When Should You Take a T-Break from Delta-8?
16th Mar 2021

When Should You Take a T-Break from Delta-8?

Explore Our Delta-8 Tolerance Break Guide

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In a perfect world, a tolerance break guide wouldn’t be necessary because you should never have to take a break from enjoying some bomb Delta-8 provided by yours truly. In reality, however, it’s easy to build up a tolerance over time, lessening the effect Delta-8 has on your body. Whether you partake in traditional cannabis, CBD, or Delta-8, a tolerance build-up is inevitable. Fortunately, that build-up can be addressed in what is called a tolerance break or T-break.

Frequent use can lead to less than desirable effects, such as no longer feeling the intoxicating high that Delta-8 delivers time and again. This build-up causes you to consume more Delta-8, leading you to spend more of your hard-earned cash — it’s a vicious cycle.

Such a high Delta-8 THC tolerance isn’t something to brag about either. Usually, having a high tolerance to cannabis products of any sort just means you’re using infinitely more product than you could be, which can be a drag. So the solution must be a T-break.

We want to focus on the effects and frequent use of Delta-8, as well as both when and how you might benefit from such a break. Let’s dive into the biggest reasons to take a T-break, how long of a break is needed, how it can be used to be in full control of your habits, and so much more!


It Requires Willpower


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We want this tolerance break guide to help you as much as possible. First and foremost, looking at a T-break as what it truly is can be a test of your willpower. Stand strong as you pass through 24 hours, the first week, and even as you go one month without it. We’ll talk about how long you should take your T-break a little later on, but you get the idea.

You can do this, especially when it comes to Delta-8 products that you know will benefit you more if you hold off for a long enough period of time.


Make a Plan



Have a plan of action for how you’re going to take a break and what you’re going to do — and stick with it! If you need to, use the buddy system and have someone keep you accountable and on track. Remind yourself why you’re taking a Delta-8 THC tolerance break and how valuable waiting will be.


Keep Yourself Distracted



Keeping yourself distracted is the easiest way to unlearn old habits and routines. Part of your plan of action should include the slices in time you would otherwise spend using Delta-8 products.


The Pros and Cons of Habitual Delta-8 Use


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Honesty is at the heart of our tolerance break guide. Frequent use of any cannabis product comes with its pros and cons. While Delta-8 definitely provides an extensive list of pros, there will always be a laundry list of cons to accompany it.


  • Ideal for social gatherings and social activities, Delta-8 does what many cannabis strains cannot. Delta-8 products may provide a boost in energy levels and mood, with the high leaving users energized and alert.
  • Even though it has a habit of making one feel alert and energized, it’s also believed that Delta-8 doesn’t cause the paranoia that users may experience with traditional cannabis. While these effects are subjective to the person using it, these symptoms may be driving people to quit cannabis altogether and make the switch over to Delta-8.
  • The lethargy when coming down from a Delta-9 high is palpable, and something most cannabis users can probably relate to. Fortunately, Delta-8 users report the end of their high doesn’t include an energy-killing crash. The end of the high is much smoother, so you don’t have to plan your entire day around it.



No matter how many benefits Delta-8 delivers, cannabis does outshine it in a few areas. For example, the lower potency and lessened high are two of the biggest complaints among users.

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3 Signs You Need to Take a T-Break


  1. The effects just don’t hit the same way.
  2. You’re using way too much product to achieve the high you’re used to — or worse, the high you’re experiencing is lessened.
  3. The effects fade faster, with the duration of your high lasting half or even less than the duration you’re used to experiencing.


How Long Should the Break Last?



How long your Delta-8 THC tolerance break should last is mostly determined by your current tolerance level. When you take a break from any cannabis product, you want your cannabinoid receptors to effectively reset so they can function without intaking cannabinoids.

1-Week Break — For Beginner or Low-Tolerance Delta-8 Users

Typically, this is where beginners and very casual smokers fit. And, while they’re rare, there are even daily smokers that still manage to have an incredibly low tolerance! If you fall into this category, it’s best to hold off on using any Delta-8 products for at least a week. 

You’ll have a better Delta-8 experience once you’re back to taking advantage of its properties again. Trust us. This is why we put together a tolerance break guide in the first place.

10-Day to 2-Week Break — For Intermediate Delta-8 Users

The mid-tolerance level Delta-8 user may enjoy it a few times a week, but not daily. Maybe you like to get high as a strain reducer or just something to pass the time when you get off work. Intermediate users usually reserve their time using the product in the evening to help stimulate better restfulness or in the morning to help them kick-start their day. Delta-8 and cannabis, in general, have been shown to help with both, depending on what time you take the product. It makes sense that someone could build a routine for this without having to use the product daily.

If your Delta-8 THC tolerance is in this area, try a break of 10 days, at least. If you can swing it, try for 2 weeks. The high and added benefits when you return make the break worth it!

3+ Week Break — For the High-Tolerance Delta-8 Users

Finally, for the heavy hitters — you know who you are, and this portion of our tolerance break guide is just for you. These are the “smoke weed everyday” users, the daily dosers, and your more-than-regular homies that have built up the tolerance where they simply don’t feel right without it. If you’re in this category, chances are your wallet hates you and you’re trying to actively feel the Delta-8 high without much effort.

Try taking a minimum of 3 weeks off for this. Like any habit (outside of quitting nicotine), it generally takes about 21 days to effectively reset, with the first 3-4 days being the hardest.


When Your Break Is Over


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When you’ve reached the finish line and you’re done with your Delta-8 THC tolerance break, jump for joy and celebrate the fact that you can enjoy all that Delta-8 has to offer in a renewed fashion! Not only does your wallet love you for the simple fact of requiring less product, but you also can get smacked upside the head from the sheer potency of the Delta-8. Have fun!

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