25th Sep 2023

Vape Cartridges vs. Disposables: What’s the Difference?

By now, we’re probably all aware that while smoking can get you super lit, it’s neither the healthiest nor the most discreet way to medicate. More and more people have turned to both vape cartridges and disposables, two healthier alternatives to smoking up. There are hundreds, if not, thousands of options when it comes to disposable vape pens and cartridges – and while this may sound good, wading through all those options when you’re trying to find the product that’s right for you can be a huge (and expensive) hassle. With some products costing upwards of $50, it can be tough to spend that kind of money just to try something that may not even work for you. So before you break the bank sampling different disposable pens and carts, read on to find out exactly how the two differ and which one may be right for.

Key Takeaways

    What are in Carts & Disposable Vape Pens?

    Both vape cartridges and disposable vape pens are made with a cannabinoid-rich extract, typically distillate, live rosin, or a blend of other cannabinoids, such as the OMG Series Disposables. Both carts and disposables contain concentrated forms of cannabis oil that makes you feel high. Both come in a variety of strains, flavors, and strengths, so there is truly something for everyone across all tolerance levels, from beginners to more experienced users.

    How Does the Potency Between Carts & Disposables Compare?

    Because the oil in both Disposables and Carts are the same, the potency is going to be the same. What can make the experiences differ, however, is that Cartridges tend to have a smoother, more consistent draw, whereas Disposable vape pens hits can be inconsistent, especially as the battery drains.

    What is the Key Difference Between Cartridges & Disposables?

    In every other way, vape cartridges and disposables are basically the same, except for one key factor that dictates everything: battery life. Battery life is the element to vaping that can really make or break the experience.

    A strong, fully charged battery is going to enable super strong, heavy pulls, whether it be from a vape cartridge or from an all-in-one disposable vape pen.

    For two brand new, freshly packaged products, the hits are going to be basically the same. But a few days in, you’re going to really start noticing a difference in the strength of hits from both products. If you’re puffing on a vape cartridge, this is no big deal – just remove your cart and plug your pen in to charge for a few hours. If you opted for a disposable vape pen, which typically has a pretty decent battery life but cannot be recharged, you’re going to be in a tougher spot.

    Both Products Have Minor Drawbacks

    This difference in battery life can cause some of the oil in a disposable pen to be wasted if the battery becomes so weak that it can’t properly or evenly heat up the coils enough to vaporize the liquid. If you’ve paid for a premium disposable, losing any amount to a dead battery can be really frustrating, and this alone is enough for many people to opt for carts instead. However, carts themselves aren’t without issues. While disposables lose their batteries, some carts can become clogged and difficult if not impossible to use. This can happen even with brand new carts, and even the strongest battery can’t make them work properly.

    Environmental Factors

    While carts and disposables are basically the same, their environmental impact is one place where they differ significantly. The rechargeable batteries used with carts keep much more plastic waste out of landfills than disposables, which are thrown away entirely after use. Many dispensaries also have cart recycling programs, helping to ease some of their environmental impact. This aspect doesn’t affect the potency or strength, but is something to keep in mind, especially if you’re conscious of your carbon footprint.

    What are Some Great Vape Cartridges to Start With?

    What are Some Great Disposables to Start With?

    Closing Thoughts

    In almost every way, carts and disposables are very similar. They provide a comparable experience, and a choice between the two really just comes down to personal preference. Do you prefer a smoother hit all the way through or does taking the time to charge your cart battery seem like another cord and device you don’t want to deal with? Once you know which delivery method you prefer, the fun begins: experimenting with different strains and potency to see what’s right for you.

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