7th Sep 2023

Just How Strong are the 1000MG Gummies?

If you’ve been a fan of Eighty Six or have been with us for a while, you may have noticed some changes with some of our products. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of emerging technology to always bring you the best infusions on the market. And when we looked at some of our gummies, we decided that we could do better. So we’ve tweaked some of our most popular edibles and adjusted their formulations to being you better tasting, harder hitting products across several of our product lines. Read on to find out more about the changes we’ve made and what to expect from their new, enhanced effects.

Why the Changes?

Successful companies have to make adjustments to stay current with industry technology and trends, and the hemp industry is no different. Don’t worry, all of our reworked formulations will still have the same great taste they’ve always had, just with a little more of a kick.

Plus, as legalization continues throughout the country, more and more people are able to experience the benefits from cannabis and we’ve got to have products that work for everyone, from the terminally ill to those with sky high tolerances. So we went back to the drawing board, and came up with something we know you’d love!

What is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability is an important aspect to consider when it comes to edibles; it refers to how much of a substance is made available to be used by our bodies. Bioavailability can changed based on any number of factors including weight, activity level, metabolism, and tolerance, to name a few. This means that two people could take the same dose of Delta-8, but because their bodies are different, their bioavailability differs and one may feel much stronger effects than the other.

Edibles Hit Differently

You probably know that different ways of consuming Eighty Six products can lead to vastly different experiences, and that’s a big part of why we decided to upgraded our gummies. Edibles, unlike our Delta-8 Vape Cartridges or Disposables, can take quite a long time to work their way into your bloodstream through your digestive track, and this longer process can drastically reduce the bioavailability of hemp in your system, making for more mild effects. Generally, the bioavailability of edibles is somewhere between 13-19%, while the bioavailability of inhaled or smoked psychoactive cannabinoids can be as high as 56%.

When you combine the lowered bioavailability inherent in edibles with the higher tolerance of an experienced consumer, the results can be disappointing. And we never want you guys to be disappointed, so we went back to the lab and reworked things to make sure that our products hit, even for the most experienced of users. Our new formulations allow for those headier doses, while still giving stoners with more mild tolerances the option to take smaller doses if that’s the experience they’re looking for. Now that you know where our head is at, and why we’ve decided to change things up, let’s take a look at some of the exciting changes Eighty Six has brought to you.

We Upgraded Our Delta-8 Gummies

Our original line of Delta-8 Gummies were powerful and popular, but still, we’ve decided to upgrade them from 500MG at 50MG per piece to 1000MG at 100MG per piece. With the bioavailability of edibles we talked about earlier, you can expect our new gummies to be about twice as powerful as the older formulations. Enough to make sure you can feel the difference, but no so strong that you’ll feel paranoid or uncomfortable. Where the previous dosage of gummies provided a bioavailability of between 5 and 10mg of Delta-8 THC, the new 100MG per piece dosage provides between 15 and 20mg, which is still a manageable amount.

We Upgraded Our THC-P Gummies

After we perfected our new Delta-8 Gummies, we moved on to our THC-P infused Drip Series line. We took our Drip Series gummies up a few levels, from 300MG at 30MG per piece to 1000MG at 100MG per piece, ensuring maximum effects, regardless of tolerance. Our THC-P product line is known for its strong psychoactive effects, unlike Delta-8, which creates much milder effects. The bioavailability of our original 30MG THC-P Gummies was just a little lower than we wanted, coming in between 3 and 6mg per serving. Our new 100MG per piece THC-P Gummies will be about three times as strong and deliver around 13-19MG of THC-P, making for significantly stronger effects. Take some care when trying these guys the first time, to make sure you’re ready for the enhanced effects.

We Rolled Out All-New Delta-9 & Live Rosin Blend Gummies, Too

What we’re most excited about, are the two brand new lines of infused gummies that just launched this week. If you though our THC-P Gummies were heavy hitters, get ready for what is surely the strongest edibles to date: 1000MG Delta-9 THC Gummies dosed at 100MG per piece. Delta-9 is the cannabinoid that traditional marijuana delivers to give off that high feeling, and is like Delta-8’s much-stronger older brother, ready to knock you out. Prepare for a seriously strong experience, especially if you’ve only ever tried our Delta-8 infused edibles. These potent little treats are our heavy hitters like our THC-P Gummies, are not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced stoner, so make sure to start low and slow when you try these guys for the first time.

And if you’re looking for something seriously strong, with a tinge of what to expect should you ever smoke the real strain, our new Live Rosin Blend Gummies formulated with Delta-8, THC-P, HHC, CBN and further enhanced with Live Rosin is available now in 1000MG at 100MG per piece.

These super heavy-hitting gummies are designed to knock out even the most high-tolerance stoners, and can be great at helping with those dealing with insomnia and ultra-late nights out. Like our THC-P and Delta-9 Gummies, these are no joke and will certainly get you lit, so like with all edibles, be sure to ease into your doses. It’s always the better move to increase your dosage over time, but you cannot take it away once you’ve eaten it.

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