Finding the Perfect Delta-8 Dosage

Finding the Perfect Delta-8 Dosage

"Hey Eighty Six, I just got a hold of your Delta-8 Gummies.  How much do I take to feel a light buzz?"

"Hey Eighty Six, how many pulls should I take out Blue Dream to feel a little twisted?"

These are questions we receive on our socials EVERYDAY - and we're totally about it!  If you're new to Delta-8, it can be hard finding the right dosage that works for you.  And we get it, you can always look on our product packaging for general dosing instructions.  That's the issue though, those are general dosing instructions; what may work for most may not work for you.  So this is what today's blog is all about - how would you go about taking one of our Delta-8 products and determining the perfect dose that fits your needs?

What Is Delta-8?

If you're unfamiliar with Delta-8, we have an entire section devoted to filling you in, titled "What is Delta-8?"  As a quick summary, Delta-8 is an analogue of Delta-9 THC.  The minor cannabinoid delivers a less potent psychoactive high as it's traditional counterpart.  The lack of potency delivers a buzz without the attached anxiety and paranoia.

3 Things to Consider in Determining Dosage


The strength, or concentration, of the Delta-8 product will be what determines the amount of Delta-8 in any given product.  Measured in milligrams, you'll see the label on the front and back of said product.  The overall strength is often different from the dosage, which is the amount in each serving.

Our Delta-8 Vape Cartridges, for example, are 1ML; and our Delta-8 Gummies contain 30MG of Delta-8 THC per piece.  There are benefits to using each, so it all comes down to which type of product you prefer.  Let's look at what other factors come into play for your delta-8 dosage size.

Body Weight

A user's weight can play a role in how little or how much Delta-8 they'd need in one serving.  It stands to reason that the heavier you are, the more Delta-8 you would likely want in such a serving.  Someone that weights close to 100 pounds would theoretically need significantly less Delta-8 than someone who weighs in at over 200 pounds right?

However, everyone is different and other factors come into play - so don't just rely on body weight to decide on a serving size.  There are still people that may be heavier but with lower sensitivities to cannabis in general.  Therefore, despite one's physical size, the potency of a Delta-8 product may hit differently.


This is where tolerance comes into play.  Your sensitivity to cannabinoids always play a role in what the best Delta-8 dosage might be for you.  Over time, Delta-8 users do find themselves growing a tolerance, and they find the need to increase either their serving size or the overall concentration of their preferred Delta-8 product.  A Delta-8 tolerance may require higher subsequent doses, which first-time Delta-8 users may not even need the full recommended dose to feel its effects.

If you've reached a certain tolerance level, it might be time to go on a tolerance break.  Fortunately, we have a guide dedicated to achieving one.

Finding the Best Delta-8 Dosage

Please keep in mind: every piece of advice we provide is subjective, as there is no universally perfect dose of Delta-8.  This is merely just one of the many suggestions for you to take.  It is our goal to provide some insight into Delta-8's effect on different weight levels.  We also seek to help you understand how much Delta-8 it takes to potentially reach the effects you're looking for.

For adults that are less than 130 pounds, a recommended serving size for mild effects or first-timers is 15mg or less - or, about half a gummy to start.  For a cartridge, you might take a puff or two before you set it down to wait for its effects.

When you build a tolerance or are after more moderate effects, an entire gummy may be sufficient.  Alternatively, you'll just puff more often on the cartridge.

When you reach more than one gummy, you're looking for the more intense effects.  They may take effect a bit sooner than usual, and they'll certainly be stronger.  This, however, doesn't account for those with higher tolerances.

In fact, the best combination may very well be a gummy or two along with occasional puffs from your vape cartridge.  This will help you find your personal sweet spot when it comes to dosing Delta-8.

Again, these numbers are all subjective; they're merely suggestions you can do with as you desire.  For certain Delta-8 users, even stronger doses we mentioned for your body weight may be more suitable.

Wrapping It Up

The most important thing to remember when deciding on the best Delta-8 dosage for your needs is that you want to gradually increase.  You don't want to start at the top and work your way down.  It's vital that you start at a small dose and work up so that you don't increase your tolerance faster than it'll increase naturally.  Likewise, you may experience mild side effects if you take a serving size of Delta-8 that is too large for your needs.  While these side effects are mild, they are also still avoidable if you get the dosage correct.

The type of Delta-8 product you use is also important to consider, as you may not always be just utilizing the Delta-8 THC cannabinoid.  Each of our products are associated with different effects, dosing methods, and concentrations; so keep in mind that you may want to play around with different Delta-8 products before you even decide on a strength size.