Combining Delta-8 and CBD: Is It Possible?

Combining Delta-8 and CBD: Is It Possible?

Over the last three or so years, both hemp-derived Delta-8 THC and CBD have received quite a bit of love!  In fact, other minor cannabinoids such as CBN and CBG have also made headlines.  As users take more notice, we see massive waves hemp products make on the market.  Today, we want to give you an idea of what it's like to the mix Delta-8 products with CBD ones.  Can you use the two together?  If so, what happens?  We want to look at all of that and more in our guide, so let's dive in!

First of All, Is it Safe?

First, and most importantly, is it safe to mix Delta-8 and CBD together?  Fortunately, that's a resounding YES!  Mixing cannabinoids are safe, and also not a new concept to grasp.  People have been combining CBD and traditional Delta-9 cannabis for years.  So it's not a far jump to see why Delta-8 and CBD can go hand-in-hand.

When it comes to the experience expected through the combination, most users report an enjoyable experience - which is the whole reason why this guide exists!  We want to show you exactly what happens when you combine both Delta-8 and CBD.

Can You Use Delta-8 and CBD Together?

Let's look at how it makes you feel now that we know mixing the two cannabinoids are safe.  What can you use Delta-8 and CBD together for?  Well, for starters, you're looking at a potentially more-intense psychoactive experience.  In fact, the boost is a big reason Delta-8 users have started adding CBD to their routine!  Combining the two makes those benefits increase in efficacy.  In a sense, Delta-8 ramps up CBD's influence on both the body and mind, and vice versa for CBD's effect on Delta-8.

A study back in 2010 gives us a good idea of just some of the many benefits the combination offers.  Some patients were given a pure THC extract for the pain while others were given a combination of CBD and THC.  The users that were given the combination reported less pain, overall.  We can infer that Delta-8 and CBD together will help intensify the benefits you get from both.

Butwhy does this happen when you use Delta-8 and CBD together?  That leads us to our next important topic - the Entourage Effect.

What is the Entourage Effect?

The Entourage Effect is a term coined in 1998 by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam.  With the term, Do. Mechoulam proposed that all the compounds from a cannabis plant have a role to play in the overall therapeutic value for your body.  They work together in synergy to make each small part of the plant that much better.

So, the entourage effect is what allows CBD and Delta-8 to work powerfully and seamlessly when combined.  In fact, the doctor also discovered that fatty acids within the cannabis and hemp plants help certain cannabinoids bind to the body's receptors better.  In other words, the different strains naturally have compounds in them to help THC, CBD, and other compounds attach itself to our bodies in order to modulate a myriad of effects better than if just one compound did.

The Differences Between Delta-8 and CBD?

If you're considering mixing both Delta-8 and CBD, it stands to reason you might want to know the differences.  Where does CBD shine where Delta-8 may not?  What sorts of uses can you find more of a reason to take Delta-8 over CBD?  Are there any drawbacks to each?

Delta-8 is a lower-potency form of traditional Delta-9 THC.  It's psychoactive, but not nearly as powerful of a psychotropic high as standard cannabis.  In fact, researchers suggest Delta-8 is approximately 75% less potent than its Delta-9 counterpart.  This means Delta-8 can get you high, but not as intensely as your run-of-the-mill pre-roll or edible.

As a result, many Delta-8 users find they don't have some of the negative symptoms some cannabis users can get.  High-THC cannabis is known to cause paranoia, anxiety, sweating, and an increased heart rate, particularly if you take a little too much too quickly!  Delta-8 THC may be the potency you need to avoid those adverse side effects of the high.

Meanwhile, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it cannot get you high!  The fact that most commercially-sold CBD products are derived from hemp means the Delta-9 THC content contained in the hemp is significantly lower than its cannabis counterpart.  CBD also appears to have a variety of therapeutic benefits as observed in several clinical trials and published studies.

Nothing is set in stone, yet - which means, we can't promise CBD as a treatment or cure for any condition.  The positive potential the cannabinoid shows, however, keeps it a priority topic in the wellness industry.  CBD has been shown to help with symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, inflammation, pain, and much more!  While it cannot be seen as a treatment or cure, it does help ease and provide relief to millions of Americans so far.

4 Tips When Using Delta-8 and CBD Together

Consider the Strength of Each Product

When you take CBD or Delta-8 in too high of a dosage, there may be some potential drawbacks.  For example, too high of a dose of CBD may cause drowsiness.  Meanwhile, large servings of Delta-8 can cause you to feel more intoxicated than you were expecting.  That's why the milligram strength of both cannabinoids certainly matter.  It is important to note, however, that neither cannabinoid delivers too high of a dosage that would warrant an overdose.  Still, those unwanted experiences can be avoided completely by just paying attention to serving sizes.

Double Check Product Quality

Where are you getting your Delta-8 and CBD products from?  Are the products tested by a third-party lab to ensure its quality?  Can you see the lab results yourself?  How much the brand shows it truly cares about transparency is paramount when it comes to the products you choose to purchase to truly elevate the experience.

Being able to answer these questions will help you confidently find a CBD and Delta-8 brand you can trust.  Eighty Six Brand makes it a point to be able to answer these questions all across our platform.  And if you are unsure about our policies towards ensuring a pleasurable Delta-8 experience, feel free to drop us a line!

Remember - Timing is EVERYTHING!

If you're taking the same type of product, its effects will likely be felt around the same time.  For example, a piece of our Apple Jade Gummies taken together with a few pieces of Full Spectrum CBD Gummies may peak in your system at the same time.

Alternatively, if you opt for a dropper of CBD oil taken under the tongue coupled with a few puffs of our Jen & Berry's Delta-8 Vape Cartridge, you may find that the inhaled vapor would hit your system a lot faster.

Just know, the timing will be different for everyone.  Play around with when you take each type of CBD and Delta-8 product to see how its specific effects help you.  Last thing - be patient!  This will take some experimenting over the course of a few weeks or even a few months!  Having the knowledge for what works between both CBD and Delta-8 regiments is a powerful skill to obtain.

Pay Attention to Other Products

Throughout your day, CBD and Delta-8 could just be some of the products you use.  If you're a caffeine addict or enjoy some wine in the evening, other substances may come into play.  It's important to understand how your hemp products interact with each of these substances before you dive into a full routine.

If you love some coffee in the morning, caffeine appears to have a synergistic effect with both CBD and Delta-8.  The caffeine's energizing effects may last longer.  Likewise, the CBD and Delta-8's effects may help to take the edge off should you accidentally consume too much caffeine!  Some people are familiar with the rapid heartbeat and even sweating that a good cup of coffee delivers.  Using either Delta-8 or CBD, or a combination of both might alleviate some of those effects.

Alternatively, alcohol and THC are already a known combination.  While some may actually prefer the two effects co-mingling together, others don't.  Both are completely valid, but we want to make sure you know it's on the table.  Pay attention to what you consume throughout the day so you can observe any interactions the substances could have together.

Wrapping Up

When you use Delta-8 and CBD together, you're taking advantage of the Entourage Effect at play.  Researchers are still learning more about the effect, but what we do know shows a lot of promise.  Both cannabinoids work in synergy together to give you an even greater experience.

While we cannot specifically assist you in finding the perfect CBD product for you, what we can offer are nine Delta-8 Vape Cartridge flavors and four Delta-8 Gummies flavors that are designed to help you achieve a perfect Delta-8 experience.  Have fun in your exploration of your next day-to-day routine!