Does Delta-8 Flower Exist?
29th Oct 2021

Does Delta-8 Flower Exist?

As Delta-8 THC continues to grow in popularity, tons of new products are popping up on the market every day. Delta-8 flower is just one of these new products to grace some hemp-based brands’ shelves. But does this product even exist in a natural form? After all, if Delta-8 THC is only found in negligible amounts in hemp, how is a Delta-8 flower strain even bred? We’re here to bring you the answers, so let’s dive into our full, comprehensive guide on all things Delta-8 bud.


We have a dedicated section on our site to answer this question, but we’ll get you caught up here! The most important question to first answer is, of course, what is Delta-8 THC?

For starters, it’s a new, wildly popular type of hemp product. As the name might imply, it’s also a form of THC. Less potent than the Delta-9 THC found abundant in cannabis, Delta-8 is a cannabinoid that we derive from legal, industrial hemp.

Delta-8 is found in very small quantities within the hemp plant. However, what’s more abundant in selected strains is CBD. Using an intricate process, we can convert the CBD to its psychoactive counterpart, AKA Delta-8 THC.


So, you may be wondering – if Delta-8 has to typically be converted from CBD, how does Delta-8 flower exist at all? It’s a bit complicated, but we’re here to break it down.

Across the nation, cannabis breeders are responsible for the significantly high-THC strains that constantly pop up on the market. New weed strains that are more potent in Delta-9 THC are highly sought-after.

Meanwhile, other cannabis breeders and geneticists help to crossbreed strains that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. High CBG flower strains are a perfect example of this.

It’s easy to assume that the Delta-8 bud is made in the same way. Geneticists must crossbreed hemp bud until there’s a higher percentage of Delta-8 THC, right? Unfortunately, sourcing Delta-8 bud like that is a lot harder to do than one might initially think.


We know that Delta-8 THC is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid found in various strains of cannabis. However, it’s only found in small quantities — typically less than 1%. Even with genetic breeding, hemp material still contains only tiny amounts of Delta-8 THC, nowhere near enough to create a high-Delta-8 flower.

That’s why Delta-8 bud is just hemp flower. Yep, that’s it. Often marketed as CBD flower, manufacturers simply add Delta-8 to the raw strain. This offers a cannabis strain that can be smoked to experience a light buzz, along with the other benefits of Delta-8 THC.

Using a cannabinoid-rich hemp strain and Delta-8 THC distillate, companies are able to create a legal smoking material. However, raw flower does face more backlash than other Delta-8 products. In fact, Delta-8 bud may be banned in certain regions of the country.

The implications of Delta-8 flower are that you never know exactly what you’re going to smoke. With our Delta-8 vape cartridges, disposables, and even our edibles, there are specifics. There are also lab results to back up each individual stat, so you can have confidence in the products you’re using and prepare yourself for the fun ride you’re about to go on.

While you may not have many side effects to worry about, Delta-8 bud is still a new product, and we don’t recommend it to beginner hemp users. In fact, we’d recommend utilizing other Delta-8 products over smoking flower to just about any Delta-8 user.



Now that we know Delta-8 bud is just hemp flower with added Delta-8 distillate, it’s time to compare it to other products. We want to start with our Delta-8 vape cartridges, as we’re ushering out the newest flavors and effects.


When you smoke hemp flower, there’s not much change to the flavor besides the terpene profile it contains. It’s cannabis, so it’s going to taste like cannabis. Delta-8 vape carts, on the other hand, come in a variety of flavors.

Whether you prefer a sativa, indica, or hybrid leaning one way or the other, you’re offering more versatility and variety with carts. You might puff on Boo Berry (formerly Blue Dream) in the morning and enjoy some Grape Soda (formerly Purple Punch) as you nod off at night. No matter what you’re into, you have plenty of options to choose from!


One of the biggest benefits of smoking something can be how fast-acting the effects are. Delta-8 flower, for example, could stimulate results in just a few minutes after your first hit. While this is a plus, Delta-8 vape cartridges can give you the same benefit!

In fact, some users say that the effects from our carts take hold slightly faster than the effects of flower.


Another reason people are interested in Delta-8 bud is that it’s easy to microdose, but the same can be said for a Delta-8 vape cartridge! By taking it one small, one-second puff at a time, you can learn quickly just how much is enough. Stack the puffs in small doses until you fully understand your limits!


One drawback users notice with Delta-8 bud is how quickly the effects go away. Unlike edibles, the experience is rather short-lived. A high may last 2 to 4 hours. The same can somewhat be said for Delta-8 vape cartridges. However, it appears their high at least lasts longer than the high from the flower.

Does Delta-8 Flower Exist?


So far, we’ve learned that Delta-8 flower, while popular, is not naturally occurring. Rather, manufacturers use different means to produce a Delta-8 high using standard hemp flower.

Due to the different methods manufacturers use, though, there’s no set type of flower rich in Delta-8. Instead, each procedure can yield vastly different outcomes.

  • While Delta-8 flower allows for a customizable user experience and provides effects that are fast-acting, it may also be the most prohibited type of Delta-8 product. Though the minor THC is legal, raw products like bud face some bans across various US jurisdictions.
  • If you’re considering using Delta-8 bud, we might instead recommend our Delta-8 vape cartridges or disposables. They’re just as fast-acting, if not quicker. Likewise, they offer you similar control over your dosing method compared to flower.
  • For something with a slower effect, Delta-8 gummies or our SUGAR line of Delta-8 edibles are always great options. It’s hard to beat an edible experience, as many of our shoppers have discovered.


In this guide, we were able to dive into why Delta-8 flower is on the market, and what it actually is. Knowing now that it’s hemp flower with a distillate added in, we hope you’re able to see the pros and cons of it. Likewise, now you know what alternative Delta-8 products are available as its replacement. Delta-8 cartridges, disposables, gummies, and other edibles offer a superior Delta-8 experience to hemp flower.

Have you ever tried Delta-8 bud before? What was your experience like, and do you prefer a different Delta-8 product over it?

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