THC-O Explained

What Is THC-O?

Delta-8 THC is on the rise. This trendy and less intense cousin of traditional THC has gained popularity worldwide. However, as a less potent version than classic THC, some users may not be satisfied with the effects. When looking for federally legal hemp byproducts, many people can become concerned with potency. Usually, people associate legality with intensity; this is not always the case. THC-O acetate was discovered and codified by the DEA as early as 1949, but 30 years later it was rediscovered in a Florida lab that had combined cannabis with acetic anhydride.

Breaking It Down

Acetic anhydride is a compound that typically appears as a clear liquid with the odor of vinegar. It can corrode both tissue and metal; it is used in pharmaceuticals as well as dyes and explosives. Although it can be dangerous, this compound is common and naturally found in wine grapes.

Typically, acetic anhydride is a very pure compound. Around 97 percent of the composition of most manufactured acetic anhydride remains untainted. The small percent of color bodies, metals, phosphorus, sulfur, and so on, are negligible.

Acetic anhydride is manufactured directly through the liquid-phase oxidation of acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is an organic naturally occurring compound that is also produced as a byproduct of alcohol breaking down in the liver (it is a contributing factor to the feeling of a hangover). While acetaldehyde is found naturally in the body as well as plants, it can burn very easily and create an overwhelming odor in high volumes.

Do not attempt to create THC-O acetate at home.

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Is THC-O Safe? Is It Legal?

Since THC-O acetate is created from federally-protected hemp, it benefits from the same protections we’ve already seen with HHC and Delta-8 THC. It is found as a tincture or in a cartridge as an oil that can be vaped. THC-O can be purchased legally online.

Although it originates from unstable synthesized products, the chemical components become stable when combined. And while the lack of research on THC-O acetate has led to a gap in actual data on the compound, there is nothing to suggest that THC-O isn’t safe. Most users describe the experience as not so different from Delta-9 or Delta-8 THC, though it is quite a bit more potent.

That being said, keep in mind that it’s best to use THC-O acetate products that are third-party lab tested for purity and potency. You can find COAs for our THC-O products here.

Potency of THC-O

When produced properly, THC-O acetate can be enjoyed in edibles, vape cartridges, and disposable vape pens. It has more intense, almost psychedelic effects when compared to THC, and some anecdotal evidence claims that it can be up to three times stronger than Delta-9.

While not much is known about THC-O, it’s safe to say that it is an exciting development in the world of hemp and THC. If you’re looking to try it for yourself, explore our Drip Series of premium-quality THC-O vapes today!

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