28th Aug 2023

What to Expect from a Live Rosin High

At Eighty Six, we’re passionate about extracts, and we want to share in our enthusiasm and experience the enhanced effects of extracts and concentrates. Today, we’re going to talk about of the simplest extracts, in terms of processing, with some of the most elevating effects: Live Rosin.

Live Rosin has been around since the crude days of extraction, and was a favorite for many experimental stoners who would buy large quantities of flower, then crudely extract at home using wax paper and various heating tools, such as clothing and hair irons.

Live Rosin extraction has advanced by leaps and bounds since those early days – though you can still extract rosin at home using those same methods if you’re feeling adventurous. Read on as we go over the history of Live Rosin, the extraction process and what to expect from your first few hits of this gooey, golden nectar.

The Extraction Process

Live Rosin is extracted through a process that is fairly unique amongst concentrates. Rosin is extracted by applying high heat and pressure to freshly picked hemp flower. This process allows the plant to release THC and CBD rich resinous trichomes stored in the plant.

This freshly extracted resin from fresh cannabis is known as Live Rosin. Some processors often go a step further, with a cold cure of the rosin, which gives it a thick, butter-like texture popular with dabbers. Other finishing processes, like a warm cure, change the consistency of the rosin to enable it to be used in carts and disposable vape pens.

What Sets Live Rosin Apart?

Live Rosin is one of the most unique extracts on the market because it uses fresh flower over dried biomass soaked in a solvent. These solvent soaks strip away valuable terpenes and other cannabinoids essential to experience the full entourage effects of a full spectrum extract.

The entourage effect is the way in which both cannabis and hemp effects are enhanced by the presence of multiple terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids work in harmony together as opposed to it working to a lesser degree on its own.

Stoners who consume regularly experience this entourage effect, but vapers, dabbers, and edible users, who are typically enjoying a near-THC extract, often do not enjoy the same experience. Though other extracts may have a higher THC percentage than Live Rosin, most lack the additional terpenes, cannabinoids, and other plant parts – so comparing the two experiences becomes difficult.

What Does the Live Rosin Experience Feel Like?

Live Rosin is generally considered to be one tasty concentrate. While many producers are able to add terpenes to effectively build a flavor profile back into formulations to help improve the taste of their products, many extracts using a solvent soak can sometimes have a vaguely chemical-like taste and aroma, even when the solvent has been effectively reclaimed during processing.

Because Live Rosin preserves naturally-occurring terpenes and other plant parts, the true flavor profile of the plant is also preserved in this form of extraction.

This gives Live Rosin a significantly superior experience simply because it smells exactly like fresh cannabis would. And so the experience of dabbing it is much more similar to the all-encompassing experience of smoking dried flower, which is, ultimately, what every stoner is chasing.

Detailing the Effects of Live Rosin

Beyond preserving the aroma and flavor profiles of the strain in question, using fresh flower in the extraction process has one other key benefit: the material being extracted is more potent and hasn’t degraded the way other extracts degrade throughout their extensive processing.

Live Rosin has one of the shortest extraction processes and uses flower at its peak harvest phase, ensuring that Live Rosin, when made using quality starter material, is one of the heaviest hitting extracts in the game.

Like other extracts, the quality and effects of Live Rosin are heavily influenced by the source material being used. Poor quality flower results in bad tasting, weak Live Rosin. Many users often report that Live Rosin is one of the smoothest extracts to enjoy, whether that be from a hot-start or cold-start dab, an edible, or even vaping it; as all forms of consumption possess a rich taste and no solvent residual to burn the throat.

While other extracts such as distillate can give a potent, but one-note type of psychoactive experience, Live Rosin’s effects are more-similar to that creeping, longer lasting, head and body high felt when smoking flower.

Is Live Rosin Worth the Cost?

One of the first things people notice about Live Rosin is its price tag. We’ll be real here: Live Rosin isn’t a cheap extract. It often tends to be on the more-expensive side of things, and for good reason. Ranging anywhere from $40 – $100 per gram, Live Rosin can cause a bit of sticker shock, especially in comparison to Live Resin, which typically sets you back between the $30 – $50 per gram range.

While the price difference may seem steep, what you are experiencing is a cleaner, more-pure tasting product that preserves not just the flavor profile of the original strain, but all of its terpene and cannabinoid profiles as well.

Because so much of the original plant material comes through in the final product, Live Rosin is typically made with premium flower, which enhances the experience and adds to the price tag. In the end, whether you try Live Rosin or not is totally up to you, but if you’re asking if it’s worth the extra dent to your wallet, the answer is a hard yes. If you value a cleaner experience and don’t mind splurging on higher quality cannabis products, Live Rosin is definitely worth trying at least once.

Where to Start with Live Rosin

If you want to try Live Rosin without breaking the bank, a great place to start is with Eighty Six’s all-new OMG Series. Available now, the OMG Series features a curated Live Rosin-centric blend featuring Delta-8 THC, THC-P, HHC, CBN, and enhanced with Live Rosin. Standing at one of our heaviest hitters in the family, these borderline-blackout blends are strain-specific, meaning, you are actually tasting EVERYTHING present in our strains. No filters, no additions, no BS.

If you consider yourself a true canna-sseur and are looking for, really, one of the best solutions to elevating your mind, look no further than the OMG Series.

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