a creative product, or power through a busy day.


Strawberry Cough fans reports a surge in productivity as the most common effect. It’s not uncommon for it to inspire focus and motivation as well. That makes it worth trying when you need to power through a task or project.


Many celebrate Strawberry Cough for its capacity to enhance creativity and imagination. Some users may find themselves more inclined to explore artistic endeavors. Or, one might engage in brainstorming sessions while under its powerful influence. You never know what you might make with such a handy strain.


Strawberry Cough has predominantly sativa genetics. And, just like other typical sativa strains, Strawberry Cough is prized for its energizing effects. Some cannabis users seek strains that offer a natural boost to their energy. It’s what makes some strains suitable for daytime use and other more appropriate for the evening. Strawberry Cough effects certainly imply that it’s a useful daytime strain.


Lastly, it’s not uncommon for energizing strains to also deliver a sense of euphoria. One may feel some lightheartedness accompanies the consumption of Strawberry Cough. Some users report uplifting, cheerful effects. These can sometimes lead to bouts of laughter and an overall sense of well-being.

Strawberry Cough Review: Which Product is Right for You?

As we move into our Strawberry Cough review, it’s good to see what’s available. Let’s explore each option, from our disposables & vape cartridges to pre-rolls. Our goal is to help you make an more informed decision about which product best suits your preference.

Berry Slush Delta-8 THC 1G Vape Cartridge

Berry Slush features Strawberry Cough crossed with Mojito for a whirlwind set of effects. You’ll notice hints of lemon and lime citrus with each puff.

Strawberry Cough effects are especially pronounced here, creating an uplifting vape experience. Feel a jolt of creative energy, perfect for plowing through the day’s tasks with ease.

Pinkberry Slush Delta-9 THC 2G Disposable

Strawberry Cough meets Limoncello to create Pinkberry Slush. The super concoction offers a tantalizing tanginess in our innovative hemp-derived Delta-9 disposable vapes. With every puff, enjoy a zesty burst of flavor, taking inspiration from the iconic Pinkberry Slush summer drink..

The sativa-dominant blend gratifies senses and elevates the mind. Experience a pure summer vibe without the brain freeze. Instead, bring on euphoria and creativity for a content, but productive day.

Berry Slush Delta-8 THC 1G, 2G, & 4G Disposables

Next up, Berry Slush is a sweet nostalgia all on its own. The essence of Strawberry Cough meets the refreshing burst of Mojito again. This time, the sweetness of strawberry complements the tart citrus burst of a mojito. The result is a delightful fusion of flavors.

Each puff delivers a wave of relief, keeping things cool and clever. Feel productive enough with this sweet sativa blend to channel all your creative juices for the day.

Berry Slush Delta-8 THC Pre-Roll with the Strawberry Cough Strain

Finally, the perfect union of flavors arrive with our Berry Slush Delta-8 THC pre-roll. You can’t beat a classic for those who prefer smoke over vapor. Ignite your energy with sweet, citrusy flavors that evoke the refreshing taste of a summertime favorite. The Berry Slush pre-roll brings smokable bliss in every puff, surging you forward to power through even the most mundane of tasks. When inspiration is lost, get the motivation you need again with pre-roll infused with the chill effects Delta-8 delivers.

Final Thoughts on Why We Love the Strawberry Cough Strain

Strawberry Cough has earned its place in our hearts – and for good reason. Its sweet strawberry aroma and uplifting effects delight the sense. The energizing and euphoric Strawberry Cough effects make it a go-to for both socializing and solo use.

Meanwhile, its adaptability ensures it meets the needs of a wide range of users. Be sure to try our Strawberry Cough variants to discover your next favorite.

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