OE Trucker Hat



Ready to rep your favorite hemp brand in a stylish trucker hat? Make it known that you’re all about that Delta-8 life with this standout fashion choice.

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Purchase this item and get 15 Points - a worth of $0.15
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  • Triangulated 86 logo embroidered in front (red & green)
  • Matching plastic adjustment strap
  • One size fits most








Trucker Hats With A Twist

Looking for the perfect trucker hat or something fresh to stand out from your usual scene? Our new Eighty Six trucker hat may be just what you need. Pair it with our other Eighty Six merch or use it to complete an outfit you already own—however you wear it, you’re sure to turn heads.

Old English, a Timeless Classic

Old English font is usually reserved for high-class brands and serves as the crown jewel for fashion.  Pair the OE Trucker Hat with your lucky tee and some shorts to help beat the heat this Summer.  Or throw it on your messy head to help hide any less-than-stellar party nights from the the night before.  Whatever you look you’re goin’ for, Eighty Six will be with you every step of the way.

Premium Quality Merch at Eighty Six

Let your outside look reflect your inner mood. We offer a wide range of stylish tees, sweats, hats, pins, and all other sorts of apparel & merch at Eighty Six to keep you looking fresh and feeling fine. Check out our selection of premium products after you’re done shopping for cartridges , gummies , and disposables . Match your vibe with your fashion choices!


  • Posted by Victor on 18th June 2023

    This trucker hat from Eighty Six is the missing piece of the stoner puzzle—it’s my secret weapon for unlocking maximum chill, and the way it enhances my stoned adventures is next-level, man.

  • Posted by Isaiah on 16th June 2023

    This trucker hat from Eighty Six has become a part of my stoner identity—it’s my signature piece, and it’s like a direct line to the good vibes and good times that come with being stoned.

  • Posted by Malachi on 16th June 2023

    This hat from Eighty Six is my personal time machine—it instantly transports me to a state of blissful relaxation, and it’s like a portal that enhances my stoned experiences to infinity and beyond.

  • Posted by Allen on 15th June 2023

    I never thought a hat could make such a difference in my stoner journey until I discovered this gem from Eighty Six—it’s like a portal to a realm of bliss, and it’s become an essential part of my elevated rituals.

  • Posted by Malachi on 14th June 2023

    This trucker hat from Eighty Six is like a warm hug for my head—it’s my sanctuary during stoned escapades, and the craftsmanship is so impressive that it makes me appreciate the art of being stoned even more.

  • Posted by Omar on 12th June 2023

    I’ve never been more in love with a hat than I am with this Eighty Six trucker hat—it’s like it was tailor-made for my stoner adventures, and the way it enhances my high is pure magic.

  • Posted by Jeffrey on 10th June 2023

    This Eighty Six trucker hat has earned a permanent spot on my head—it’s my lucky charm for those stoned adventures, and the way it enhances the whole experience is mind-blowing, man.

  • Posted by Jalen on 8th June 2023

    This trucker hat from Eighty Six has become my stoner soulmate—it’s like a best friend that never lets me down, and it’s the ultimate symbol of my love for being stoned.

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OE Trucker Hat



Purchase this item and get 15 Points - a worth of $0.15
Purchase this item and get 15 Points - a worth of $0.15
Free Shipping Over $75
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